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stinky breath!! help!!

I have tried to find how I search for old posts incase this has already been covered, but can't figure out how to do it, so thought I would just ask...

I work very close with people at work and I am really paranoid about My bad breath, I am only on day 2 but My partner said its begining to smell already!

Are we allowed to have sugar free gums? or anything similar, would be grateful for any advice...

thanking you ;)
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I believe you can use the normal mouth freshener spray. Some people have found a tongue scraper useful. I'd be careful with gum though - I think I read somewhere that you can chew on it for under 5 mins - but I'm not sure.

Blue Butterfly

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Nope definitely not allowed chewing gum even if it is sugar free.

I rinse my mouth with mouthwash to get rid of the horrible taste/smell.
Maybe you could pop a small bottle of it in your bag at work and use it when you need to.

Ages ago there was a thread about some breath freshener strips that you put on your tongue and they were ok to have apparently but I cant remember what the things were called.

Lord LuLu

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From lots of research on here, you can have:

Listerine breath strips, think they are only available in the US now but you can get them from UK ebay. These are really minty and take my breath away (literally!) as they're so strong!

Goldspot mouth spray (black/blue packaging) - available in local type chemists. Prefer this to the strips as it's not so oxygen stealing-ly minty!

Nupharm breath strips, haven't tried these but I believe they're available from chemists that sell lipotrim.