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Startin Paul Mckenna, someone please tell me it works:)


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Hi I really have tried every other diet from atkins to cambridge to slimming world to weight watchers and although they all worked in their own way it was always temporary and unsustainable. I am now giving paul mckenna a go and am on day two. It seems too easy and i can't understand how I can suddenly go from eating a 3 course meals to being full after just half a platefull; yesterday thats ust what happened:D Would be grateful to speak to others who have done this and can give me some idea of the amount of weight loss I could expect. Thanks
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I am starting this myself. Started yesterday :) We can do it together! I listened to the CD 3 times so far. I felt it worked the first time, the second two times i am not too sure as i was a bit distracted and nearly fell asleep the last time! Hopefully its still working!!

I have been following the rules and think i am doing ok. The main problem i am having is stopping eating when i am full! Lunch today was tough, i could feel i was full after eating one of my sandwiches, i thought that it was a mistake and kept eating for a few more bites! I might have to just put one sandwich on my plate in future so that i dont struggle with having to bin the other sandwich!!

Dinner was the same! I made a shepherds pie and it was sooo nice, i ate about a 1/3 of what i had put on my plate when i started to feel full!! Again i decided i was mistaken and had a bit more before pushing it to the side! I would usually have finished it as i was really enjoying eating it! I have to say it is quite tough to slow down eating as i was desperate to wolf down the shephards pie!!

How are you getting on?


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Hello. I have done Paul McKenna in the past and really struggled with the stop when your full bit. I am going to give it a proper go starting tonight - I am going to re-read the book and listen to the CD on my iPOD and take it from there. Any advice - greatly received :)
S: 13st12lb C: 13st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I would love to discuss it too!

I dont actually know if its working... trying not to use the weighing scale daily is quite hard! I also feel guilty for eating a bit of choc etc!!

On the other hand i know i am eating less as when i feel like nibbling i think about if i am hungry and most times i am not hungry so i dont eat!!

I cant figure out the hunger scale thing! Most of the time when i think about how hungry i am i dont ever feel hungry! I either dont know when i am hungry or i have learnt to block out the hunger feeling from years of starving myself!!

How does the tapping thing work? I try it whenever i feel like something but i dont know if it works or not? Anyone figured it out and can explain how to do it a bit better than the book??!

Has anyone done the thing that stops you wanting to eat something ever again?! I was thinking about doing it for chocolate but cant imagine not ever wanting to eat ever again!


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I would like to join you all on Monday if that is ok, have been on Atkins but can't stick the feeling of nausea
all the time. I have read Paul Mckenna years ago and it did work, but for some reason I stopped doing it (can't remember the reason why) so would love to give it a go with you all for some support and company :)


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Hi all thanks for your replys I've just weighed in after 2 weeks and have lost 4lb without even trying!!! My other half has lost 7lb. During the 2 weeks I have been out for 3 meals and also had lager on a girlie night out and STILL lost so I think it works. As always I wanted to lose more but the important point is I've lost it without trying.

I am still struggling with the stopping eating when full as I was brought up to always 'clear your plate'. I also find that I am enjoying the food much more and so want to eat everything on my plate but physically can't.

Lizzel123, I have tried the stopping wanting to eat something ever again because I don't really want to give anything up. Keep it up ladies and let me know how things are going. :D:D


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Hi everyone, I want to start the PMK plan, have been on cambridge for a while, have put back a stone, going around in circles, anyway does anyone want to buddy up for support? Maybe via email or text, really need some motivation and help!


i love my family!
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Hi, im doing Paul Mckenna properly as of today. I tend to become way too obsessive when it comes to sticking to any type of diet or even just healthy eating. Ive been doing it on and off for 4 weeks and have lost half a stone so it must work. Has a big binge day yesterday though and feel really rubbish today to today is the day im going to pick myself up again. I do enjoy the liberation of not dieting and buying whatever I want when shopping xxx Good luck everyone :)
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Im doing Paul Mc Kenna too and I love it. Im never dieting again - ill eat when im hungry etc etc Im also not weighing myself, but might in another few weeks - but I feel a little better already


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Hi everyone I just started Paul Mckenna (again) a few days ago. I hate having to stop eating when full but have really been finding that I am often not hungry about 2/3rds of the way through a meal which astounds me as I would of said i was never full and always hungry !! In the past few days I have left 1/3 plate of singapore noodles, 2/3 of a yogurt a few bites of cereal!! Long may it continue.

I have listened to the cd a lot (twice a day some days)and feel like here is a little voice in my head saying 'are you hungry' whenever I think about food.

Even not weighing myself has been relatively easy as normally I am a frequent weigher.... but that may just be that I do not want to face the fact that I had been gaining weight recently.

Will be interesting to see where I am when i weigh !

Hope everyone is doing well

S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
Hi Derby, yes I was on SW with you - mind you i have been nearly everywhere on this website - Im still following a combination of beyond chocolate and PMcK but I do find it a bit difficult - Im good at eating only when Im hungry but not so good at stopping when Im satisfied. I love love love the idea of not dieting anymore so Im going to give it my best shot! I have started jogging too which should help a bit - well done on your weight loss how is maintaining going for you


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Hi Annie nice to see you again. Strictly speaking i am not maintaining but trying to lose as I know I weigh more than my stats say but haven't weighed myself since starting ICMYT but suspect i am 4 to 7 pounds heavier than that. I am going to weigh in a month and see how I am feeling. I do love the freedom of not being on a diet but I know with beyond chocolate I liked it a bit too much and that is how i ended up at SW

Are you using the hypnosis cd? I find it really helps me appreciate my body more.

I am hopeless at the stopping when full too as i love food so much. But I try to remind myself I can always have more later.

I am also working today on concious eating as this is one of my worst faults is picking at things i find and eating standing up ! So today I will only eat food that is on a plate and while I am sitting down!

Well done on starting jogging.

S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
I just downloaded the cd today and listened to it for the first time - I think it will definately help so ill be listening to it lots. Yeah I really try to that only eating when I sit down rule because I reckon I consumed about 500 cals a day between picking and nibbling so think it definately helps. Im going to wi in 2 weeks or a month depending on how Im feeling


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The CD definitely helps I also find it really relaxing and I often listen at bedtime as it helps me sleep !

Today I have a long day at work at the job I like least (I have two part time nanny jobs one I love and one i tolerate :) and I often end up picking at food out of frustration or boredom. But just like yesterday

I will eat when I am hungry
I will eat what I want not what I think I should
I will Eat consciously (sit down and put food on a plate)
When I am full I will stop eating.

I just had a spare half hour so I listened to my cd to start my day off right !

Good luck

S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
Well done T, are you a Nanny to kids - I have a one year old and a two year old so I can sympatise ;)

Im really enjoying this way of eating like just now I wanted a biscuit and I thought - Ill have it when im hungry (and by then Im pretty sure Ill want something savoury) oh that brings me to a question - if you fancy something sweet after eating say your dinner but your not hungry do you have a little bit or wait till you are hungry?


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Hi Annie yes I am a nanny to a 3yr old a 4 yr old and a 6yr old but not all at the same time (well not vey often) Have been a nanny for 27 years and mostly love it.

I have done the same as you and really asked myself when i want a biscuit if i am hungry or not and often the answer is no !

Yesterday I bought myself a chocolate bar to have as a snack when i was hungry and i think for the first time ever I actually waited and sat down and enjoyed it (instead of scoffing it down and feeling guilty)

I nearly always want something sweet at a meal time sometimes i have a smaller meal to leave rom and sometimes i tell myself i can have it later.

I have been doing this less than a week and at the moment i am eating less food but who knows how it will go! I am FAR more relaxed as recently before this i have been starting every day doing SW and failing by the end of the day and feeling miserable. Even if i am not perfect at paul mckenna i don't think there is the same feeling of having failed.

good luck

S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
I agree T, but I have to say I still find the weekends hard - but I love it generally, The cd definately helps! I have had a couple of sneaky WI's which of course have been a bit detrimental so I am properly getting rid of the scales!
"Diet starts on Monday" again...

Hi Guys,
I have just joined and after trying loads of diets to no success I am going to read the Paul McKenna book over the weekend and start listening to the CD in able to start this properly on Monday.
Wishing everyone luck - would love to know how you're all getting on? :)
S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
Hi Trixy - how's it going for you? Im still loving it but definately eating too much at weekend making me feel a bit like a failure and the old diet mentality creeps in then but Im going to stick with it, Im going to buy myself a new plate to remind me to eat slowly and conciously at all times - I just hope I lose some weight or I know Ill start to panic.

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