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i've found doing exante very hard, i've done cd before and was ok just cant seem to stay on track. so for 'lent' i've decided to give up food for six weeks. i'm not religious at all but the thought of doing exante for six weeks seems easer than for an unknown amount of time. my blender shaker has just turned up - so heres to a new me in six weeks :party0011:
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Exante is my first meal replacement I have ever done (slimfast doesn't count in my book)

I don't think its too bad at all

although today
8th day

I have had a small cr'p day at work & it was triggering my hunger pangs

but I got over it

I like the fact these shakes don;t have hardly any false sugar in them

I am addicted to sweets, and hope that it will not be as bad when I come off the diet

I really want to avoid all sweeteners from now on !

I saw on the telly that it still triggers you to think you have eaten sugar
it was on a programme where a bloke drank about 10 litres of diet coke a day- Phew

anyway off track

Welcome, Good Luck
let us know how you get on (we like the gory details ;D )



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Sorry to hear you're not getting on with it Nico, it's the first time I've ever done a VLCD too and although it was hard and took some willpower at first I'm doing OK now too.

I was just wonering a couple of things.

- What solution are you following, total or working?

- How heavy are you and how much weight do you need to lose?

- Which bit exactly are you struggling with? Taste of the products? Hunger? Boredom?

I might have a few suggestions to help you stay on track!
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hey Ninco - remember Skinnydom is around the corner and in 6 weeks then thin you will be almost if not totally revealed to us

I have no forum for my diet - its called NEW YOU - very similar to yours, though in mY opinion i have more product choice - which really helps me when im having a weaker day!!!!!!!! keep me posted!!!

TOGETHER we will reach destination SKINNY / HEALTHIER


taking it 1 day at a time
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Good luck Nico.

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Hello nico - I personally agree with your approach and am doing the same. I'm doing this for 4 weeks. Then I might decide to do another 4 weeks. And I'm carrying on like that.

If that makes it easier to 'mentally' manage, then why not? you're not obliged to sign up for a minimum period, no-one's telling you what to do, and the only person you have any obligation or commitment to, is you.

'Months and months' can sound like a very long time when you're struggling, so giving it a finite time limit is (as far as I'm concerned) is perfectly justifiable. Works for me, anyway. As does the 'one day at a time - anything is a plus' approach.

Whatever works for you.

And one last thing, I really struggled last week too and found it disheartening that all I read was 'how great it was' and 'finding it easy'. I felt like filth for assorted reasons, and thought it was just me. Well, remember it is an actually quite extreme thing to do, and not without side effects - esp in first week, and sometimes at random points thereafter. But rest assured, you are not alone.


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S: 14st8lb C: 10st2lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 4st6lb(30.39%)
It's a funny old world isn't it
I suppose the nightmarish term is
baby steps

but do that
one day at a time
I was quite scared when I started
I thought I would be starving
but I apparently do have willpower!!!!
Maybe diary could help
something as a time each day and a smiley or frowny to denote how you were feeling
I am sort of doing the same thing
taking note when I am weakest and when I am strongest