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Strawberry Mousse

Hi All

I'm not sure how many of you are like me and get a little bit bored of the same old yogurts day after day...

I bought the Hartley's Sugar Free Jelly Crystals in the sachets and noticed a recipe for making mousse.. SO very easy;

Make up one sachet of the crystals in 1/2 pint boiling water, leave in the fridge to the point where it just begins to start setting.

Whisk the jelly with 150g of natural yogurt until the mixture doubles in quantity.

Pour in glasses/pots and leave to set.

You could also crush fruit into this too. It takes minutes to set and it really is refreshing to eat and a nice change to yogurts.

(I was going to take a photograph but just checked in the fridge and I've eaten them all) :sign0007:

11/2 Syns for the whole sachet of jelly
Free for the yogurt.

I made 3 desserts from this = 1/2 Syn each :D
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I am trying these now... will let you know how they turn out.
Am going to try putting them in mini jelly moulds, but I think they may be a bit sloppy for that... we'll see.
My jelly is chilling!


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That is an old SW recipe, you can also put it in a ring jelly mould and when set turn it out and fill the middle with berry fruits. I did this a few weeks ago, there's a picture in my diary somewhere


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This sounds nice. I will have to try it next week. Thanks for the recipe x


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Used to make it this way for years, but then I found that by adding some sweetener & 3 whipped egg whites makes it go much further & also makes the texture much more like real mousse, find that without it takes the jelly texture. Also sometimes I replace the jelly with geletine & add options sachets or cocoa for a really fluffy chocolate mousse for minimal syns!!


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that chocolate mousse sounds very tasty. Will have to try and make that. Might make that tomorrow night as its that Time, where i'm craving chocolate :)
I've tried this before and it is lovely but whenever my mom comes over to eat with us we can't make it. She really hates all types of yoghurt - she finds it a bit tangy. Any ideas what I could use to replace it? She's not sold on quark either - too similar to yoghurt in taste. I did try the Total low fat greek yoghurt but she wasn't convinced.

I'd appreciate any ideas as this recipe is truly scrummy and I think she'd love a non-yoghurty version! :-D


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I love making mousse, I tend to make it with a sachet of sugar free jelly made up,and then add in two mullerlight yougurts and leave to set... so good! Also can change the combinations, Had an orange sugar free jelly with 1 mandarin and 1 apricot mullerlight all mixed together.
oooh I really want to go out for some jelly now! Getting a tad bored of my cranberry/rasp yoghurts

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