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starting day 2... eeew chicken soup!


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Hello everyone :)

Did day one yesterday, all went well except the chicken soup which seemed quite nice while eating it but the aftertaste was really horrible! I'm going to call the chemists and see if they'll swap it for something else today. :D

Feeling light headed this morning so will get on with drinking oodles of water and see what happens.

Great place for motivation, thank you to everyone that posts!
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I've gotten used to the soup. There really isn't a lot of choice. Well done for getting through your first day. Just hang in there and use this forum as often as possible - it's a great place to hang out!


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I had the soup in the first week but I couldn't stomach it anymore and now I have 1 choc and 2 strawberry from which the strawberry's my favorite :)


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I took the soup back and they changed it no problem :)

I've just come back in here for some more motivation. Made the kids tea and it smelt so good :( I've managed not to crack but that's got to be one of the hardest times!

I keep going outside because it's a beautiful day it reminds me just how badly I want to wear shorts in the summer and not feel horribly self conscious.

I now have a banging headache which will hopefully disappear by tomorrow :sigh:
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Im on just the vanilla ones now...odd :) x
I'm on day 2 also, just about to have the soup, it was rotten yesterday but wasn't mixed properly. Family dinner in the oven, I'm ravenous...it's a long time till bedtime :-(
HI Its my first day, did this diet about 5 years or so ago lost over 5 stone, then got really cocky, dont we all put that on and more. Over the last couple of years got down from 20plus stone to 12, now suddenly up to 14.6, really scarred on my way up ,feeling really sluggish, remember feeling really great on this, full of life, just hoping to get that feeling back. Well today I've managed two drinks and loads of water (1.5 litres) still got my soup to ook forward to. Can any one tellme cant remember, can you drink flavoured water?


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Maria you cannot drink any flavoured water at all, shame :( WOuld be SO much easier if we could.. I could do litres no problem!!!

As for the chicken soup, I am sat here having one right now... jury is out... its not RANK as such in that I am not gagging, but its not enjoyable in the slightest and I am not finding it very filling. I actually really really enjoy my shakes and look forward to them.. this will never be said for the soup, with or without the all-important black pepper..! Its like a very budget, boring slim-a-soup with no bits in it... *shudders*....!! I am tempted to tip it down the sink and go and ENJOY a shake tbh.... !!! Wont have it again!!
Thanks for that bye-bigun, one can only dream eh! sounds like youve worked really hard to get where you are, good luck. I think I'd like to go to bed and wake up 3 stone down, shame someone couldnt sort that out eh! but until then here goes the soup Cheers!!!


Sensibly losing :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I threw the towel in on my soup... 2/3 of the way thru and i just couldnt be bothered anymore so I have left it.. my tummy is still rumbling and I feel empty... and the aftertaste is spew-worthy!!! LOL! NEVER EVER again, all I want it a nice choc shake.. and i need to wait until tmw now!! tut tut!

3 stone slimmer by the morning? I will have some of that please!!! LOL! (and I didnt work particularly very hard for most of it,, I get slimmer when pregnant as I get so sick... I have this to thank for 2 large chunks of it..!!!! LOL!! I put some of it back on and SW the rest of it off.. then just ate carefully to be where I am now before LT!!! But thanks anyway!!!! I reckon one more child and I could be a size 12... but sadly the old body is knackered from doing it 3 times and its been ruled out :D LOL ) xx


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Lol you are just like me! I can lose 3 stones when pregnant (also have 3) but put it all back on and more after. Made it through day 2, feeling positive on day 3. No headache today! :)

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