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Super speed tomato soup

Discussion in 'SW Winter Warmer Recipes' started by SlimmerGirl, 12 October 2011 Social URL.

  1. SlimmerGirl

    SlimmerGirl Full Member

    I got this tonight from my group,going to try it this week to see if i get a bigger loss :D

    Superspeed tomato soup

    2 x 400g tins of tomatoes
    1 tin of carrots (drained)
    1 tin baked beans
    1 chicken oxo or bovril stock cube
    1/2 pint water
    1 pickled onion

    place all ingredients in a liquidiser or food processor then blend.
    Heat as required.

    free on both green and extra easy days
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  3. feefee73

    feefee73 New Member

    Thanks for this! Will try it out this weekend :)
  4. shirleyrae

    shirleyrae New Member

    This soup sounds really nice not sure about the pickled onion though but will try it soon
  5. Ali*

    Ali* Gold Member

    I've heard this one tastes like Heinz Tomato Soup ...
  6. Jodieboo

    Jodieboo Gold Member

    Its not a bad soup but I can only have so much of it.. the texture makes me feel a bit sick :(
  7. woody87

    woody87 Member

    Sound good will hav to try this for lunches next week.
  8. SlimmerGirl

    SlimmerGirl Full Member

    Its yummy,made it last night :D
  9. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    I don't really like tomato soup unless it's Heinz... but, I'll give it a go, if I don't like it, I can use it as a sauce base I guess
  10. Kyra

    Kyra Member

    sounds gorgeous, i might have to try this!
  11. Kristina88

    Kristina88 Full Member

    This surfaced in my group a couple of months ago, its nice but you can get a bit tired of it. I started making mine with passata instead of toms which I think makes it nicer. The large pickled onion really does make a good difference as well (or 5 or 6 small ones)

    Try adding some chilli or paprika and maybe some ham, bacon or chirizo, yum yum!!

    Rememeber to blend when cold then heat!!

  12. notcomfortable

    notcomfortable Full Member

    I really want to try this yummy
  13. woody87

    woody87 Member

    Made this today, amazed at how much it tastes like heinze, even the boyfriend liked it. X
  14. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Just had a bowl - pretty good, maybe a smaller onion next time, but quite enjoyable
  15. KraziKayzi

    KraziKayzi Silver Member

  16. millo

    millo Full Member

    Thanks will have to try it x
  17. Cleogin

    Cleogin Silver Member

    I made this last night and i've just had it for lunch today and it was very nice.....I modified it a wee bit by adding some dried basil.
    I think my version needs something else....maybe not enough onion in mine. I'll definately have it again, thanks for the recipe.
  18. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    I found that maybe there was a little too much acid from the onion, the bowl I just had I added a sprinkle of sweetener....improved the 1st bowl
    with a little S&P

    This is from someone that won't eat tomato soup that isn't Heinz
    Not a snob, I'll eat any other soup
  19. SlimmerGirl

    SlimmerGirl Full Member

    I put some worstershire sauce in mine,it gave it a nice flavour :D
  20. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Will add some next bowl I have

    Found it's better if you sieve it too
  21. woody87

    woody87 Member

    I had this today with my mum, absolutely delicious and my fussy sister thort it was heinz wen she tried it x

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