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Stealing my life and I haven't even started yet!

rainbow brite

I've just looked at the clock and realised that I was supposed to call my boyfriend to tell him it was okay for him to come over about 2 hours ago!

Whoops! :eek:

I'm just so caught up in this forum and in LT in general. I can't wait to start tomorrow morning. All of my sachets are sat neatly in my cupboard - a non-food cupboard so the boyfriend doesn't see and ask awkward questions - and I bought my bottled water and tea earlier. :p

I suppose I'd better shuffle off and invite the boy over before he gets all stroppy!

Aw, who am I kidding - I'll be on throughout the night lol!

~Gem x
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Hey rainbowbrite :)

Im starting tomorrow too, how exciting is that:p

How did you trip to get the packs go.

I had to head into a 'dodgey' bit of town and the pharmacist wasnt really bothered about question od anything just asked what flavours i wanted(i got a selection only three chicken soups and no flapjacks) and weighed me and sent me off into the world of lipotrim.

Im thinking vanilla for brekkie probably at 0815. Not sure how im gonna space them out. whata bout you?

rainbow brite

Hiya :)

It's nice to find someone that will be starting on the same day! :D

It's funny that you say you had to go to a 'dodgy' area to get your LT sachets - so did I lol! Pretty much had the same experience as you by the sounds of it - the pharmacist seemed pleasant enough but didn't seem particularly knowledgeable on LT. A couple of times I had queries to do with the medical questionnaire and she seemed thoroughly confused :confused:

I got all three flavours of shakes and about three soups but didn't opt for the flapjacks - I'm not a huge fan when they've actually got taste to them never mind when they resemble cardboard lol! :p I hope you get on well with them though.

Not too sure about the spacing at the moment. For the next week or so I'm off work so I can mess around with it a bit until I get it right, though I'm a little concerned about when I return to work as I don't really want anyone to know about me being on this.

How about you, are you keeping it to yourself or are you letting people in on your master plan? :D

~Gem x


weighs a lot less
good luck for the morning you 2 ,gem and fat girl try not to have your shakes to early and you can split them as well so you are having 6 instead of 3 this will help during the first couple of days ,just keep drinking the water and keep loggin on ,the new slim you isnt as far away as you think ,oh and gem loving the user name ive got a rainbow brite t shirt xx
Thanks for the support lillie.

Well Rainbow Im going to try keep it a secret but its going to be hard. I normally eat dinner with my parents twice sometimes three times a week 9they like to see their grandson) so They will find out probably mid next week. also i normally do go out for sunday dinner with my best friend so i will have to tell her. I really would rather keep it to myself but *humph* that not gonna happen.

I cant wait to get started even though i know im in for the long haul:D

We can keep it going ay rainbowbrite
Good luck to both of you. Remember the first week is the hardest but it does get better. Take the advice of others on here and drink plenty of water, take long baths, early nights and come on here to keep going. Honestly, these days I hardly ever feel hungry!

Thanks Cuddlefairy, i will heed all advice given.

Moring Rainbowbrite, was wondering if you wanted to do a double diary??? just a thread were we can both write each day or when ever about how the day is going??


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Good luck with LT guys. It will be tough the first few days, but after bucket loads of water you'll be fine.
Thank you for all the words of encouragement ladies :)

fatgirl666 - sure that sounds like a great idea :D I'm nervous about today though I did try some peppermint tea last night and to my complete surprise it didn't make me want to be sick, it was actually quite pleasant! lol Have you had your first shake yet? x
I don't know if I could even attempt normal tea without milk *shudders* You can add tablet sweeteners to the tea though - that's what I did with the peppermint one last night and apparently they don't affect ketosis.

So how did you find the shake? Really awful or surprisingly okay?

Awesome, thanks for setting that up :) So how do you want to go about using it, keep it for WI's or post whatever is weight-loss related?


soon to be minnie mouse
good luck girls, you're in good hands here

REMEMBER glug glug the water for a higher weight loss
Thanks scousemouse0151 :D Just looked at your ticker and you've lost a lot, how long have you been on LT for? (Sorry if that's nosey!) x
Hi scousemouse0151 ( i will resort to shortening everyones name soon) im glugging im glugging!!

Rainbow - the shake was nice enough, a little bitty but i think i need to whisk more. I got a bready taste when i first tasted but i think i was imagining toast or something.
What you having and when?

oh and you can use our thread for what ever. WI and day to day crap or even info you want to keep but have no where to put it. up to you
Alright, brill - I think the diary will be coming in very handy over the next few weeks/months :)

I'll be getting off my bum and making my first shake in a moment - I'm thinking strawberry but I'm not too sure. Did you buy the soups too?
Yep i got soups, but only by chance. I asked the guy for a selection, so only got 3 soups, lots of vanilla, some strawberry and some chocolate. They need some banana on that list , now banana would be a winner.

Ref sweatners - i have serious sweet tooth so im going to treat them as a treat, and when im finding it tough i will add a sweatner to a shake or peppermint tea (which i love anyway). And just pray that mentally it works
Ahh I see where your going with that then :) Sounds like a plan.

My blender is on now and it's just whisking up my first shake so I'll be back in a few with my verdict... I'm not holding out much hope to be honest lol
eager to here the verdict, and how your belnder is, should i invest in a buget one? an expensive one? one that crushes ice what? hmmm might search threads on that subject.

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