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Sunday... hour by hour...

Getting right back on track today after allowing myself a few 'treats' during the week and staying the stame...

Taking it hour by hour. I read a post here last week that said to allow yourself to eat every hour and then ask yourself before eating whether you needed it.

Am going to do that and remind myself to drink water.

By the hour ladies and gents... by the hour!
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Chewing some gum at the moment. Not yet making me hungry, but keeping my mouth occupied as well as giving me some taste in my mouth. Have not had to have a discussion with myself as I am not hungry and do not want to pick yet.

About to get stuck into all of my marking alongside washing and watching the History Channel (sorry... watching Yesterday - doesn't that sound wierd. I think they should have done some serious thinking of how it sounded before changing the name)

Babbling now
good morning
ive had my porridge this morning, for the past 2 days ive only had 2 shakes, which I know is really not good, but I honestly forget to have them and realise late at night. I'm going to start mixing them with my coffees throughout the day to pack them in.
water has been bad for me this week too, i keep forcing myself but don't seem to be getting too far
bahh, in high spirits though!
High spirits are good. I am always able to stick to the diet on the weekend (as long as I am not out) but it's the week that really kills me.

Struggling with water. I tend to have my shakes/soups with 1L of water instead of the 227ml (and can't really tell the difference) but really struggle with the plain water.

Am unwilling to have the water flavourings because a few years ago on LA Weightloss I got massive headaches and muscle weakness when having artificial flavourings like that.

Anyone have any ideas on how else to flavour water. I used to put a bit of apple in the bottle and let that steep its flavour through, but can no longer do that...


loving minimins!
Emma&alex, I can relate to the 2 shakes thing, especially on weekends, I am always out and about and find it hard to consume all I need in the one day. Especially if I go out with friends (drinking sparkling water by the way) as then its even harder to sit with a CD meal. I know we are meant to have 3 but on weekends, that has pretty much never happened for me.

True me, I am the opposite to you, I find it sooo easy to stick to CD during the week cos I have a set routine, its the weekends that ruin me. Not that I eat or bonge or anything, but I certainly dont have enough water, lucky to have 1 litre on a weekend day, and not all my cd meals either. I really need to stay on track on weekends, and plan!
I kinda have a plan at work then I walk pass the refec/caf and it's just so tempting and easy... I get very tired walking around and around and fighting all day and it seems so much better to just have a meal... but I need to correct that behaviour.

2pm now and I know I am heading into ketosis. Foggy mind blank, hungry, and peeing every twenty minutes (tmi sorry). Haven't had to talk myself out of eating until now and I went and got a shake to have instead.

I just find Chocolate Orange so unsatisfying.... and I dilute them so much that this one goes watery. It's the only one that does, but I need to not have it as one of 227ml because I get bloated and feel so full and ill.

A little down now. Marking assignments as well which is always depressing, although they've done some really good work.
Feeling really bad now. Foggy brain, heavy head and hunger (which is a bit more than just hunger) My housemates are starting to cook and I can smell pizza, garlic meatballs and curry. Am looking forward to my potato and leek soup, but really really want to have some bread with it.

Have drunk over 2 litres of water, but am suffering from the whole bladder pressure... and I always get tired and headachey when I drink water... probably just a historic bodily attempt to get into Ketosis.

I have now started to call Ketosis a proper noun. I am using a capital and it is therefore starting to be another person in my life. A person who I want to hug and embrace with 100% of my being, however I don't like the getting to that point.

Really down now. I want to eat so badly!!!!


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Hi folks,

Day 2 of a re-start for me, heading for keto-land too, i can feel the cold creeping on...lol

Feeling good though, very happy to lose my bloated tummy and feel very clear headed..

How is every one?
I've got a really bad headache! just having some chocolate shake, which I made with extra water 400ml lol!! nice slow drink tonight.
Hi all. I had my potato and leek soup quite thick tonight. Only about 500ml water... had an entire bowl but it felt thick and therefore felt like it had substance. Still headachey, but much less brain foggy.

Got distracted by Come Dine With Me. It's becoming a tradition in this house for us all to sit and watch it for 2.5 hours and discuss what food we would cook. :)

Much more positive now I'm in bed and have lasted the day. Hang in there guys!
well, i have just had my meal for 810 and had my shakes at work but still could eat more. Blooming ketosis is here but Mr hungry still here too and refusing to be evicted!! Aaaagghhh!! Gonna go bed too so i can lick my pillow if i get desperate :-(
Just about to turn off the computer. Am a wee bit hungry at the moment, but nothing I can't handle. I am so proud of myself for not craving to that pizza I was offered... or the peppermint choc chip ice cream, which is my absolute favourite food in the world!

Hoping to sleep well tonight, but undoubtedly I'll be up countless times thanks to the 2.2L of water and 2L of shakes etc (diluted instead of 227ml) I've drunk today.

Hour by hour tomorrow!
Forgot to say good on you all too for getting back on!

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