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Working Solutions Struggling!! Arghhh! (Hannata's Exante & Active Lifestyle diary)


I can haz cake?
Day 1

Started my day today with a vanilla milkshake hot with 2 sweetners and a dash of cinnamon. Had the whole thing in a half pint mug. was tough to get that finished quickly - think i will split it tomorrow!

Managed to get through about a litre of water between that and lunch.

My workmate wafted a white chocolate cookie in my face and I politely refused, yay.

Had some buillon for lunch which was lovely... just like chicken noodle soup...with a bit of imagination!!!

Had half the TNR bar for my afternoon break, got a nice sweet hit from the raisins! :3

Undecided as to wether to have a ketogenic meal or stay TS today... still got half a bar, one sachet, and strawberry water in my car for later on as a treat :)

Heard so many bad things about the soups that I'm scared to try them :p

Enjoying it so far.. It does take getting used to... especially the shakes. Bit of a fuzzy headache but nothing serious to complain about!! xx
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Well done on getting this far through day 1. In relation to the soups, I wouldn't worry about them, everyone seems to think some are good others are bad. I have had the mushroom and thai ones so far and both were nice - with a bit of added pepper. I certainly didn't find them at all offensive!


I can haz cake?
I had some mushroom soup and it was actually okay! I was starting to feel sick by the end of it though.. its a bit much on top of a load of water hahah. =P

Had the other half of my bar, and I've got a couple of eggs ready to scramble for later on tonight. Yes. :3

My head is clearing and i have a metallic/yuck taste in my mouth... Good progress for day 1 :D


I can haz cake?
Day 2

had the best nights sleep!!! It's strange to wake up not really feeling hungry!! My mouth feels like a badgers nest but its worth it... stepped on the scales this morning and saw a weight I haven't seen in many years :) Not sure how much weight i've lost because I'm going by weightwatchers scales for my week to week loss, but I know its going down for sure. Woo.

Had a strawb milkshake in the blender for breakfast... not a big fan of it but its tolerable! Got plain chicken and salad in for lunch because I don't really want to have the shakes at work... people will ask way too many questions. Just telling them i'm on a low carb diet if they ask :p

was walking round tescos getting bits and bobs, the only thing that tempted me was the fish counter... very odd.. not normally something I'd be attracted to!!!

not been great with water today, going to tally it up here. Have a 2l bottle to fill every day, but I tend to forget my coffee and buillon water..

+cup of coffee, drop of skimmed milk
+2l bottle filled - not much drank out of it yet =P
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I can haz cake?
Had cravings for pizza earlier... just cravings for rubbish, not because I'm hungry. Found it unusually easy to ignore... I'm just not hungry anymore!! Yay!!

*warning - tmi*

Have not had a bowel movement since the morning I started Exante... wonderful. I feel so great compared to before when I was going about 6+ times a day!!! (IBS!) Must be intolerant to some kind of carbs so its been a useful experience if anything!

Looking forward to my chicken salad at lunch - bought some hot peppers to add to it, :3
Enjoy your lunch, you are doing great.
i actually like the soups i do a shake in the morning then afternoon and a soup at night i do put it in a cup but still eat with a spoon odd i know ive been doing a mixture of total solution and working so made it easier now its not bad at all only on day 9 but im doing it :) your gonna make ur ww mates so jealous lol


I can haz cake?
i actually like the soups i do a shake in the morning then afternoon and a soup at night i do put it in a cup but still eat with a spoon odd i know ive been doing a mixture of total solution and working so made it easier now its not bad at all only on day 9 but im doing it :) your gonna make ur ww mates so jealous lol
aye i'm finding it a lot more managable eating some food most days as opposed to doing TS and getting completely pissed off with it, resulting in a binge. I'm writing everything I eat honestly in here so I know I've got control and i'm not overeating.

I find the soups really odd with the synthetic creamyness - especially coming from ww and eating a lot of low fat food, kinda like the shock you get when you go from skimmed milk to full fat :p

half way through my 2l bottle, making steady progress!! :)


I can haz cake?
Feels like i'm starting to get a migraine... this is when my sugar cravings come in.. x(

I'm gonna have half of the orangechoc bar in my afternoon break and hope it goes!!! Definitely NOT cracking into any rubbish. It feels like I've come so far in these 2 days to give up :p

this always was the breaking point for me in meal replacements, when it started getting tough. Now I know about ketosis and such, i'm gonna give it my all :) xx

Think I might have drunk a bit more water than my body can handle (1.5l from about 10am til 4) and that might be what's causing the migraine... got in a panic when I got to 10am and realised I had none drunk haha
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I can haz cake?
not well at all trying to control the urge to boke all over my work desk.... getting harder and harder x(

I hope its just this migraine and it won't be repeated again. Definitely will avoid drinking too much water now :(

Good thing is all cravings have gone and I don't think I could stomach a thing right now lol


I can haz cake?
I've spent the night boking pretty much everything up....yay... I'm gonna get a good nights sleep tonight and if i'm not better in the morn I'll have to rethink it.

Now I've thought about it, it's more likely to be a blood sugar problem causing my migraines (I had this problem a lot in the past - if I didn't eat breakfast)

I really like Exante, and I want to stay on it but this is just unsufferable... I'd rather be fat and migraine free to be truthful..
just reading your diary - having not had migraines for many many years (all my medication was out of date) I have had a couple(not just the usual horrific getting into ketosis headache) although fingers crossed they were at the beginning of my restart and not had one since -hope you feel better soon
Hope you are feeling better this morning, migraines are so awful, I use to have them as a kid. Xx


I can haz cake?
Last night in my madness I had a bite of an apple!!! Argh!! It didn't stay down, and i'm hoping the limited amount of sugar in two bites won't bugger up my efforts...

I didn't keep anything down last night and I think I might have been boking blood too.... >_>

Woke up today feeling a bit drowsy but I'm getting there. Again I had a wonderful sleep!!!

I think my bowels might just be settling themselves (giving me a restful sleep) with such limited food. I've been going normally (once a day, sometimes twice) little bit constipated but certainly not the worst i've ever had!

I don't think I can EVER go through a day like yesterday again.. but panic over, I am going to keep to it and see how the next few days go. Anyone who knows what a severe migraine is will probably understand my madness/desperation to give in lol

Day 3

Had a banana milkshake... It was actually LOVELY <3 My favourite for sure... but I always loved banana flavoured things heh.

Feeling a bit rough from yesterday. Gonna try and drink the water a bit slower than yesterday -just incase- and I've got some pills.

Because of my other meds I can only take a limited amount of brufen... most "standard" brufen tabs make me vomit.. the only ones I've been able to take are Lemon meltlets (200mg ones). The ingredients state maltodextrin - which is a form of sugar. It's the last ingredient in a long list, and the tablet is pretty small - I'm hoping I get away with it :p

I've been weighing myself at home as well, gone from about 19'4&1/2 to 18'11&1/4!!!!

In the 18s!!! This is about the only thing keeping me going! :D:D
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Hope you start feeling a bit better soon, that weight loss is amazing, keep going.

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