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sugar free jelly

I thought i'd read somewhere on here that sugar free jelly was allowd on attack but ive just read some pages of the book online at amazon and seems its not listed for the attack foods!!
any one been having it on attack!!
I'd just made a bowl and was looking forward to it with yoguart tom!!!
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lol...me too!! Got quite excited at the thought of hving it!!!


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Remember that the book is (mainly) a translation of a French book written years ago... with a few updates, but not nearly enough alas... which is why many of the extra tips we'll provide here aren't in the book itself but have been gleaned from the official coaching sites. He also holds private sessions in Paris, or used to before the media rush, so much more additional information is available in France.

Sugar free jelly not being available in France doesn't appear in the book. It is however fine. They suggest no more than 3 per day (made up pots).

Thanks, I had some for breakfast with yoguart!!


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Great another thing to add to my list, have you tried making it with FF natural yogurt make up the first half with hot water, then when cooled mix with Yogurt and let set, comes out like balmange.
As FF Natural yogurt is also allowed it should be ok, I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm wrong!


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No worries mixing it with fat free yoghurt... or serving it with egg custard even... (homemade of course ;)).

If you pop a yoghurt in the freezer for an hour or three, you get a variety of different desserts (sorbet... icecream... yum!)
I use jelly blitzed into my nat yog every day to give flavouring, tastes better than fruit yogs as I hate bits!
I tend to blitz I pot of jelly, 500g ff fromage frais or 0% greek and it lasts me a couple I'd days :) x

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Thats a fab idea didnt think bout putting the yogurt in thr freezer will try that tom
and mixing the ff yogart with the jelly!!
are you limited to how much yogurt you can have???
The book says 1kg of diary but it can cause some peoples losses to stall, trial and error. I have around 250-300g yogurt a day, 150ml skimmed milk and sometimes a few tbsp quark so usually around 400-500g a day

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Yeah I try to stay below 400g total dairy too as I lose weight faster without it!

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