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Starting LL in April

C: 13st3.0lb
Hi, I've been thinking of doing LL since I heard about a friend who has had fantastic results.

I'm going along on Sunday to the introductory session and came across this great forum yesterday.

I've been reading the March starters thread and wondered if anyone else was at the same sort of place as me and fancied doing one for people starting now.

I've never done forums before, or any drastic weight loss programme (just Weight Watchers for the last 20 years) so nervous on both fronts.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their journies so far - its really inspirational!
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Hello Just Do It, I am going to my first meeting tonight. I found the introductory session very helpful. Some of the threads on here are really inspirational and I think they will help a lot when the going gets tough.
Last time I dieted officially was in 1993 and I lost 2 stone with Weightcare. I'm really looking forward to seeing some fast results with LL. One the other hand so much of my life revolves around food and cooking I just don't know how I am going to fill the time.
Let us know how you get on on Sunday won't you.
How much weight do you want to loose? I think I am going to target 10.5 stone which will be a 4 stone loss - that seems like a helluva lot at the moment.
C: 13st3.0lb
Hi Wicked Witch,
I have 5 stones to lose. It seems loads seeing it written down like that.

I feel really excited about LL, since I heard about it I have thought of nothing else. If it is really true you can lose a stone a month that sounds fantastic.

Hope tonights meeting goes well for you.

Heres to success.
Believe it, it is true!
If you stick to it you WILL lose a stone a month. And it is not as hard to stick to as you might think.
I have zero willpower and have never stuck at anything, but am now in week 6 and have 4lbs left to go to have lost 2 stone!
I am by no means the greatest loser in my group. one woman, when we got measured in week 4, had lost 11 inches from her hips alone!
This is the first diet I have been on where I have really looked forward to the meetings, they are interesting and supportive and the weigh-in is inspirational!
Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.
C: 13st3.0lb
Thanks LittleBlue, I've been reading your previous posts and your success is inspiring.

I need that as I've just had my Mother-in-Law on the phone telling me NOT to to go on LL, how it is really dangerous and can seriously damage to your health and how awful and hard it will be.

Well I've tried WW and I'm 1.5 stones heavier than I was this time last year. I need results and I need them fast.

Reading everyones stories here has really helped to convince me this is worth it. And to see all the support you give each other is just great.

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Good luck to both JUST DO IT & WICKED WITCH, in 100 days of LL i lost 58lbs.... Unfortunately had to come off for a while due to ill health and gained 6lbs. Not to worried about that as i'm re-starting CD tomorrow (have switched from LL only because i have gone off the flavours)

A big good luck and look forward to reading both your progresses....



Silver Member
Don't forget to check out the photos in the before and after thread - they are so inspirational and they show that yes you can do it and that you can look and feel healthy when you've done it.

Good luck

Hay you 2.. I'm in my second week and would love to join you on the journey! It is fantastic but you will have your moments and thats when we need each other! Let me know.. Good luck
C: 13st3.0lb
Hi SCW3, it would be great to do it together. It looks like you are doing well already.

How long would you say the hard first part lasts, or does it last forever :)
Hi Just do it..

My first few weeks where fab.. But I'm having a tough time this week just due to my children being on hols and everybody seems to want to socialise around food!

You will be fine. Go and do it! Best advice is to ween yourself of coffee, tea and carbs! Thats how I got by in my first week - I stopped all the above one week before I started LL.. You can do this - oh and you do see radical changes, even this early! Feel free to put me on your buddy list.. :p
Good Luck with LL Just Do it and Wicked Witch!

I start week 6 tomorrow and have lost almost 2 stone. I think everyone finds the programme different. I have found it quite easy so far, the odd craving here and there but I think the weight loss you have each week is enough to keep me on track and not want to slip up. My first week was ok, felt a little tired but other than that was not too bad.

Hope it all goes well and keep us posted on how you are getting on :)


Cherry Plum

One day at a time
S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Just do it, don't listen to any of the negative comments from people who don't know what they're talking about.

You are doing this for you & not them, this is the 'Best Diet' in the world, what other diet could you lose this sort of weight on & keep it off.

You'll be so pleased with yourself when you start to lose weight, its a wonderful feeling & when you get into the next size clothes you'll feel magical.

Good luck with your first week.
Hi Just Do It :wave_cry:

I am about to go to my first group on Friday. Am really looking forward to it - have also had a few people saying 'that's ridiculous, you'll put all the weight back on - blah, blah' but am not really bothered what anyone thinks, just adds to the challenge! Would be good to hear how all the other new starters get on. I've been on every diet going and want this to be the last!!

Good luck
Johnny :D
Well done Just Do It for Starting LL, its a big challenge starting a diet. I've just started my 7th week on LL its the best diet I have done 1 more lb and 2 stone off. If there is anything I can help with let me know. Again " welldone"
Hi Johnny

Good on you for starting LL, you won't regret it. Have you checked out Tommee's thread yet with his photos in? You'll be amazed when you can see how much you men can lose in such a short time.

Please keep us posted as to how you get one :)

Thanks Cath

I hear that men do really well on this programme and am itching to get started after having to delay for a week because of the bank holiday.

It's been great to read everyones experiences in the meantime and has kept me really motivated - have been eating healthier for the past two weeks without even thinking about it!

Congrats on your progress so far.
Will keep you posted

Johnny :D
Hello Everyone :wavey:

Hope u don't mind me joining in, I'm hoping to start LL this saturday just waiting for LLC to confirm details.

Not told many people I'm doing cos I just don't need any negative comments, I'm just gonna wait til they start to notice and then I'll tell them when I'm ready.

I've just had a baby (well 4 months ago, a little boy called Jack) and come to realise just how unfit I am. I've really come to a point in my life that it's now or never !! I've got quite a lot to lose but gonna focus on getting 100lbs off and then review a new goal.

Looking forward to getting to know u all and being able to support one another.

Jacksmummy (Vikki) x x
Hi Vikki and welcome :)

Well done on deciding to join LL, the weight will soon be falling off you. You've come to the right place for advice, support and a good chat!

Welcome Vicki:) This is a great place to come for support and inspiration, everyone here is so supportive. Good Luck with your weight loss and keep us posted on how you get one.


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