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Starting on Tuesday and scared!!

Hi All,

Just a quick one to say hi. I have my first meeting on Tuesday to pick up food packs etc and whilst I am looking forward to doing something about getting rid of my excess baggage, I'm a bit scared too!!

As you can see I have 100lbs :eek: to lose which is very scary. I have one major reason for doing this and that is because my doc will not allow me to have another try at IVF until I have a BMI of 28 or below. So apart from wanting to look like me again and not some bloated cartoon version, wanting to go into normal shops for clothes, wanting to feel healthier, wanting to make my husband proud of me - my overwhelming desire is for a baby and to put some of the weight back on through getting pregnant!!

My consultant was pretty rude to me ( considering he had already taken money for 2 failed goes at IVF) and basically said " of course it will be almost impossible for you to lose the weight with PCOS etc". I am determined to prove him wrong and wipe the smug smile of his face. Roll on Tuesday!!

I am looking for support through this and this board seems like a great place to start. There are some awe inspiring stories and photos and I only hope I can do as well as some of you have done. Look forward to chatting in the coming weeks. :thankyou:
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:wavey: Hello :)

Well done on taking the first step! I'm on Lighter Life too and think it's fab, as you can see I've lost over 100 pounds now so it can be done! I've gone from a size 28 to a size 14/16 so far and it's bloody fantastic :D

The weight will soon start falling off you.

Good luck on your journey, stay focused and determined and you'll soon get there :)

Kath xxx


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Hi, Im on lipotrim, basically the same as LL and CD, but less choice of flavours.
You show this consultant what a PRAT he is by saying that to you and prove him wrong. :eek:
We are all here to help you through the good times and the bad. :D

Good luck......:vibes: here are some positive vibes coming your way


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Hi Wanttobeslim

100lb is achievable on this diet - there are many on here that have done it and you can too. I have to lose over that and like you I was scared before I started, scared I wouldn't do it, scared I wouldn't last the first week, scared it would work for everyone except me .... and now 3 weeks later I'm 20lb lighter and so happy with that.

Good luck for Tuesday and please keep us all posted as to how you're doing ---- you'll be slimmer in no time.



has started again!!
Hello Wanttobeslim,

You really have joined the right place, in coming here! Happy, or sad, naughty or good - you will be sure to find so much support whenever you log in!

I have another 97 lbs to lose, so we will be in this together. The diet is the best I have ever tried, sometimes I find it really really easy, other days, to be honest, I can get very low. However, the weight losses are great and THE BIGGEST incentive to get going! You will do it, I am sure, then go an poke that consultant in the eye!!

Go for it! Lets speak soon, thinking of you on Tues!


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Hello Wanna - Take no notice of yr consultant - when you've achieved yr goal - which is very much achievable I would deff give him a piece of yr mind.

Some days on this diet are dull others are soooo uplifting. I couldn't believe and still can't that you loose so much weight so quickly.

You'll have the 100lb off in no-time.:p
Hi there, there is no need to be scared of starting LL, you are amongst friends, and will ALWAYS find the advice and support that you need here on Minimins. I was apprehensive when I started LL at the end of January, and there are days when it is so bloomin' hard I could cry, but the weigh-in day always makes up for all those feelings. Stay strong and focused and soon you will reap the benefits. You also have a great reason to lose the weight! Good Luck and please keep us updated. Angela x


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Hi Wanttobeslim,

Best of luck starting your diet journey on Tuesday.

We all have those same feelings of trepidation before embarking on such a strict diet and wondering will it work especially when you do like so many of us here have a lot of weight to lose.

I am a slow loser even on this diet but it still comes off if I stick with it 100%.

If you begin to increase your water intake now and cut down on your carbs it will help to ease your way into the diet.

Love Mini xxx
Welcome! It is scary and you are among people who understand the highs and lows. People are at various stages (I'm at day 4!!) so there's always advice and some tea (black with no sugar!) & sympathy about when you need it! It is hard but I just keep focussing on the end result and in your case you have even mre of an incentive - hopefully to have the no 2 minimins baby! Good luck for Tuesday, let us know how you get on & feel free to join us at the "people who started in March" thread! What specifically are you worried about? Maybe we can allay your fears in some way?
Thanks everyone for your replies. I feel at home already!!

Insearchofme - I supposed the things I am most scared of are a) me being able to stick to the diet and b) any side effects from such a drastic diet c) the fact that 100lbs is a lot to lose!!

Kath - can I ask how long it has taken for you to lose the 100lbs - what a fab achievement - I bet you are really proud of yourself. :)

You guys are so inspiring, just looking at your weight losses makes me feel better about the whole thing and as you said I have a fantastic reason for getting to goal...

I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming months and I'll be sure to post after my first meeting on Tuesday.

Thanks again xxx
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Hi there welcome aboard!

Most of us have failed at pretty much every diet and yet somehow manage to stick to this! Thats not to say its easy, but once in ketosis physical hunger definately disappears and you then have to learn to deal with the emotional eating.

side effects are
1.feeling cold,
2.possible bad breath(not everyone)
3.possible hairloss when you go back to eating (not everyone, not to the point of being bald and NOT permanent),
4.possible constipation which can be managed (there are lots of threads about this)

oh and you will need to be close to a toilet until you get used to drinking 4 litres a day...

and the best side effect of all? FAST WEIGHTLOSS!

Best of luck to you !

Don't worry about Tuesday just concentrate on getting through the first week it gets easier after that!

I so know how you are feeling. I am coming up to my first month, which is unbelievable! I never stick to diets and had almost resigned myself to being fat. suddenly I am in control of my eating for the first time in my life! You have the best motivation in the world, being slim and gorgeous will be a side effect of being slim enough to do IVF. And great to have the chance to look smug when you see the consultant next!
Hiya wanabeslim,
i am on my second week (started a week last saturday) and can say that friday i had lost 10lbs, today i got on the scale and have lost a stone!!
it is a great feeling but it isnt a walk in the park, already i am getting a bit fed up of the food packs! (it may have a little something to do with feeding my family and inlaw to a yummy roast and the smell lingering around my home) but there are lots of things you can do (i just had a vanilla and put a spoon full of coffee in it and it was devine, (although not a roast!)
on our second meeting we got told to be very careful with regards to pregnancy as there are a lot of lighter life babies out there, apparently time of the months sometimes change and with the weight loss you never know wannabe it my happen au nateral.
i have had lots of problems having children but now have a 14 year old boy and a gobby 6 year old girl.
so good luck the first week is the hardest so every one has informed me, (if you get a headache drink more water or have a paracetamol only the powdery type of tablet though as citrus and the plasic coated kind can stop you from being in kitossis or whatever it's called) :p
Angelxx - if it happened au naturelle, I'd be over the b***dy moon!! Doubt it though, it hasn't in 12 years of trying at various weights!! I certainly won't be using contraception!! Although I know you shouldn't do LL if pregnant so would certainly keep an eye out just in case!!


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Hi Wanna be!

Trying for a baby is an amazing reason to lose weight.
Just think, when you have that little baby torun round after you'll need to be fit and healthy.
PCOS will make it slightly harder for you to lose weight but certainly not impossible, just look at Victoria Beckham!
Good luck, not that you'll need it with the best reason to do it to motivate you :D

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