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Hi all,
I really cant remember it being this hard 1st time round do u think it may be cos last time i did it in the summer and now its winter I'm laid in bed shivering just cant get warm even resorted to drinking warm water just so the warm feeling as it goes down feels nice I really am struggling but wont give in just wanted to off load thanks for listening
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Hi Sharron,

You are doing really well, it is really cold at the moment I know. Im always on the move with a baby so I guess I'm not feeling the cold! But you are doing a good thing drinking plenty of warm water.

You have had a fantastic loss, persevere if you can , it will so be worth it.

Chin up and keep up the good work.:D


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Heya I gotta admit, these past two nights since starting LT I've been REALLY cold aswell, I think drinking warm water and trying to keep physically warm is the best thing that you can do, as the weather outside warms up aswell I think it'll get easier for us! Hang in there and put some socks on :D

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hey fraggle, i'm finding it harder this time too?! Dunno why, last time i started in oct '08!!! Just feel sorta "anxious" all the time??? A knot in my stomach and kinda ache! Still having headaches and the feeling of hunger has yet to ease off!!! Maybe i'm imaging it but it really seemed easier last time!!!! Ah well, we've done it before, we can do it again! Just keep surfin this forum, keeping busy keeps me going! Hope you're ok hun lots of blankets and maybe a nice hot bath??? Oooohhh and hot water bottles!!!


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Hi Fraggle

I think you are right..I did it last time in the summer too and didnt have half the struggle I am having this time, because I am craving carbs and something warm!!! In the summer it seemed fine.

I too think it is because it is Winter and I find January such a horrible month as well, so you are not alone..just keep going; w are almost in February now!!! Roll on Spring :)


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Hey i tell you what really helps me warm up, apart from the hot baths, my electric blanket!! You can get one quick cheaply i think as i have had mine yrs and my friends have always taken the mickey saying i am an old woman with my electric blanket. lol
But i can't wait to get into bed now, the heat hits you and warms my frozen feet, it's lovely. HTH I am only 38 honestly,lol


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Agree on the electric blanket! I'm so cold tonight when I got in from work it took all my willpower not to go straight to bed :bliss:


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keep drinking hot drinks hun ive been having up to 3 baths a day just to keep me warm lol good luck stick with it xxx


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I have my Ugg boots on, an extra cardy and my hotwater bottle.....warm as toast :D (the heating is on too!)


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S: 18st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 2st10lb(15.08%)
cheers guys glad im not the only one feeling the cold feel a lot better this morning I do agree January is a very dedpressing month
onwards & downwards c u soon