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Sunshine in New York


Spring Challenge!
Most of you are aware of me.

I am a compulsive eater. I can diet for a few days - do perfectly well, but then I will end up having huge binge days. The days go so far out of control. I eat and eat and eat. Then I will cry and cry.

I need to do something about it. I need to learn to respect myself. Respect my body. Understand that I dont need to punish myself constantly.

This is me. I am going to start trying to eat healthily and exercise. It is going to be a very very long road but it has to be done. I think I will end up going insane if I suffer like this all my life
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Hi, sorry to hear this .. you sound upset, but good for you to want to put it behind you & move forward.

Is there a reason why you feel the need for the binges?

Maybe if you plan ahead, know what you are going to eat & what & how much exercise you plan to do the day before it would help you ..

Don't know if these suggestions will help, but wanted to reply ..



Spring Challenge!
Yesterday didnt quite go to plan. But, I did fit in an hour workout in the evening and a half an hour walk at lunch time. The exercise made me feel better.

Anyway today. I have had some porridge made with oatbran and wheatbran and skimmed milk. For lunch I have two slices of ham, some salad and a muller light yogurt. My evening meal will probably be some stir fried veggies.

Again today I am planning a walk and a DVD at home (hour). I am hoping I can get into the swing of things to start religious next week in the aim that there will be sunshine in new york on October the 10th!
Good for you .. best of luck with your plans! Let us know how it goes:)


Spring Challenge!
The last few weeks on a whole I have been doing really well - last thursday and friday I binged immensely, but have made up for that and I feel that my goal by the time I fly to new york is achievable.

I am back at work today after three days holiday - not good, work is what stresses me!
Hi Lil Miss Sunshine"

Believe me when i say i know how you feel. I am exactly the same, i can manage to be healthy for a few days and then just go out of control with bingeing, i suffer from bulimia and at times can consume 10'000 calories in a day, maybe even more. I have given up with diets as ive tried most of them, i really do think healthy eating is just the best way to go, no set diet plans, you get to pick what you want to eat.
I read in a bulimia self help book, that you should pick a day and let yourself have a binge as you have something to look forward to but also so you have achieved something by hitting that goal. This is what im gonna try anyway. The more you focus on dieting though, the more stress you put on yourself, then the more likely you are to binge. Take it one day at a time and dont be too hard on yourself if you give in to temptation.

Good luck :)

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