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Sub Forum ideas....

Maybe separate sub-forums for Simple, Working and Total Solutions. I find doing Total and trying to be 100% is much easier when there's no food talk! Having come from the LighterLife forum that always seemed a good idea. :)
separate ones for the different solutions? so us TFRs dont have to hear any food talk?

Instead of having a section for each would having a 100% section like LL and CD do work. That way its a 'safe' place.... or a sub forum for TS and one for the other plans?

Im kind of concious of the fact the forum is growing but its not huge and I know personally I dont want to see the main forum drying up because everything is in sub forums.

Remember though thats just my thoughts.... :)
I think it would be a real shame to ban food talk completely -people are able to come on here and confess a blip offload and move on (even if they were supposed to be doing TS) - surely if someone can't even read about food they are never going to survive in the real world - just my opinion of course I respect that some find food porn difficult to cope with- but are we not at risk of isolating those who need the support most and compound their feelings of failure ? Just a thought accept there are many and varied views
No the thing is the food talk will ONLY be banned from the TS section, nowhere else. If youre struggling, if you have a blip or cheat youd do what you do just now, post about it in your diary or post about it in the main forum.

These sub forums arent designed to replace the main forum, theyre an extra addition. If anyone cheats, falls off the wagon etc there will still be plenty places to post about and still the same high level of support there is just now :)
brilliant thanks for that starlight -much reassured P.S hope you are feeling better x

p.p.s if there is going to be a separate diary thread I'd like to start one - felt bit self conscious about posting in the main forum
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I find I want to post more if I'm thinking about food or feeling tempted, and I like to have somewhere food-free where I can put my feelings down without reading about other people's add-a-meal days or lapses and what they've eaten. I'm sure that's not just me. I deal with food for other people every day with no problem at all, I cook and bake for my children and I prepare and serve food in my job. Sometimes I just need to be somewhere where food isn't!! So a sub-forum for just that would be great :)
I personally don't think the forum is big enough YET... to add a load of sub forums.... I think the Diary sub forum is a brill idea, and maybe TS 100%, but anymore than that I think the main forum could become really quiet...which IME deters new people from getting stuck in, because they think it's not worth it.

I'm on the fence about 100%, I don't mind reading about food at all, but know some people struggle with it, so if the demand is there, surely it's a good idea.

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