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Starting Sept 2017

The impact of having anything, even a grain of salt is really psychologically difficult, you may still remain in ketosis but mentally you feel the same struggle as day 1 and you convince yourself you've failed now so you may aswell eat, honestly it's not worth it, with this diet, every day you get through on tfr is strength building, so there's no point eating anything for one moment, you lose all the mental strength you've gained! Lol trust me I've had cheeky chicken so many times and learnt the hard way!

Oh yay you're doing 4 weeks!? Me and you are the same then as I'm planning to come back on it after my event for a few more weeks too so let's just push each other for the next 4 weeks! How are you getting on so far? And yes you're in ketosis by now I'm sure.

My weigh ins are Fridays and I'm doing great thanks, I just want these 4 weeks to fly by and I like your plan, do a few weeks then break then do a few more weeks and break, I think that works best to be honest, we can do it x
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Yes we can do it :)

It's rather quiet on here isn't it, seems to just be the two of us at the moment.

I wish I'd started this programme sooner :( Too busy faffing about, but you need to have the right mindset don't you.

I know what you mean about the strength - I feel so much better waking up in the morning knowing I am taking action and losing weight. Before I started I felt so sad and down everyday..... so silly as I was the one doing it to myself.

I'm trying to think of a plan for Christmas..... I think I'll be able to have 3 weeks TFR after I get back from my holiday, then a few days refeed, enjoy Christmas, do the refeed diet in between Christmas and New Year, then start 100% TFR on 1st/2nd January until I get to my target (I need to lose 3.5-4st).

How has your week been? Are you doing any exercise? I can go for a walk, but anything too strenuous makes me feel a little lightheaded, not that I'm built for running anyway
Yeah I totally agree, it's very quiet it used to be very busy back in the day when I did it but I think it comes in peaks and troughs, you do need to have good support on this diet, whether online, through your pharmacist or just really supportive to yourself. I'm on my 4th week now, I just feel so good I put on a shirt today which I couldn't even button up a few weeks ago and now it actually looks normal on me, it makes it all worth it, this diet is torture but gosh it's a torture worth it! Oh and yes I've been exercising purely to help me from boredom lol I've been on my cycle which has helped so much, I find with this diet you have so much more time and it's all about using it up!

How are you doing and what day you on now? I've got my 4th weigh in Friday, I can't wait for it, there's a point in this diet where you get over the hill and it's all downhill, I feel like I'm reaching it soon, the weeks just fly by, this weekend it will only be 3 weeks to go for us! I've already done more than that so that makes me feel so proud! As the old saying goes, no food tastes as good as looking good feels! You can eat all those foods with a nice body and it feels a million times better lol it's just a small short term sacrifice, we're gonna do it hun x
Hi Mabzy, how are you getting on?

I've lost 1st 2lb now :) Still have a little way to go (3.5-4st) but definitely feeling better for getting 16lb off!

I am starting my refeed tomorrow as I go on holiday next week, but I plan on restarting 100% TFR when I get home.

Hope you're doing well :)
I couldn't agree more, there certainly is a point when "you're in the zone". For me I need to keep myself distracted and also find things to do which do not involve food - we went out to a comedy night the other week and it was great. The TFR can be a little antisocial as there is no compromise - you have to decline all invites for dinner!

Whenever I have a "moment" I remind myself that this is only temporary, short-term pain for long term gain :) Like you say, no food tastes as good as being slim feels :)
Hi Gem! Lovely to hear from you hun, I've lost so much weight, threw away all my old clothes and now I need to go shopping for new gear lol! I'm very well thanks, I'm coming back on the diet to finish it off in 2 weeks! I've seen so many people come on this forum and then fall off, so it's nice to see someone stick with it! It' not easy at all but it's well worth it! Enjoy your holiday and message when your back as I think we'll both be on it at the same time!


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st12.5lb(7.14%)
What are you doing gem?

I've finished day 2 of lipotrim....its killing me x
Hello Goose! I am so glad someone else is on here :) Well done for getting to day two! :)

I'm doing Lipotrim..... started day one on Saturday but had a few hiccups so day one is officially today.

How much do you have to lose? I need to lose 3-4 stone. I let things totally get out of control last year :confused:

Have you done Lipotrim before? WE CAN DO THIS! You're pretty much there now as from day 3/4 cravings go away and you feel really good!


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st12.5lb(7.14%)
Hi gem

I have a newly started diary up on silver diaries section

When i did this 5 years ago the forums were soooo busy and it helped me a hugeeee deal. Would never have managed 16 weeks 100% without the support on this forum.

My weight is at my highest. I wish i had 3 stone ...unfortunatley it is now around 4 and a half stone now.

Day one and 2 were hard. I have an old post i wrote with top tips im going tl find xx

Good luck im surr well keep each other motivated x
16 weeks. Wow. How much did you lose?

We have a similar amount to lose. I have just over 8 weeks until I go on holiday so I'm hoping for 2 - 2 1/2 stone loss :) Have you managed any exercise? I don't think I could manage anything too strenuous, so I'm thinking power walking as it might help speed the weight loss up a little?

We will get there! We can help and encourage one another :D x


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st12.5lb(7.14%)
I went from roughly 12st 4 to 8 st 7 ish xx

Too skinny that was. Aiming for 9st 4 now

Currently 13st 10 (ouch)
Wow, that's amazing. 16 weeks of TFR is admirable!

I'm aiming for 9st, which was my "normal" weight before everything went downhill last year :oops:

I did Cambridge Weight Plan and lost 2st, then switched to Lipotrim in October lost another 1st. I intended on starting TFR as soon as I was home from my holiday on December 1st but I found it too hard to stick to with all the festivities (I know that's a pathetic excuse!). I have 8 weeks until my holiday so I'll be TFR until then and maybe join SW when I'm home to lose the last bit if I struggle with restarting my TFR.

Did you manage any exercise when you did TFR last time? I want to, but can't imagine I'd have much energy.

How are you feeling today? Any better? I'm trying to drink more water!


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st12.5lb(7.14%)
What did you prefer...lipotrim or Cambridge? And why? Xx

Yes it was a huge success and i was very proud of myslef at the time.

After having regained the weight i dont want to do that again especially after how difficult lipotrim is.

I agree festivities make diets like lipotrim difficult....for me it's the social element thats the toughest

If i struggle with tfr again i will.hop straight on to sw rather than bingeing abd promising myself to start tfr agaib only for the cycle to get worse and to gain it all back.

No i didnt exercise last time. The odd bit here and there

Its getting easier today xx how have u been
I actually prefer Lipotrim. The Cambridge ones are nice and there is a huge variety, but I found most of them too sweet (unbelievably given the reason why I need to lose weight is because I've eaten so much rubbish), but it was an artificial sweetness which I didn't really like. (I mainly had chocolate and strawberry anyway). They have ready to drink Shakes which was great as I found that more discreet at work opposed to making up a shake. Their soups are nice too. My consultant was so lovely - she would come to my house and weigh me, (which I liked because as the time I didn't really like leaving the house :oops:)

I am all or nothing and I like to have a clear diary of any social events involving food.

I love SW - that is what I did before I went completely off track at ate myself into the mess I am now. SW is proper food and a healthy way of living and eating opposed to a diet.

I'm okay thank you - I do feel better having someone else to talk to :)

When is your weigh in?
Goose, how are you? I have just been reading some of your other posts and we are literally SO SIMILAR it is unbelievable! I honestly could have written some of your posts myself!

Hope you're having a good day - remember we can do this! It is only temporary :)


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st12.5lb(7.14%)
Gem i will reply on my thread as not to hijacks this thread!!!! Its on the lipotrim forum under diaries...let ne know if you havw any problems finding it xx
Hi Jo!

Well done for achieving two weeks - I'm just a little behind you on 1 week and 4 days.

Wow! You've lost 2st in two weeks! That's amazing!

How long are you planning on staying on Lipotrim and how much do you have to lose? I need to lose 4st - hoping to lose 2st by the time I go on holiday in 7 weeks and then the other 2st when I'm home.

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