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Ste's food diary! Comments, suggestions and advice very welcome!


Green Day


Bran Flakes (HEXB)
Semi-Skimmed Milk (HEXA)


Batchelors Pasta n Sauce


Muller Light


Pesto (4 syns)


Hi-Fi Bar (HEXB)
2 kiwi fruit

Mix to Match Day

Breakfast (superfree)

Very low fat natural yoghurt
Kiwi Fruit


Chicken Pasta n Sauce
(Milk=HEXA with some saved for coffee)
Muller Light


Massive Tuna Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pepper, radish)
Cheese (HEXA)
Dressing (2syns)


Hi-fi Bar (HEXB)
Yeah, it's hard to eat five a day isn't it!

I think I might have just managed it today... but most days I only manage two or three :(

Any tips as to how to increase to five would be appreciated!

As you can see, my food is quite 'easy' - I'm not a very good cook... so adding veg can be hard...


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yep im exactly the same, i only make basic meals and not very imaginative so find it hard to add veg to dinners unless its boring salad lol i usualy use my 5 a day on snacking on fruit throughout the day
you can stick veg in anything you could stick a bit of brocolli in your pasta n sauce or a bit of sweetcorn with your tuna salad, bung a bit of fruit in your yoghurt, munch on cherry tomatos . make a slimming world quiche or an ommlette and bung some veg in that, roast some aubergine,courgette,peppers,onions, tomatos in the oven for half n hour or so and eat them with chicken (you can stick any free veg in but if you use carrots id parboil em) or you can whiz it up and instant really nice pasta sauce, make soup which is basically veg n veg stock you can either leave it with chunks or whizz it up in the blender.

basically think along the lines of your trying to sneak veg into a kid add it to anything and everything and before you know it your eating your five a day!

you can cook you just think you cant cooking isnt that hard half of it is just confidence to chuck something in and see if it goes right or wrong when your learning always have a back up plan (ala pasta n sauce) you have the whole internet at your fingertips and hundreds of thousands of people to ask for help so if you dont know how long to roast a chicken for as my mam now says "ask jeeves"
Thanks Gene!

Am omelette stuffed with veggies sounds a good plan - I might try that for dinner tonight with some SW chips!

I think I need to just get used to eating a piece of fruit. I'm okay at berries and Kiwi, but I just don't seem to bring myself to eat an apple or an orange! I know I sound like a teenage boy (if only!) and I just need to get my act together... I'll give myself a slap and force myself to eat some today!
I confess.... last night I didn't stick to my plan of having a tuna salad...

Instead I had a jacket potato, cheese and tinned spaghetti. I fancied some comfort food.

Although I stuck to the plan and all of the above was free or HEX, it's obviously not ideal as I missed out on loads of veggies. So I have to have at least one salad today!

I also had an extra muller light last night - but again they are free so that's not too bad I guess!

I'm trying to use my food diary as a plan rather than a diary - ie write down in the middle of the day what I've had so far and plan what I am going to eat and then stick to it!

It works most of the time, but sometimes I change it just before I'm about to prepare my tea!

Anyhow, I'm going to keep up the diary for at least a week... I think it makes me behave more!

why not try, grilled lamb steak, with veg...........easy tea and quick......you can get frozen veg that are in bags that microwavable...they even give u the time to do it for.....so they are cooked
Thanks Janie! I'll check out the microwave bags of veg.

I'm always a bit wary of those because apparently zapping them in the microwave reduces all the vitamins etc - but I can hardly talk cause I'm not eating nearly enough at the moment! So having them a bit zapped is better than not at all!

I haven't decided what I'm having for tea yet, so I haven't posted today's diary... but I will do later on!

Try adding some fruit to your mullers.... it works for me!

I am good with the veg not so hot with fruit though... always seems to be something better to have.....

Green Day


Bran Flakes HEXB
Semi Skimmed Milk HEXA


Jacket Potato
Cheese HEXA
Cheese (shop bought and there was a lot of cheese so I'm counting 6 syns too!)


Pasta n Sauce


Fruit (hopefully?)
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I know today was a crap day, I seem to be getting into a rut of having bran flakes for breakfast, jacket potatoes and pasta n sauces. It's now 845pm and I haven't had any tea yet, so I'm just going to bung a pasta n sauce on and have a snack later.

I know I'm still way down from my five a day (one today at breakfast).

The crap thing is: I have a fridge full of salad, veggies and fruit. Also quorn, a tuna steak, quark etc. I just can't really be arsed at the moment.

I'm not loosing weight particularly this week, despite sticking to the plan. I think it's because I had a massive blow out on Thursday night... but also because I'm just not eating enough free foods :(

I suppose at least my syns are very low - averaging about 3/4 a day at the moment.

I don't have much energy at the moment either... I've just bought a Wii Fit that might help with that.

In the meantime, I promise to try some of your ideas to get me out of this bran flakes, jacket potato, pasta n sauce rut that I seem to have found myself in.

Thanks for all your helpful posts! I'm sorry I'm not showing you a perfectly healthy food diet and giving you all lots of ideas - but I guess at least I'm sticking to the plan!

Mix to Match


Bran Flakes HEXB
Semi-Skimmed Milk HEXA (some saved for tea and coffee)


2 Bowyers 5% sausages (2 syns)
1/3 tin Beans HEXB


Balsamic Vinegar


Jacket Potato
Cheese HEXA
Tinned Spaghetti


Hifi Bar (6 syns as used up my HEXBs!)
Very low fat natural Yoghurt

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