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Surfer-Girl's Slimline, Gonna Look Good Surfing by Summer, Sperience!!

So.. today is Day 22. The perfect day to start my weight loss diary!

I'm just starting my fourth week of eXante and it has been tough, due to a number of other factors affecting my well-being and mental health, joys of joys I think they're all sorted now so all I have to focus on is this.

I have been doing WS on and off simply because for this diet to work for me I need to make it pliable with university life and having weekends at home, at my OH's home and seeing friends. Thankfully, this has had no negative effect on my losses :D but this past weekend I have had a couple of slip ups. In the form of biscuits :break_diet:

But, its alright, today I had a blip about two hours ago, yet again, more sodding biscuits with my tea, but I know this because I don't enjoy any of the packs (apart from the choccie shakes - only got two left!) so I put off having them till as late as possible.

Action plan: If I get a craving, or even itchy hands, I just need to consciously grin and bear it and have a shake. They fill you up so much, its unbelievable!

Short term goal: Make it to 21st December for Xmas Weigh In and be able to run 5 miles

Medium term goal: Continue through to the end of Jan (possibly WS) to achieve goal and reassess and be able to run 8 miles

Long term goal: Maintain weight and complete half marathon

I'm so excited to finally be fit and lose the weight quickly and this in itself is enough to keep me going. Wooo!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings I've got to go read The Great Gatsby. Wish me luck!!
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minimins helps me focus, the people on here are so inspiring. they spur you on. thank you fmbb. lets dooooooo this!! x:Dx
Argh! Does TOTM have an effect on your cravings - i feel like i'm going mad. i AM focused and i AM doing this but i keep craving biscuits and chocolate and I DON'T KNOW WHY.

urghhh wish it was next week. next official WI seems a loong way off.
Very interesting... As I said above I'm finding this week expecially tough, and I can't think why, apart from my it my TOTM. And this afternoon my OH and I went for lunch with my dad (this was planned) to an italian bistro. I chose mezze which I thoroughly enjoyed AND didn't feel guilty about but the odd thing is I now feel like a lightbulb has been switched back on in my head.

Leading up to today from my weekend away I've been knowing I'm going out for lunch and knowing it would probably be a bit awkward food-wise. Now, I feel completely sorted, and sort of calm.

I suppose before I was sneakling biscuits (only one or two) just because I knew that today I was going out for a meal (NO EXCUSE!) and because I was nervous about seeing Dad in case I got really homesick and wanted to jack everything in again. But I had really really nice time and don't feel sad or upset but just.. positive.

I'm actually looking forward to a pack this evening and then 3 shakes a day until Dec 21st. I can't really explain what I feel like, it's bizarre. Good bizarre but weird all the same.

Weird..... Anyway, hope everyone's had a good day :)
Argh! Does TOTM have an effect on your cravings - i feel like i'm going mad. i AM focused and i AM doing this but i keep craving biscuits and chocolate and I DON'T KNOW WHY.

urghhh wish it was next week. next official WI seems a loong way off.
I'm in the same boat! No physical hunger but I just want to stuff myself with food, think it is very much TOTM related!

Well done on your weight loss so far :D
thank you very much, and well done to you too. first week's the toughest!

btw - your diet says you do ki fit? ive heard about that, is it any good? x
i thiiink so. not looked at the scales yet, but the past 2 days have been 100% again :D! but i went home for the weekend so i've been a busy bee with my brothers new puppy! so so cute.

focused now, and looking forward to christmas, only got three weekends left at uni (thank god!!) and then i'm home for a month.

what are other people doing over christmas? xx


i love christmas time!!
haha fmbb, yes it will be chilly but i'll be wetsuited up :D

so, the past week has been a struggle i'm not going to lie. out of seven i think i've had two days 100% and even then i don't think i had all my packs. i cannot stomach the soups, they actually make me hurl, and the banana and strawberry shakes do the same.

so, with some financial help from ma, i've bought chocolate shakes and toffee nut bars as i KNOW i will eat these, otherwise i just forget and 9/10 times i just have one or two shakes a day. BAD BAD BAD! my packs are being delivered later so from now on, it is 3 packs a day, 4l of water! :D

in other news, today is my one month exante anniversary! hooray! if i'm honest i didn't actually think i'd get this far, i never have with any other diet. it's bizarre how something that seems so extreme, in reality can be so much easier than any other diet. it certainly has its tough days but overall, its so much simpler. there's no pointing or syns or anything. its just black or white and no room to shade in grey areas.

18lbs down, and i'm hoping for another 14lbs for my xmas weigh in. i'm starting jogging again tonight so fingers crossed this won't have a negative impact on my losses. we shall see!

good luck for today everyone, it's one day at a time! x
ooo lucky you for xmas! I've just got my first winter suit (mans second hand) but still not got around to trying it out......I'm still very much a beginner. The plan is to try in a couple of weeks when I'm hoping that I'll be bit more used to lack of calories. As for your running, I started about 7 weeks into when I was on LL and lost 9lb that week! (usual was about 4lb)
Surfer's Sperience needs some guidance :(

So it's been eventful.

Last Tuesday, I ended up doing my first run (hooray) and then having a full on blow out (my first) with fish and chip and a large snickers bar. I've now done 3 mini walk/runs since then, god are they tough when its blowing a gale and FREEZING!

Then I was 100% till Sat when OH and I went out for a meal with friends and I had a curry soup with green veg (no carbs though) but then I had popcorn at the cinema.

THEN on Sun I ended up making a thai banquet (lol) with OH, okay, I again had the sauce and meat and a teeny bit of the rice but I still did it!!!

ARGH! Point is, they weren't secret, they were planned (sort of) but they were enough to knock me out of ketosis.

I have been 110% since then BUT :'( its my muma's birthday this weekend who I love and adore so I've arranged a surprise tea party for her with proper vintage crockery that I've hired and cupcakes in different flavours to be made and I'm going to make little sandwiches and eclairs in the morning. I know she won't enjoy it as much if she know's i'm sat there drinking black tea and tbh I want to join in and have a lovely time with all my 'aunties' and eat cake and drink (proper) tea.

I guess I'm disappointed with my 2lb weight loss this week and because I weigh on a tues/wed I don't know if its enough to time get back into ketosis and still have a loss.

help :'( i want to reach my target by xmas and i don't know if i'll be able to...:sigh:

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