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Steve's Progress

I've been collecting my thoughts about how I managed to fall off the wagon so spectacularly last year. Bear in mind that I intend to SS as long as possible as I have a lot to lose...

I'm a member of a motorbike club and my peers are by nature party animals at every opportunity. Highlights of the biker calendar include many rallies - similar to a weekend-long outdoors rock festival but with the focus on bike-related stuff. These rallies and also any club members' birthdays that occur during the year involve much drinking and partying. There are no opportunities for healthy eating at the weekend rallies save for 'the chicken man' who supplies fresh roast chickens to the hungry hordes. The rest is pizzas, burgers, chips, kebabs etc. There is much peer pressure to join in with the drinking, and eating junk follows as sure as night follows day.

The extra complication is that even though I can cry off the alcohol after a struggle, it's difficult to drink just water, especially in my local pub where most of the birthday-related stuff happens. Diet coke is the obvious choice at a push, it comes out of 3-litre bottles and isn't the syrup stuff. I can take a hit on the citric acid and aspartame occasionally.

Rallies then, are the main problem I can see this year. The fact is though, that times are tough and I could really survive without doing any for a year, despite the howls of protest and pitiful head-shaking that I'll have to endure from my mates.

If I can successfully make a few changes to accomodate the problems above then I'll eliminate 90% of the obstacles in the way of my weight loss! It'll be a struggle but the tough economic climate will help my cause, I feel...

My other problem is that I'm an all or nothing kind of character. When I start to get a bit lighter I want to dive into heavy exercise. I really enjoy weight training and circuit training and last year I got really into running(!) with the C25K program. This invariably puts too much of a drain on my energy, especially on a VLCD and I get really hungry/tired.

So I'm not making any big plans for this year. After a couple of weeks when I'm well in to ketosis I'll be picking up the Power 90 program again with a mate. I'll just be doing the anaerobic weight cycles three times a week to recover a bit of muscle mass. And that's it. I've promised myself I'll start running again when I get to goal as a twisted kind of reward, but not before.

So that's where I am. If I can get my head in the right space I should be able to maintain a steady weight loss until goal when the real battle begins with maintenance.
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Hey just wanted to say good luck :) we all have 'barriers' to being successful at this diet , but you have done the nest thing in identifying them at the start and removing as many as possible :)

when are you planning to start ? I am on day 6 of post christmas ( and much excess) restart and its been a tough 1st week but getting there now :)
when are you planning to start ? I am on day 6 of post christmas ( and much excess) restart and its been a tough 1st week but getting there now :)
Day 2 now :)
No probs Katie! :)
I lost more than 4st over about 6 months. It would have been more but I kept geting derailed by the above.
Not this time! :D


hoping for a good loss
Wow, what a brilliant positive attitude. I think the fact you have got a list of barriers and have worked out the solutions you will be flying before long.

I am day 1 post Christmas excess.

All the best on your journey. It is such a short time we have to do this, we have the rest of our lives ahead of us when wwe are healthy weights.

Will watch your progress.

Charlie xx
Well done on your fab weight loss before :D You`ve proven to yourself that with your head in the right place, You CAN do it :D

I bet once you`re into ketosis you`ll be flying and the lbs will be melting off :D

LiSe Xxx
Thanks for the messages of support, everyone! :)

As I approach the end of day 2 I'm glad I have the weekend to acclimatise to the new regime.

I've been okay today. I had no headache this morning and just a bit of one around lunchtime that a couple of paracetamol has got rid of. I've been a bit light-headed all day but I've just noticed I'm not really hungry like I was yesterday.

Just to be cheeky I popped on the scales just now and I see I'm 4.5lbs down from yesterday morning and I have a pink ketostick. Official WI is on Monday though, so everything kicks off properly then.

Off for guitar practice now. See ya later guys! :)
Steve, only a few more hours to go! I'm really impressed about your C25k. I got into running last year but just as I reached the 5k mark the snow started and I just couldn't get back into it. This time I am using the treadmill at the gym and would love to get back on the road and get a few 5k runs under my belt. I was literally coach potato!
Without sounding too much of a stalker ;) I have a couple of Manc friends who also go on rallies etc, I wonder if you know them?!



Silver Member
That signature chart is fab - i can see us all wanting them. You sound so positive and focused - and great that you have worked out what the hurdles are/were. If you can beat them the weight will fall off so much faster so you can go back to the things you enjoy and manage it from there. Looking forward to following your losses - you did so well before
SacredSilence said:
Without sounding too much of a stalker ;) I have a couple of Manc friends who also go on rallies etc, I wonder if you know them?!
PM me who you know and I'll tell ya :)
By the way Steve, love your signature chart! I want one!
Umm, it's a bit geeky... :D
I create it in a spreadsheet, copy the screen to a graphics prog via clipboard, trim it to size, save it, upload it to my server and then use the picture button here to place in my sig.
It only takes a minute but it might be a bit of a faff for others?
Day 3 finds me wide awake, not tired at all, furry tongue, no headache and feeling great! :D

Hot vanilla shake with coffee for breakfast, tomato soup for lunch, banana shake for afternoon snack and hot chocolate mint for tea. Warm shakes done in a smoothie maker are so creamy and naughty-feeling! :D

Got the first of the birthday do's tonight. Gonna go out later and just drink diet coke and come home after a couple of hours. Taking the bike so I can't drink anyway! :)

Have a great day everyone! :D


My husband = My hero
Hi Steve!

Have a lovely night tonight chick!

Aren't birthdays a pain in the backside! People shouldn't be selfish and have any birthdays whilst we are on plan!!

Well done for gritting your teeth and getting on with it!

Look forward to hearing of your rapid loss! Xxx
Well done! So glad you are feeling great! Er! no chance I'll be able to the the chart thing! I don't even use the forum correctly! I lose track of threads etc and have to search! So definitely very geeky for me! Taking the bike is a great excuse not to drink! I know the friends and social occasions can be difficult and one feels under pressure. Hence, I am trying to hibernate throughout Jan & Feb! Have a great day and enjoy the 'do' tonight.
Yay!! You`re doing great :D Well done!! :D

Are you allowed Coke Zero on SS? That might be better than diet coke?? I dunno what the diff is tho :confused: lol

I`ll ask my friends the name of the club they`re members of and PM you.

What bike do you have? My hubbie has a Triumph Speed Triple :D


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