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Stayed the same AGAIN! GRRR ARGGHHHH

REally not happy now!
Stayed the same AGAIN!
oh nooooooooooooo what am i doing ! ive done this diet loads of times before and i always ALWAYS lose!

Does anyone remember the post i added about chicken, kofte and shish kebabs?

Well the second week into the diet i had a kebab, chicken to be precise, grilled no pitta with salad and mint sauce, that week i lost 4lbs.

Week after that, same again, at weigh in i stayed the same.

Last week had the same but with a few kofte slices thrown in for luck ....again tonight....i stayed the same:break_diet:

The only thing i can think of is.....im sure the white cabbage was seasoned and i felt almost like a oil feelin on my lips....

OR lol sorry..... when i go up my friends she has fullfat milk and because she doesnt have sweetners she gives me 1 1/2 sugars on top...... and i dont count it in my syns,......

My SWC said just for this week keep off the kebab....but i got to have a treat.....i dont have syns that day i have a kebab......or for the following day...... she honestly doesnt think that would make me stay the same but.....who knows

What do you all think?

Ruthy xxxx
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Hmmm the full fat milk and the sugar might have something to do with it but if it's only once a week then it can't be that bad. As far as the kebab goes- once a week can't possibly be making you maintain if the rest of the week you're being good :confused:
I am being good skinnymalink, even my SWC said it shouldnt make a huge difference especially so because i am good all week.
Well ive just eaten a normal siize bag of maltesers and they were lush lol. Back on it though and i will continue to be good,,,, i had to have them otherwise i would have had a binge!
Ruthy xxx


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Aw Ruth, I do sympathise. Plateau's are very frustrating arent they? I know you have just started and want loads off but our bodies like to hang on to what theyve got and sometimes it takes a few weeks for it to admit defeat and let the lbs drop again. I really dont beleive a chicken kebab will do any damage, I plan on having one over the weekend myself. Hang in there, next week could be a biggie.
I don't get it then, you have to treat yourself at least once a week otherwise, like you said, you're just going to binge. I guess all you can do is keep at it!


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I find it very hard too loose now cause of lack of variety- (i'm a vegi & a bloody fussy one at that...) Maybe simple things changing your healthy Bs too something different... And trying a couple of new reciepes a week- Just will give you that kick you need!

Otherwise i cant think why you would be staying the same- The fact your not gaining weight makes me think that you are following the diet 100% but just not getting variety in there too!

Hope i helped:hug99:Just remember how well you have done!!!
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You sound just like me.....hate to say it but having done SW on and off for many years, I found that unless I counted every single syn and stuck to it ridgely, I didn't lose.
Why are you having sugar and not counting it......and are you having other stuff and not counting that too?
Its amazing how 'slack' we get when we think we know something inside out and back to front!
Try starting from scratch again, read the books and write everything down.

Good Luck!!
Hi all and firstly let me say thanks for all the replies,
I have always changed my healthy b's because i hit a plateau back in 2003, i was nearly at target and stayed the same for 8 weeks then lost it and put 3 back on.....pregnancy included in that too lol.
I do usually count all my syns apart from the milk and sugar i have when i go up my friends(have decided to take my own mild and sweeteners up now)!
If i do have red days i do not tend to eat hardly anything thats why i enjoy my kebab on a friday.
Im not going to have one tonight just to see if it makes a difference.

Thing is i was 16st 4 just after xmas, when i joined SW i was 15.13 because i had been doing the diet at home previously, then i lost 4lbs first week then nothing.
I genuinly feel i am sticking to it, the only thing that has changed from the week i lost 4lbs is that i have cut out all bread since that loss.........could that be it?

Oh god im babbling on again! why me :(
Oh btw, im going to do a food diary on here with my weigh in... loss! hopefully! so maybe someone can see what im doing....
ANy ideas on the last but one post? Does anyone think i may not be eating enough?


escaping the fat
S: 23st5lb C: 19st8.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(16.06%)
Im sure cutting out the bread can only be a good thing Ruth, certainly wont slow your loss.
From my many years/decades of dieting experience I can say that when dealing with protein based diets( red days/atkins etc) the more meat/fish ive eaten the better my losses have been. Ive been known to eat an whole chicken and huge tbone steaks and still put in major losses. Have a red week, dont be scared of the amounts just make sure its as lean as possible. Ill bet you lose.
Im not keen on meat, oh god, there must be something i can do to enjoy meat more.
Maybe i should make more of an effort with red days i seem to putting a wall up.


escaping the fat
S: 23st5lb C: 19st8.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(16.06%)
Well you obviously like chicken, so try maybe a breast of duck or a pork tenderloin. Asda do Duck in orange sauce as part of the extra special range that is free food and a lovely slow cooked lamb with honey roast veg that is only 2 syns. Think it might take a bit of trial and error but youll find some you like. What about fish and seafood? even better.
Um,...ill try i will have to go to asda, its 17 miles away from me but hey its worth it trust me. Whats duck taste like? What other free meals do they do there?
Cheers my lovely
Ruthy xxx
Today i have had-
HE-A skimmed milk
HE-B 28g branflakes
HE-B hifi bar

5 glasses of water
1 mullar light
salad with savory rice
1 apple
and because i cant have a kebab im have chop suey with boiled rice for supper (no chips, no curry sauce and no prawn crackers)

Half of a treat size toffee crisp=2
2 tablespoons of salad cream=2
probably count 5 syns for chop suey just incase 5 TOTAL=9

Happy with fridays green day :)
Yup had chinese, chop suey was lovely and not at all greesy.
So im happy

Just come back from tesco and i have bought fish, steak and chicken...red days here i come lol
Thanks i flipping need it lol! I have posted yesterdays menu on page one
Ruthy xxx


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You could be retaining water! I have mainly red days but this week, I have been having problems with the fridge, so had a few green days. And I only lost 1/2lb. I mentioned to my SWC that I felt really bloated. If you have been on green and eating a lot of pasta, it retains water and can make you seem heavier or make you stay the same on the scales so that when you weigh in, it's not showing your weightloss!

This isn't the case for everyone though, but you never know, it could help!

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