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**Sunday hour by hour**


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Hi thought Id start this!

I really struggle on the weekends and on rainy days, its pouring it down here! But mum just phoned so shes going to look after DS while I go for a swim between 2-3 today, looking forward to trying my new goggles and swimming cap out! joined swim plan to get a workout plan so I have to see how far I can swim comfortably in 5 mins and also see how many strokes I do in a length.hopefully ot wont be too busy today.

Hope everybody has good days!
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Good luck with your swimming! I woke up and drank a litre of water before I got up (that's usual for me!) then did some jobs, had my shake and got back into bed with my laptop! That's how the weather has made me feel. If I am up here though I am further away from the kitchen. My sons play cricket and at the moment it still may be on and they have 'teas' to make. I'd rather stay out of the way!

After a small loss (half a pound) last week, I decided to go SS again and I am pleased to say today is 4th day. I am taking it a day at a time but I am thinking if I can get through today I am more than halfway through the week. I had really been enjoying having a meal but I needed to do something to lose more weight this week.

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Hi RejectDoll,

Well done for going back ss, that's brilliant. I'm back in bed too with my laptop :) altho I do need to get on with the housework. Wann aget it done this morning and then later go the the gym and spa and just chill out xxx
S: 14st0lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 3st2lb(22.45%)
Thanks Sunshine. I have a load of washing and ironing to do when I get back up plus sit-ups and want to fit in Callanetics today. I'm also learning MJ's Thriller choreography for a demonstration in October so may do a bit of that later too. Energy levels don't feel as bad as when I first started SS but I guess dropping from SS+ isn't as bad as when you first start! Cricket is off so I have everyone home today. DS1 is pp off - he's captain! DS2 is happy because he's done 3 days of long shifts behind bar and hasn't got to play today! DD is happy watching music channels after feeding our two cats for me.


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Oh I think I will go swimming with hubby and kids, wake him up from his hangover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have lots of ironing to do today (groan) and make packed lunches etc as the kids are at the childminders for a few days this week.

Hubby doesn't go out much, I was not impressed he was sick in the garden, woke us all up at 2am and now my bedroom smells like something has died !!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Charley, was just reading your message. First of all is that correct you have lost 2stone in a month and a half??
I am quite new to this site and love reading all the stories (although as above, I have tons of stuff I should be doing)!!
I have toyed with the idea of doing the CD for a few years but never took the plunge. I have joined WW too many times and am currently for the 2nd time trying the xenical tabs. So far so good, I lost 2stone on them last time (put 1back on).
I just dont think I could go without food and the shakes don't seem very appealing but I would love BIG weight loss. The other thing that would worry me is going back to food afterwards do most people put weight back on?
The other major factor is the cost of course not sure I could afford £30+ a week on shakes and soups.
Xencial fits in with family life without me really feeling I am on a diet at all. Just following a healthy eating regime with a few treats thrown in so think I will carry on for now.
I am in awe of anyone who can stick to CD though as it always seem such a scary thing to do ..........giving up food!!

Well done to you all............xx


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Well, DS is having a nice long nap-sometimes I think he knows that theres something planned for the afternoon! the fact he's having a longer sleep now means he'll be in a better mood for granny&granda and wont need a sleep till later if he even does have another nap.

I've had part of my SS+ meal and I'll have a half tetra when giving DS his lunch then off to the pool.


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i know when im not working little harder the water is the 100% key

but when i have had the peanut bar i get a little dissaponted as tastiest out of all of the products i thin


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Hi everyone

Isn't it grotty today? Popped out for an hour to the gym earlier, but couldn't wait to get home out of this horrible weather!

Having a really strong urge to eat today but thankfully, there's nothing in the house so couldn't even if I wanted to!!

My washing machine is about to blow I think, sounds like someone is drilling the floor with a pneumatic drill!! Best do some research on a new one! We do have an extended warranty but I had an engineer out recently who said there's nothing wrong with it - is it normal not to be able to have a conversation in your bedroom because the washing machine is sooooo loud?!!!

DH is out tonight for an all you can eat chinese so I'm staying firmly put with my laptop and shakes - go me!!

Hope everyone is having a good afternoon!


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Its been a quiet thread today!

Had a great swim, didnt count how many lengths but felt like more of a work out than last time. Haven't been 100% today but could've been worse. Away to watch some T.V and have my last 1/2 shake.

night all!

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