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yes yes yes yes and yes it will pass the first week is the hardest but keep at it and it does pass honestly you doing fantastic just think how fab your gonna look this summer if you carry on and you will have such a good weigh so keep on going and we are all here for you YOU CAN DO IT xxxxxxxxxxhugsxxxxxxxxxxx


Here we go again!
Hi Cli and welcome. The way you are feeling is normal in the first week. You should start to feel much better after a couple of days. Take some paracetamol if you can to help ease the headache. Really good with the water though, try to keep it up.

How much do you have to lose? Why not set yourself some little goals to keep you going. Time really does fly by on LT and your weigh ins will really spur you on. If you need any advice or a chat just log on cos there's always someone here to help. We're all in the same boat and will always be here to spur you on when needed. Good luck and stick with it!
hey there thanks a mill!! you are sooo right...if i can just get through this first week i am sure it will get better...omg fair play to you.. 4 weeks!!! do you feel good..you must do.....i got weighed today and am 18st. 4lbs so just a couple of lbs to lose!! ha ha i wish...tried those bloody peanut flapjacks today..wont be having them again...milkshake and chicken soup were fine not too bad at all
hi minib that is so nice of you thank you for that support...i have a measley 8stone to lose! have set next wk til my weigh in for my goal...i am determined to get there.....am soo sick of being big for loadsa reasons....it is great to have this support for all of us thanks again....77lbs lost WOW WELL DONE TO YOU!!


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You'll be fine - really! What you're probably feeling is withdrawal from carbs & sugar etc. Be kind to yourself, do what your body tells you too - as far as possible and as long as it doesn't involve food! ;)

You can use paracetamol or aspirin or ibuprofen. You can alternate ibuprofen and paracetamol every 2 hrs if you're really suffering!

You'll feel better soon and when you see your weight after a week you'll be over the moon!! :)

Let us know how you go on! x
Hey jan! go on the pool!! thanks a mill i will do and well done to you too....how do you guys get all those fancy things on your posts...mine looks my fridge....empty!
I had the worst headaches on the first day, then after that I was fine! Stick with it as you will probably feel a million times better tomorrow. x


maintaining since June'09
p.s can you drink too much water? just finished 4L now..total for the day?
Are you from Liverpool??? :)

If you do a 'post reply' instead of quick reply there are smilies to use. Also if you do a colon and bracket it will come up as a sad :( or happy :) face - depending which bracket you use and you can do a semi-colon and a bracket ;) for a wink. There are others too but I go to full replies if I want anything else.

Some people will tell you that you CAN drink too much water but it's only if you drink it too fast. If you need/want more have it, Just don't drink litres at once. I find I start to feel bloated when I've had 'enough' and some days that can be as much as 6lts. xx
Paracetemol and plenty of water should help those horrid first week headaches.
Once you get through that it will be a lot easier, you can lose 8 stone, I've lost 6st 8lbs since September ( hopefully a total of 8st 8lb in eight weeks ) and to be honest time has flew for me so hopefully it will for you.
Good luck and welcome to the forum.


maintaining since June'09
HaHa - waste of time - you've got the smilie thing going on already!! If you mean tickers and things just click on anybody's and it'll take you to the websites for them.

There are some things you can't do till you've got 50 posts done though! x
Welcome hope all goes well for you on LT, I felt really cold and shakey on the first day and at night I felt terrible. But kept sipping the water and a week in things definatley start to get easier. It is worth it !!!! :)


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Hi Cli

Looks like you have a winning attitude. The first week is tough but if you can make it through that, then you can go all the way.

After all, you've seen that the weightloss on LT can be stunning and very quick but that doesn't come without some sacrifice and the hardest bit comes first.

Just imagine how you'll feel when your weight starts dropping off and you start to literally shrink.

I think we're really lucky to know about this diet because although it's strict and very testing, for me, it's much easier than letting me loose on food and the agonising disappointment of a small loss and regain on other diets I've tried - they didn't fail; I did.

I wonder if many of us find it easier because it's total abstinence from food and we cope better without the flexibility of a normal diet.

You will win - just get trough the first week and as someone's already said, your weigh-ins will spur you on.

3 years ago I was 18st 8lbs and I'm never going back. Whilst I'm still short of my goal, my life has been transformed.

You can and will do it - if you're feeling low, or tempted, come on to this site - it's a life-saver and then go to bed early!
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hiya yea i do feel great my size 18's are just starting to hang on me but 18 1/2 lb in 4 weeks is fab and you will do even better if you dont cheat once you get into the swing of things thats it your flying and the time does fly i cant believe it was yet another weigh in day for me today and you'll be like that well done on taking the plunge onto LT you have a thinner future to look forward to :)just keep having your 4litres of water throught out the day sips not guzzling lol and that will help you so much ill be looking forward to hearing about your loss next week:7834: xxxxxxx


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Welcome, lt is a god, once you get into the swing of it you will actually start to enjoy the way you feel, and with food taken out of the equation you will find all the things you never had time to do or wanted to do will get done, the house will be cleaner, but the only downside is all the new clothes you will have to splash out for! good luck, great job on the water,as someone said on here before "the more you drink, the more you shrink!"


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Hey, how are you feeling on your second day? I am on day 4 today (woo woo), and also weigh in day-I cheated for the first few days, thats why its on day for. From valuable experience, it makes this journey alot harder if you cheat. I went into ketosis yesterday:D and that really does take the egde off the hungar. I still had pangs yesterday (and now) but they are nothing compared to what the first couple of days were like. Stick in there, it really does get alot easier (I never beleived anyone that said that, but I can now vouch it really, really does).
Good luck and keep us posted on how you do x;)
thnaks a mil to all!

hi guys thank you to all of you for the fab msgs and support...at end of 2nd day and beginning to feel somewhat ok!.....have to admit am tho i am hungry...have no intention of breaking this...reading all your posts was so inspiring...my head is motivated dont know about the body!!...thanks again to all of you it really helped me last night and today...lets all keep going;)

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