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I have really struggled over the weekend and this week, but stuck to it 100%:D

This morning i was looking in my wardrobe and decided to try cloths i have not been able to wear for years, guess what, they fitted, well some of them did anyway, so now i feel motivated to get the rest to fit.:)

And im glad to say, im feeling more positive, and it's weigh in tommorow, keep you all posted.;)

Thanks xxx
well done pebbles,
nothing spurs you on quite as much as fitting into clothes does it!!!!
Well done pebbles, I love it when that happens, just wait till you have none left to grow into!!!!!!!!!! Im at that stage now and I love going and trying all the new clothes on is proper shops!!!
This is where the fun begins pebbles!! ;)

Remember to try your smaller clothes on frequently though... I left it several weeks once and they were all too big so I didn't even get a chance to wear them!! :D
I get really excited today, because it's weigh in. [what am i like].

I think if i did'nt have this site, i would of failed after the first few days, it's your support that keeps me going, so i will say it again, thank you all so much. xxxxxxx