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SUNDAY "Lets do it hour by hour"

Morning everyone, (she says sleeperly.)

Feeling slightly better today. I was hungry yesterday, but thinking about it I think it was emotionally hunger not real hunger. (The lovely daughter has PMT and is drowning in debt - so wasnt a pleasant day). I am still feeling tired, but seeing as it is Sunday, so what.

However got through it without picking - YAHAH.

BL glad you had a lovely evening out with in laws and your first meal out.

Hope you are all well.
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Happily pro pointing!
Morning Lady
I was out all day yesterday and hence didn't manage much water, so ended up with a storming headache last night and it is still with me this morning.
So far I have had a peppermint tea, 2 paracetamol and a chocolate muffin. Feeling a bit better now.

Had lovely day yesterday though, SIL had DD for the day and me and DH went to the pictures and shopping which was nice, and I got some lovely comments from SIL too.
Today is day two for me.
Managed 6 litres of water yesterday which i was pretty impressed with. Also had 4 black coffees.
I wish I could say the same about the packs. I threw most of the caramel and raspberry ones away as they made me gag. I managed a whole veg soup and less than half of the thai chilli one.
Really hope I get used to them but am finding it very hard!
Going to walk round town today and look at what clothes I want to buy in a few months time and hopefully that will make it easier!

Have a good day everyone =] xxx
Is it me or am I the only one that cannot open the packets without the spilling on the side.:sigh:

Glad you had a good day Ali.

Kellie great that you managed all that water. Keep going with the sachets as you need all those nutrients.

I am off to Swindon to see my grandchildren and daughter at 12 ish and do some shopping, looking forward to that.

Had 1 and half litres and now having a hot choc.
Thanks Ladylite. Have a lovely day out.
I will keep trying with them!

LL - I am a spiller too!

Weighed myself this morning and was pleased to see I have lost the 2lbs I put on and a further 3 lbs - my scales and was early morning but it has spurred me onwards. Have been drinking loads of water and it is obviously working.

Kellie - sorry to hear about the packs. Have you tried mixing them up? Banana and caramel together for example. That way you can get more down in one sitting. If there are some you really cannot stand do go back to your LLC and exchange them for ones you do like. There is a pinned thread on this board of Fuzzy Angels recipe's - try some of those because they helped me when I was vomiting because of the savory packs. I hope you find something that suits you :)

Happy day and good slimming to us all. x
Yeah I will have a go. I want to try making some of the recipies too but our microwave broke on friday- typical!
Just had my first litre of the day and have hunger pains now so will attempt to keep a shake down now =]
thanks again xx
All I can say to this morning is Aarghhhhh and it's not because of the diet --- did something to my iTunes on the computer last night and it's died just loads up and freezes so just did a system restore for first time ever and that didn't fix it so am now re-downloading iTunes in the hope that that will work :(

I've had 1 litre so far today and no packs as yet - going to have a Marigold Boullion in a few minutes, saving my packs for later.

Kellie I hope you find a pack you like soon - there is a woman in my group who just has 3 choc shakes and a bar every day so you can be that restrictive if there are only a couple you like.


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Kelle - Mix them and make then thick, I thought they were powdery at first in my smoothies maker, but with the hand blender for a good few minutes they come out like ones in Mc D's ( sorry bad bad place ). I tried to make a muffin yesterday and it was a complete disaster. So I put 40ml of water in , made it into a thick almost mouse type mix. Then into a small bowl ( forgot the posh word ) and nuked it for a minute. Came out really nice. Try that when you get your new micro wave.
ohhh sounds fancy! will do! hehe.
I actually liked the chicken soup with a bit of pepper and had a choc shake which was nice too.
feeling more optomistic now!
AFternoon folks. JUst got back from a little shopping spree at Hobbycraft. Got lost of cool stuff to play with. Keep my busy and my mind of things in the evenings!

I got a little fairy to cross stich, something I have never done. SOme beads, some feathers, all sorts.

Usually I would be in my studio painting, but we have so much stuff in there while we are building a garage, I couldn't get to my easel for love nor money. I wish I could - that would definately keep hunger pangs away. Oh well. One day I will get ack in there.

I have been hungry today, but have not had any packs yet - just 4 ltrs of water. Going to have a Marigold now, adn then tonight - 4 packs! Wow! A blumin banquet!!!

Hope you're all having a nice evneing!!

Just got back and what do I do, straight on the computer, you can see I have my priorities right.

Well the good news is I have lost 2stone since this morning - LOL. My daughter has just bought some new scales and they are 2 stone out, I asked if I could take them home and she said no.:cry:

My son-in-law started LL about 3/4 weeks ago and has lost loads. Mind you he is doing nearly 2 hours exercise a day, running, cycling and I am a bit worried about him. But you cant tell him and he says his LLC says its OK.

Well went to go shopping in ASDA. I think the whole of Swindon were in there doing their shopping.:sigh: Went to a small Tesco Metro in the end, so couldnt get the Tabasco, will have to wait a bit longer.

Done my 4 litres so all the rest will be a bonus, and as I am hungry think will manage another litre.

Does anyone know are we allowed vinegar?

Been a bit hungry today, already had 3 of my rations. Feeling a lot better today, but very headachy, but taken 2 tablets so that should help. Cant think why I am so hungry lately, may be because I quite a bit going on at the mo, not all good, perhaps it is emotional hunger, but feels the same. Still been good though.
I've not done a cross stitch in a couple of years - I do like doing them though. I bought some wool last night and a couple of knitting patterns, do myself a couple of cardigans for when I'm slimmer McA direct I bought the green wool to do this in as in the picture and also McA direct which I'm doing in a brownish wool that I already have.

This means I need to finish doing the ones I'm doing for my baby niece and nephew so that's another thing to add to my goals for this week.

Not sure about vinegar lady - to be honest though I don't think you can, it's just salt, pepper and tabasco.

I've had almost 3.5 litres so far so not doing too bad, just had a soup and some crisps so will have a bar and some chocolates later on this evening.

Hubby is going on nights tonight for the first time in about 16 yrs as they've changed his job from 2 shifts to 3 so it's going to be pretty wierd --- then again having the bed to myself could be nice ... erm just realised that it won't as he won't be there to keep me warm - arghhhh!

Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow - would be great if i could lose 3lbs as that will be a stone gone, so here's hoping but to be honest I'll be happy with a loss of anything!
Help!! I just tried to make biscuits out of a fruit bar and it was a disaster! The recipe said do for 1 minute 30 seconds, until they stop bubbling. Well, they never even started bubbling, they only squatted a tiny bit, all the yogurty stuff ran off and one went up in smoke....

Just wondering if these are meant to be doen with the drier more oaty like bars, like peantu and raspberry/cranberry, rathar then these soft ones


Katie - I made a bar of chocolate - tis in the fridge now!! Hope its as good as you say!! hehe

Love the sweaters! WIsh I could knit!
I've never made any biscuits with the fruit bar only the lemon and the toffee -- I cut the bar into 10 and put five pieces in the microwave at once but only for about 30 seconds. Once theyve been in I put them upside down on a plate and leave them for at least 10/15 minutes and they'll go crunchy.

The lemon flatten a lot more than the toffee ones do.
Help!! I just tried to make biscuits out of a fruit bar and it was a disaster! The recipe said do for 1 minute 30 seconds, until they stop bubbling. Well, they never even started bubbling, they only squatted a tiny bit, all the yogurty stuff ran off and one went up in smoke....
I am sorry BL but just imagine that may me laugh - needed cheering up.

Just got up, went to bed with orrible stomach cramps, dont know whats going on, will ring my councellor tomorrow. It is a bit like galls stone colic, but I know it isnt that as I had my gall bladder out 30 years ago. Still very headachie even after the tabs. Well I will struggle not using this as an excuse.

Dont feel like water or my last sachet but will get it down before I go to bed.

My MIL did a lot of X stich and made us some beautiful pictures, envy you Kate.
:( not good to hear that you're not feeling well Lady - do you think it could be wind related?
when people say they are going to have a marigold what does that mean?
Im confused!!
Has anyone tried the mint choc chip shake with pepermint tea?
im guessing its too good to be true =] xx
Marigold Boullion is a drink that you can get at supermarkets which you can have 2 drinks a day of instead of the savoury drinks that you can buy from LL - I love it.

I've not tried the choc shake with peppermint tea - or on it's own to be honest, I'm not keen of choc shakes.

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