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*Struggling to be 100%* Support group ?


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As the title says i have been struggling to be 100% and yesterday was meant to be a good day but i blew it come tea time.

I so need and want to get back into the zone and i know once i'm in ketosis i will find it abit easier but for me right now its getting there that's going to prove hard. When things were this hard i swaped to Atkins for a few weeks but was unhappy with losses so came back to CD and here iam agin messing about :cry:

So my reason for posting this was because it seems there is a few people out there that are struggling and having fresh starts so thought maybe we could start up a support group and help each other get back in the zone ?

If you need the support and help to get back into being 100% then feel free to join, it doesn't matter how much or how little you have to lose. We can use this thread to gee each other on and come to at times of need.
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I need help too! I haven't cheated yet, but came soooooooooooo close yesterday, everyday is a struggle for me, for various reasons and it doesn't take much for my little devil to start suggesting, Atkins, ww, sw, etc, anything that will/can involve eating food, its all I have known for 37 years, to celebrate to commiserate, to feel good, to feel bad, to cheer me up, to punish myself...............and on and on!!!
So I am with you girls on this one too x


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Hi Carol and welcome to the support group.

You have done really well dealing with the demons. Those demons are a right pain the backside !! but i'm sure together we can work through their demands.


WILL be Slim!
can i come to play too please? Managed 19 weeks without an issue and the last 3 days have been worst than the first 3!!!!! Shocking!
Finding myself gritting my teeth permanently as well....kind of a mental strength thing to stop me from going for the food....but its hurting now after 3 days of it! lol

I'm not cheating or anything, just constantly lusting over something edible!
Not sure if its all the black coffee i'm drinking that is making me want to eat....bit of an odd side effect if it is! lol
Ill defo join i had salad yesterday, i no not so bad, but still i want to do 100% and have a good loss this week!! x


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Lizz Of course you can come to play:D We all need some support from time to time. You have done so so so well, your such an inspiration. Good Luck with today. I wonder if for you because you so close to goal that foods on your mind because you will soon be at maintenance and maybe your worrying about it.

Hoping2losebig - Welcome to the group, when is your 2nd WI ?
Its on monday hun but i might have to change it to this friday as my mum is taking my car to scotland and its a bit difficult to get to my cdc without the car! x


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Hows everyone doing so far today ?

Are those demons behaving for you all ?

I'm doing okay so far, I've got my plus meal on at the moment. Still need to have 2 more shakes and a lot more water, so have plenty to be keeping me busy for the evening :D

Hoping2losebig - Well good luck for your WI, those first few week WI's are amazing.
thanks sass!:D:D:D i sometimes feel like i have to ask as being so close to goal people might not get why i'm struggling lol. I'm looking forward to eating, even just tuna....so thats been on my mind so i think its just impatience now! lol

I'm actually not too bad today. I've been working from home becuase my DH had to go into work so i was on DD duty, but becuase i've been occupied with work its been easier than i thought.

Tonight my DH isnt working so we're having a bit of a date night which we've agreed will not include the laptops so thinking of other things to keep us occupied ;) and i also have 3 packs to go still so all good!

Hope everyone else is doing ok so far! I always find the evenings harder!!! BOO!

can i come to play too please? Managed 19 weeks without an issue and the last 3 days have been worst than the first 3!!!!! Shocking!
Finding myself gritting my teeth permanently as well....kind of a mental strength thing to stop me from going for the food....but its hurting now after 3 days of it! lol
This is just a thought but after 19 weeks (fantastic achievement by the way!!) your body is probably ready to move into the next stage of the diet.

My CDC told me that when you get hungry (like it sounds you are, and seemingly out of the blue) then your body has run out of 'reserves' and it is time to move to the next level.

I kind of understand her... might be worth asking your CDC for a better explanation!
My CDC told me that when you get hungry (like it sounds you are, and seemingly out of the blue)

Trouble is, its not hunger thats making me feel like this....its just a mental "need" to eat....although i know its not actually necessary or a genuine need, so i just tell my head to shut up and carry on with my packs! I'm still not hungry....which is a fabulous feeling and one i celebrate still after 19 weeks!

Just wish my brain would behave! lol



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Oh Lizz, I know how you feel, it's all my head too! You are so good not to give in, I'm just lacking will power at the mo and end up nibbling!!!

It was first day back at work today (I teach) and the whole staff went out for lunch. Yep I went too and had poachers chicken and green veg (it was freezing and I wanted something warm) 7 hours later I feel soooo bloated and full up it's unreal. I can't wait to get back into routine and refocus. The thing is once you start to eat, it's so hard to stop, even if it's just here or there.

I find I'm constantly thinking about food at the moment...grrr I need a distraction!
I can definitely relate to this thread at the mo! Like Lizz, I did 16 weeks with no real problems, then had a planned break for 1.5wks (and then was ill for a week) and have struggled to get properly back on track. I think you're right Bubbly, about it being hard to stop once you start.

I so want to get back on track but I keep sabotaging my efforts. I'll do reasonably well during the day but then in the evening if there's nobody around to keep an eye on me, I'll falter.

Must do better!!!!! I can relate to what Caz said about the voices suggesting moving to other diets, but the losses on CD are fab and are definitely what I want.

Gotta/Gonna get back into the zone!!!!

What is everyone doing to try to get the focus back?
Can i join, please!!!!
This makes so much sense to me. I was the same, one cheat even if it was an okish cheat and I go downhill at a rate of nots.
If I am 100% all the time, it's so much easier.
I started this mad diet to get there and I really want to do the last stretch, would so love some help and friends along the way.
You are right, we sabotage ourselves!
Hey everyone
Sass Im so pleased you started this thread by god so I need it at the moment!!!!!!!!!

Ive totally lost my way and cant make a decision to save my life about which step to be on etc

Each morning I start out with my Choc orange and then something happens in work and it spirals! Im slowly buit surely putting the weight back on adn its NOT where I Want to be.

I need to take it day by day if not hour by hour so will be around a bit
Never mind hour by hour, I think I need minute by minute! lol

Right, tomorrow I will be 100%. I'm pledging that and will stick to it!!!!!!!!!!


is back on it...
Please can i join... trying SS+ this week and i think its the wrong thing for me.. so back to SS 100% until weigh in on Tuesday. The fact that i can have some food... is confusing my mind and my tum... all i can think about is the packet of chicken pieces in the fridge and the pot of cottage cheese.. and keep nibbling... i need to be "off" food for about 6 weeks before i consider it again... but proud of myself for realising that this could spiral... my un healthy food addiction is still in my system :( COLD TURKEY! (mmmm yummmm :) ) from now on!


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