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  1. juicylucy

    juicylucy Full Member

    Hi all this isn't LT related but i just wanted a rant and some advice. My lil boys 4. This last week or so hes been playing with a lil lad from round the corner. i dont allow Bailey to play on the street so this lil lad comes in our garden which is like a HUGE park. He's got everything swings, slide, trampoline, pool etc. I dont mind this lil lad coming to play but these last few days his older brother and sister been coming too. The lil lad is 3 should'nt even be out of the garden but parent are druggies and dont care. The kids are scruffy, unfed etc. The older brother and sister are about 9 and 10. Today they'v been in the garden every 2 minutes asking for stuff food, drink, toilet apparently their mum and dads gone out and left them to their own devices!! they have totally wrecked the garden broke Baileys toys thrown stuff in the pool which we are in the process of emptying.
    What do i do i want Bailey to have friends i dont wanna be a nag
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  3. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    the children are 3, 9 and 10? and have been left to their own devices? how about you ring social services? are they for real????

    as for being a nag - you have provided your child with a garden he can enjoy and be safe in, why the hell should you put up with other children coming in and breaking his stuff. Maybe you should tell the children that if they break anything else, or make a mess then they won't be allowed to come over and play anymore?
  4. vicky123uk

    vicky123uk Banned

    I would be on that phone big time! What kind of life have those kids got?
  5. juicylucy

    juicylucy Full Member

    I did think about ringing social services but i dont feel i could.
    Thats what my partner says why should we keep our garden nice for Bailey to let other kids come in and wreck it. He doesn't want the kids in the garden anymore. The garden was lovely and tidy this morning the kids have been and its gonna take me ages to tidy it up again. I think in future i will just say the littlest one is ok to play cos hes no trouble but i dont want the older ones in the garden.
    Do you think thats rotten of me??
  6. festivalfairy

    festivalfairy Finally a size 12!

    Not at all!! Why should u and your partner spend money on your lil lad when other kids come in and wreck it!!! x
  7. largelesley

    largelesley Silver Member

    i think your right about older ones what you are being is an unpaid childminder for their parents . i know you prob feel bad i would but at end of day your bringing your son up to respect his things and you wont want him seeing others who dont lesley
  8. Shamrock

    Shamrock Wanna!

    The little one,yes,the older ones,no.It isnt fair on you or your child to have to put up with children trashing the garden you have made for your wee boy.Dont feel bad,if the younger one cant come without the elder two then all three will have to stay away.
  9. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    Its a shame they have behaved so badly. If it was me the next time they come round I would tell them that they cant come in to play anymore and I would explain to them why. That way they will know its because they have misbehaved - they need to know its wrong. If you want to have the younger one in to play with your son that's OK, but I would say that his parents need to know that he is with you and agree to it.
    As for reporting the parents - it's a difficult one and I realise that often people dont want to go there BUT just think about how you would feel if something happened to those kids and you hadn't said anything about your concerns. I'm not saying you should make that call, I'm saying think carefully. :)
  10. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

  11. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Not at all... i think the little one and only the little one...ring SS as well, maybe they can provide some help and worst case get the kids in a better loving home environment!
    I have 2 boys 5 & 11 and they aren't allow on the street either...we have a huge garden/park too!!! and had the same problem with my Nxt dr neighbour..he is now barred..never again to darken my garden.. Like you say WHY should you do all you can and let them wreck it!!!
  12. wow i am glad i have a dog - i dont even let him out in the garden without me watching him - im like the most overprotective dog mum in the world - goodness knows what i will be like when i have babies.

    I def wouldnt have these children around. Its bad really cos its not the kids fault but at the end of the day they have no structure or discipline they are a bad peer group for your child and you dont want him forming relationships with people who are going to drag him down.

    Do what u can to help these kids by making the phone call. xox
  13. Shamrock

    Shamrock Wanna!

    I know it is right for you to ring SS but I also know it must be very difficult to lift that phone.Do what you feel is best x

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