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Stuff to do to Distract or Treat Yourself

Watch telly
come on here and Facebook
early bed

work full time, and apart from a 11:15 snack habit that appears to be the hardest to break ( I have half a bar then, cut into little squares)
I also walk most of my lunchbreak
OH is very good in wanting a walk after teatime

oh, and I play with my computer, stuff like sort out my music
put DVDs on my iPhone

and up n down the stairs to pee
a lot
Must go.......


Slim for Summer!
Surfin Minimins for inspiration, online window shopping, reading a good book, watching cooking shows on telly & having a nice cup of hot tea! :)
Surfing the net and online shopping! Keeps me much amused!
Im the same maggie up and down the stairs to pee. Starting to wear the carpet out. I half the shake so ive got something for mid evening when the hunger sets in.

Online window shopping and looking at holidays dreaming about actually being about to wear a bikini without it looking like cheese wire.


Gold Member
Wish I had room to grow veg, but have the tiniest back yard known to woman - and it is full of the council bloody bins, bins for this, bins for that, I know we have to recycle but this is getting rediculous! Nowhere to even sit and catch some rays when we get some.
Bren xx


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This may sound a bit screwy and might not be for everyone, but I scrutinise cook books and cooking magazines for great sounding recipes and work out all the nutritional stuff and then save it in my phone for when I am eating again. Bit sad but it floats my boat.

When I can't even face that and there is tasty food about owing to husband & daughter's dinners, the bath is the only place - no food smells, just a deep hot soak when I contemplate where I have come from and where I am going diet wise.

Like the others, coming on minimins can also be very helpful.

Braver than me peony with thecook books
I honestly am putting off my one meal a day working solution week, as I have to plan it
I am slowly getting my ingredients together after planning from a rose elliots low carb veggie recipe book
just need the veggies, and I am ready
(it's so much easier doing total, I know I will lose that way)
I have been watching Masterchef - sort of to deliberately de-sensitise myself to food imagery!
I don't have a bath in my flat, just a crappy little shower, but I went to my mum's the other night and had a nice long soak. Made me feel real nice! I bought a sachet of face mask and everything!
getting involved in a sh*t storm of a mountain out of a molehill in facebook

Bah ! :mad::mad
So glad I wasn't the only one addicted to recipe books! I got a fab chinese one the other day that makes it easier but also in a really healthy way! so excited to try it
getting involved in a sh*t storm of a mountain out of a molehill in facebook

Bah ! :mad::mad

Seems to be a lot of it about lately - across assorted fora, as it happens. Personally I blame the weather causing cabin fever, and everyone needs a bloody good party.


Still Motivated
Peony you look amazing!
I have to say just looking at your before and after pics are enough to distract me. :wow:

Love Myr xxx
Cross stitch is brilliant, it is really addictive and takes your mind right off food, I usually have the radio on in the background.
Gardening, it makes you move and tone up.
My standard fallback if I don't feel like doing any of those things is either spring cleaning or making curtains/bedspreads for the house.
Finally checking out the internet for all those brilliant clothes I'm going to get when I'm thin :)

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