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Superfree snacks

I am worried that I have been eating too much fruit lately (7+ pieces a day- 4 in a fruit salad for brekki then other bits through out the day.)
Have taken carrot sticks and pepper sticks to work to nibble on but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas for superfree snacks.
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For veggies I have baby tomatoes, baby sweetcorn, snap peas, mangetout, pickles (onion, gherkin, beetroot, cabbage), carrots, cucumber, cauliflower, mushrooms... also other veg leftvers that have already been roasted, sometimes with spices or dip. The list ois endless!

But I wouldnt worry about having too much fruit. On an average day I'll have 2 satsumas, 2 apples, a box of some sort of berries or mixed fruit, a couple of plums or a peach and a pear. About seven pieces. Sometimes more. You get more calories in a couple of pieces of toast or a bowl of cereal tbh.
I have celery, radishes and red & yellow pepper slices.
would prefer salt and vingar crisps and chocolate buttons - lol

mmmm me too! nom nom chocolate buttons! im sick of fruit! but i always have the same, bananas, strawberrys and plums... not very adventurous... i might make that my goal this week to have different fruit/veg!
i really wish i had the same passion for fruit and veg and salad as i do for chocolate, bread and crisps! lol.....

wouldnt losing weight be sooooo much easier!!! :eek:
Pickled stuff is ok then? Think people might start asking questions when I sit in the staff room munching on pickled onions and gerkins. I do like them though.
Have been to get some melon today to change up the fruit I eat. Might make a bit of coleslaw with fat free yog and carrots, onions and cabbage to take to work this week.
Really can't stomach celery- can't evne eat salad if it's had celery in it!
I know a lot of people don't like it but beetroot is both superfree and a speed food. It's handy as you can get it it packets in most supermarkets which you can open and eat at your desk or wherever, or today I have just blended some with a HEA of philly to make a dip which was amazing with ryvita!
Why are you worried about the amount of fruit you eat?
Is your weight loss suffering?
No-where in the SW rules does it say that you should limit the amount of fruit you eat! Don't worry about eating fruit ;-)

That said, veg sticks and superfree veg soup is good. Make a soup with carrots, onion, tinned tomatoes and stock and whizz up. It's superfree and filling.
Not saying snacking on fruit is bad but are you eating enough at meals or are you finding you need to snack quite a lot?

I don't like having veg as snacks but tend to eat lots with meals so I don't snack much during the day. If I do have a snack I prefer to include a hexb type food in there so it's more substantial - I made slimming eat's baked sweet potato houmous which is gorgeous on crackerbread and would also go well with superfree foods like cherry toms, peppers, cucumber etc (the houmous is free on green/ee). Or have some yoghurt with your fruit to add some protein to keep you fuller for longer :)
im not worried about eating fruit, im just fed up of eating the same things every day, and want to mix it up a bit, ive been doing EE and im goign to try a few red days see if it boosts me a little, im just getting a bit bored and was looking for ideas

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