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You'll often find that you will have loose skin after doing a VLCD, mainly because the weight loss is so fast that your skin needs more time to catch up with it! It should eventually regain some of its elasticity, however its a good idea to use a massage oil or the like specially formulated for this purpose - my aromatherpist makes me up a wonderful oil which I use daily and it really does help. As for evening out the loss - sorry, cant help you there, as I lost mine quite evenly!!


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As Elle said you do look a little wrinkly until your skin has a chance to catch up with the weightloss, but it does get better. As for how even the weight loss goes ....it all depends on each individual.

Good luck
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Hey Cless, I knew you were Irish just from the way you talk(type). Another Paddy woo!!
I was wondering the same thing about loose skin! So glas it does go back to normal,I was advised by a friend who did a similar diet to use Bio oil every night to help stop that!

Or you can try this lady, Tracey Lively - she makes an oil with the same ingredients as Bio Oil, but it smells DIVINE and costs a fraction of the price!! Here is her ebay store, you'll need to contact her direct and say you want 'Elles Bio Oil' though as she doesnt list it on ebay!

eBay UK Shop - Healing Hands Organic Aromatherapy: Bath Shower, Facial Cleansers, Shampoos Conditioners

All my lotions and potions are made by her, and are utterly amazing because they really work.... and such good value!


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Hey guys just really curious about how everyones body looks after losing the weight like is there loose skin and stuff, also will the weight loss even out cuz its taking aaaaaages to lose the thighs and hips but my chest has pretty much dissappeared:(
thanks lads!!!xxx
When I was on Lipotrim before I seems to lose all my weight in my thighs and bum. I used to get so worried that at the end I'd look oddly porportioned by the end and also frustrated because I had a sizezble belly that wasn't goin anywhere!!! But it did even itself out, I think (it my own personal theory that I devised at the time) that your body burns fat from your 'biggest' fat reserve, so for me it was my thighs and after the surplus was there was gone it used the next - my belly.
Also, I lost 3 stone and had no extra skin r any problems like that. The only excercise I did was 45min/1hr walk couple times a week.
I wish I could choose the bits to shrink first! I am hoping that eventually they will all be in proportion - just smaller. :)
It seems to me, although only on day 6, that my body is burning fat from the thinner parts of me first!! I have always been very pear shaped yet i am noticing a difference in my face and waist so far! Typcal..although im not complaining by any means im sure my bum will catch up haha x
I ordered some of 'Elle's Bio Oil' today ;) - very excited. It sounds divine amd apart from anything my skin all over has become very dry so it will help with that (and hopefully the stretch marks and loose skin to be!) I think with about half my body weight to lose, I can only hope to limit my saggy skin! :eek:
Ooh, I received it today after paying yesterday - how quick! :) Thank you so much for the recommendation, it is absolutely divine! It smells gorgeous and feels wonderful.

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