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Starting Sept 2017

Hi Ange! I woke up today with that ketosis taste in my mouth and I felt sooo happy, especially as yesterday was tough for me, I was really struggling because night times tend to be worse for me (I was always a night eater) but I remained strong and just got into bed and let time do it's magic and before I knew it, I was asleep! I woke up feeling so proud of myself in the morning and I realised that if you can get through one day, you can get through a hundred, it's all in the mind - just focus on getting through that night, I watched a video about motivation and they said that if you think about short-term goals like getting to the end of the night, or the end of the week, it's more helpful than thinking "it's only 2 months" lol but it totally worked! I'm the same as you, i'm planning on 6 weeks, so it looks like we're on this journey together :) It looks like it's just me and you active on the forum at the moment but I know people come and go, that's the nature of this diet and I totally can relate to everything you said - you have to be serious and it takes a number of attempts and becoming purely sick and tired before you decide to just do it! Is there a particular motivation for you this time? for me, I really want it to be the last time. I have learnt a lot about myself and food and diet from this diet, so it feels like it's just finishing off the final chapter before I start my new life book! lol i'm looking forward to my first weigh in and seeing my pharmarcist, she's strict so even the thought of breaking my diet scares me which is a good thing lol I look forward to hearing from you and yes it's going to be so worth it so let's keep going :)
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That's fantastic, delighted you're in ketosis it's easier from now on. I can feel the positivity in your message and it's very inspiring. That's the great thing about talking to someone who is on the same journey, I sometimes find myself doing the "poor me" routine and forgetting that I'm doing this for me!! I was recently put on tablets for high blood pressure and that was the kick I needed to get me started and I'm hoping that in 6 weeks my GP will take me off the tablets, but we'll see what happens, as you said each day or even each hour as it comes. So congratulations on ketosis, and good luck with your weigh in, I'm weighing in on Thursday morning so I'll let you know how that goes. Keep doing what you're doing cos you're doing great
Thank you ange that's really sweet of you and likewise keep pushing! I really hope everything goes well and you come off those tablets, I'll be here with you on the journey so don't worry we will push each other through this! Thursday is literally around the corner, the first week is a massive achievement, it's not easy to get there but I can see you're motivated too! I find weekends the hardest but I'm so glad once I've got out of them! How's your pharmacist are they supportive?
Hi Mabzy, how are you today? I'm feeling good, went off for a 3 mile walk today, something I haven't done for a long time and I'm determined to keep doing. I'm off work at the moment so it's easier, I work shifts and that is always my excuse for not going but I'm determined to keep it up when I go back next week, if nothing else it'll keep my mind off food. I find weekends hard too, my daughter comes home from college and is mad for her favourite dinners and it's hard to cook and not be eating them yourself!!! During the week is far easier as my husband will sort his own dinner and is very supportive. This weekend will hopefully be easier, I'll have to start cooking things I don't like . Hope everything is going well for you.
Hey Ange! I've been at work today which I find helps so much, well apart from the fact my boss is annoying and gives me a headache lol but other than that I find it helpful to keep busy but I totally know what you mean about keeping busy and distracted. I find that when I'm going crazy and obsessing over food if I just go for a drive or do something completely different it really helps me snap out. So well done and keep up the walks! I'm not exercising until week 4 because if I do it any sooner I get so hungry in my head and break the diet lol but I'm doing well I feel motivated like this is it now, I really just want this more than anything! Yes cooking foods you don't like will help lol my wife used find it really helpful to cook she felt like the smells made her eat without eating I don't know if you get the same? It's your weigh in tomorrow, well done it's going to be a massive achievement to get your first week out the way!!
Hi Mabzy, how are you today? I'm struggling a bit today, got up and went in to be weighed but the pharmacist and his 2 assistants were all off, 2 on holiday and 1 out sick so I couldn't be weighed which was disappointing but couldn't be helped so have to go back in tomorrow, they gave me 3 shakes to tide me over. All I can think about is food, have a gnawing in my tummy, so there's only one thing to do and that is go to bed and tomorrow will be better. Hope you're doing ok, have you weigh in tomorrow too? If so the very best of luck and hope all your hard work has paid off, seeing the results is what will keep us going.
Hey ange! Awe I'm sorry to hear that but I'm so proud of you, you're absolutely right whenever you're feeling like that retreat to the bed that's the way to go! I'm well thanks and Yes I've got my weigh in tomorrow I can't wait to see my pharmacist, she always gives me a little pep talk and reminds me that it's not forever and so the same to you, these 6 weeks will fly by, how quickly did the last few weeks go when we were eating? It's such a small amount of time, you've got through your first week and not there's no turning back, I know you can do it as you've done it before and I'm here with you so message anytime I check this daily and it's only me and you! We're going to do it, imagine yourself 6 weeks from now and how good you'll feel!! I will message you tomorrow and remember, water and hide under the blanket. All the good food is to come after and it will be more worth it then x
Hey ange how you doing today hun? I had my weigh in, lost 3kg which I know is mostly water weight but still feels nice to see the numbers go down lol I hope you're feeling better today. I don't know why I feel so motivated, I think I'm fed up of failing now I just want this so bad, I've already turned down things that would usually be diet breakers for me like invitations, I'm putting my life on hold for the next 6 weeks to just get through it! I know it can feel so hard and lonely on this diet but just know, somewhere out there is another person with the same empty stomach, same shakes and water as you! Your not alone, you've done it before and so have I, and we're going to do it again! Be strong, you'll thank yourself for it later!!
Hi Mabzy, congratulations, that's fantastic, well done to you, it's what makes it all worth it. Thank you so much for your lovely messages, you could be a motivation coach!!! I felt so much better after reading them and went in for my weigh in and was delighted to be told I'd lost 6.35kg, even the pharmacist was shocked!! I know it's mostly water and the day before I started the shakes I ate all round me but it was the boost I needed. I went and did the grocery shopping so the menu for the weekend is the meals I don't like lol and I'm back to work on Monday so that should make it easier, I had a good talk to myself about one day at a time, like you said short term goals,and I'm feeling positive again. I hope you have a great weekend , it should be easier than last week with ketosis so fingers crossed.
6.35! Omg that's amazing i didn't even know that was possible, that's certainly more than water weight so well done that's really impressive! Aw and thank you for the lovely comments, yes I don't know why but this time around I just feel motivated like never before, I feel I've learnt so much that i just want to finish it off now with all the wisdom! Yes for once I'm actually not scared of the weekend as usually they are the worst for me but I feel fine now I'm just going to keep myself busy, do you have much going on? Well done for buying all the foods you don't like that's a clever move! Once your into your second week then it's about thinking about what new clothes your gonna buy lol oh and I ate my fill before starting too I think everyone has the last supper lol anyway have a great weekend, il be Pottering around here so if you struggle just message, otherwise il speak you in the next week and yes work will make time fly! Remember, you just have to think about getting through that night and each time you do it's a victory and making the future road easier! I'm here on this journey with you and we're gonna do it x
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Hi Mabzy, how did your weekend go? Hope it went well and you didn't struggle too much. I'm afraid I found it a nightmare, I was grand during the day on Saturday drank plenty water but by the evening I had terrible headaches and nausea so I went off to bed early, got up Sunday morning and I was fine again until the evening and the same thing!!! So I had my shakes for breakfast and lunch today but when I got home I rang the pharmacist and I have decided to do the refeed week. I will carry on replacing one meal and stick to chicken/fish and veg or salad after the refeed week but I just can't face 3 shakes a day and when I should be starting to feel better it's making me feel like crap. I know that weight loss will be much slower but I can deal with that. I'll still keep checking in on you and I'll keep going for the weigh ins cos I don't want my bad habits to slip back in but for now I need to stop, I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I know I didn't feel so poorly the last time. Let me know how you got on the weekend, take care
Hiya Ange, awww bless that sounds like it was really difficult and yes you know yourself and your body more than anyone, if having the refeed diet works better for you, do that because it's about the long term and as long as you are losing a little every week, and maintaining that - you will still have the overall losses, just over a longer period of time - but you'll get the added bonus of still chewing and eating. I think you're doing the right thing because clearly it's getting too much and you have to know your limits. I'm really well thanks, I suprised myself this weekend I was actually fine and coped much better than I thought - I must admit sunday night had got me a little but I put my head in my bed and fell asleep and I was so happy to start a new week - my motivation is still the same, I want to smash through this diet! I've got my aim of 6 weeks which I know will fly by but thank you I really appreciate your support and yes still keep in touch as support always helps! Well done for making that decision though I know it must not have been easy but it's the right thing to do! Slowely but surely is the way!!
Hi Mabzy, how are you? Hope you're keeping well, you must be feeling the loosening around the waistband now, what a great feeling that is!! Just said I'd send a quick message to wish you good luck for your weigh in tomorrow, though you don't need luck I'm sure you've smashed it with all your hard work. I'm doing good, much happier in myself and keeping up my walking, my weigh in has changed to Friday just for this week so I'll let you know how I got on. Take care.
Hiya ange lovely to hear from you and I'm so glad you're on a diet your happier with and sticking to, that's the main point in finding out what works and going with it. My weigh in is also Fridays so I'll let you know how it goes but yes I'm doing good I'm going into week 3 next week it feels a bit unbelievable how time has flew just keeping myself busy, glad you are keeping up with the walks gosh you're gonna be in amazing health by Xmas keep it up hun x
Hello Everyone :)

I am on Day 1 of Lipotrim. I have gained a hideous amount of weight (5st) due to a very stressful time (my medication didn't help!) and now I'm on the other side of that, I need to lose my excess weight. It really gets you down doesn't it!? No more! Time for action! So here I am....Day 1.

How is everyone getting on?
Hi Gem, nice to have you on board :) there's a few of us on here now so we'll be here to support you! Have you ever done Lipotrim before?

I'll be going into week 3 next week, can't wait it feels like a massive achievement, done this diet before and so I know the ups and downs to it, my advice as everyone says is drink lots of water and take things easy! Everyday you get through is a battle won in the war against fat! Lol
Hi Mabzy :)

Thank you for your reply (and the advice). I did it a year ago and I lost 2st in 7 weeks, but I wasn't as big as what I am now though :( I was on some medication and literally did not stop eating...... so need to do something strict to get back to normal.

Well done for your 3 weeks! May I ask how much you have lost so far and how long you'll be on the programme?

Also, how long was you on the programme when you did it before and how much did you lose?
I've lost about 8kg I think? But I guess a lot of that is water weight. I'm planning on doing another 4 weeks! I'd like to do logger but I have a few events after that so I can't! How are you doing, are you in ketosis yet?
I know what you mean about events.... there's only certain ones you can get out of. I read someone used to just have lean protein and vegetables/salad when they couldn't get out of a meal - not sure what impact that would have?

Wow. Well done for 11 weeks!

I'll be doing 4 weeks, plus refeed before going on holiday for two weeks. I'm planning on doing the full programme straight away when I get home from holiday until Christmas, enjoy my Christmas and then start again properly (full Lipotrim programme) until I get to my target weight.

I'm not sure if I'm in ketosis..... I should be as it's day 6? I had my weigh in at the pharmacy but my pharmacist was away today so I just weighed myself - I've lost 5.5lb since Saturday which is a good start, albeit I know that's mostly water weight and not fat.

When is your next weigh in and how has your week been?

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