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Starting in the New Year - ROLL CALL


I am planning to re-start Cambridge in the New Year after almost a year since last doing it to lose a couple of stone that I'd regained since my original CD weightloss in 2006. I got back down to even lower than my original weight, but unfortunately I have regained a fair bit of that weight since the summer and am determined to put things right.

It would be amazing to hear from other people planning to restart at the beginning of January, maybe we can support each other?

Nikki x
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running strictly on fat!
I am tempted to restart in Jan...
I will be restarting in January,hoping to lose 2 stone. I have lost 3 stone on this diet before,only gained 1 back. I am not sure how to use this site yet as its my first time. I cant wait to get over the first few days and get that empty feeling, then the clothes getting to big.
Yay I'm so glad there's a few of us - we can all do this together. Positivity only though please, I'm determined to stay positive throughout this restart... I find that a PMA really helps.

So, if you have a PMA and are planning to succeed, and not to fail, then join me in this positively life-changing restart! :D

Yippeeeeee :) xx
So ladies, how is the preparation going for the restart? I'm excited to say I booked my first appt. with my new CDC just now, and I'll be seeing her on 28th December to do my initial meeting and get my first week's packs. I'm still officially planning on starting on 4th, although am very tempted to try low-carbing as of 28th for that first week to help get me into ketosis before my official start date to make it easier. What do you think?

Can't wait to start now - I think I will miss food to start with but once I'm in ketosis I am positive I will be able to resist the temptations :)

I plan to restart on the 28th and do 6 months ... my 30th is in 5 months time and I don't want to be fat and 30!!! Sad to be having to do it again, but at least we know it works!!
Wow that's a great motivator of a goal hun - good luck with it, not that you need it - only willpower! We can support each other :)

Have you any minigoals or just that one big one? x
Stone a month will be good and the boxes of lovely clothes under my bed that don't fit are good motivation ... plus a new man has just turned up in my life and I find that always helps!!
I am restarting on 2nd Jan. Plan to get rid of 3 stone - lost 3 stone on it before but found half of that again! As I never reached my target I am aiming to finish it this time! Can't wait to get started and get past that first bit to when I felt great,full of energy and without feeling any hunger.....:D
Can I join you, I am a returner to cambridge, I followed the plan a year ago and found it not too bad, however I never quite got to goal and I have since regained two stones. I feel I am ready for the challenge ahead, and ready to accept a healther me. I have started ss today, so here goes !!

i am re starting in the new year,i did a half arsed attempt earlier this year and i think now i need to pull out ones finger out!!!

i am going on holiday in June, and then starting university in september so they are my goals, 6 st till june and 9 st till uni

so i hope that i will lose more before then

K x
Hiya, good to see there's a few of us restarting for the New Year, welcome one and all!

I've had a rather indulgent Christmas but not exceedingly so. Not much chocolate consumed and have stuck to eating only at mealtimes so far...

Not feeling too good though, have had a really sore throat the last few days and it's put a downer on things a bit. Looking forward to meeting my new CDC tomorrow though and getting my first week's worth of packs ready to start on the 4th :)



going to do it!!!!
hi there im restarting on the 29th dec tried to start before xmas but just found it too hard and too many temptations in my way, im off to vegas in feb and florida in july and want 2 stone( if i can ) gone for vegas and 4 for florida . Im dying to start as feel like ive made a complete pig of myself over the hols and cant waut for my first choccy drink!! ill be doind ss+ though with the 4 packs and skimmed milk as i find ss too hard.


This will be my year
Hi everyone,

I'm starting back on 4th January, so please can I join you?

I've messed around with CD halfheartedly for a few months, but my niece's wedding is 18th July and I've bought my beautiful dress already. It's a size 14, and I'm determined I'll have the body to wear it and feel good. I know a stone a month is achievable, but will need support to keep me on the straight and (soon to be) narrow :D



Mistress of the Dark
hi all,

i'm returning on 1st january and i am determined to get it all off for good this time!

i have gained all of my 7st loss except for about a stone and a half. i want to be at goal for the start of my second year at uni. i want 2 of the 3 years to be as a slim lady!!!

can i join you all? some of you may remember me-i was soontobelittlegem but changed my name for a new start xxx

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