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I always thought that the turkey / ham / beef / chicken breast and even the turkey and ham together ones were 4 points??... just checked them out to be sure and its telling me they are 3.5 now? have i been behind the times? or got it wrong before lol? either way WOO :D
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oh wait i dunno if i've done it right hmmm! hoping someone can check this for me thinking it will be in book? or even on site? thankyou!! :) either way amazing points for what you get :D


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:D :D


chunky chick :-)
just checked the site and the turkey/ham/beef are all 4pts, the club is 4.5 and the sweet onion teryaki is 5.5!!

4 is actually not bad at all for what you get :)

anyone know if you would point gherkins??


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yep ive just been on subway site and all subs are on there will kcals and sat fat.! think its 6inch on wheat bread.!

266 kcals 1.2 sat fat = 4points
no cheese or sauce inculded.!
hi i went to subway for first time today now confused on points i had a 6" brown sub with chicken and salad and some mayo i dint ask for light thought that was lol ? points any one plz ???


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Sorry for getting everyones hopes up! i must have read it wrong! :( still enjoying them though 4 points can't complain :D


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i brought a lighter choices sandwich from tesco yesterday was only 89p one of those expires today stickers hehe chicken salsa 4 points gorgeous!!!!! But agree with you if you think about prices too some are more expensive than a turkey ham beef etc sub so much nicer bigger and lower points its brill wish i could have one every day lol


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So this might not sound that interesting to you guys, but I'm veggie and the veggie delite is 3 points I think! I'm not sure what the sauces are cuz the last time I had Subway was a few years back, before I started dieting! I can't see any nutritional value for them on the site.

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