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SW... your favourite weekday breakfast!


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I love Saturdays. I have one slice of wholemeal bread, which i count as a syn rather than use my B choice. on top of it i have loads of tinned toms and a boiled egg.

absolutely love it. (if i am feeling really hungry then i will have the 400g of wholemeal bread and use it as my B choice).x


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at the weekends I like to have either poached eggs on a HexB of toast, or fried egg, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and lean bacon mmmmm!

During the week at work I have HexB of bitesize shredded wheat, 1/2 HexA of skimmed milk and a banana.


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I can't face breakfast as such, so eat at around ten.

As I'm at work it has to be something I can stuff down quick and then have a sly ciggie, so it tends to be an alpen bar and either a yoghurt and/or some fruit.

I know, boring....... :(


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In the week I love Fruit n Fibre, topped with Fat Free Natural Yogurt and a banana or strawberries. Fills me up! At the weekend I love to have a veggie fry up - done in frylight of course!


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On green/red/ee these are my faves:

*2 x wholemeal bread from WW 400g loaf with soya spread (synned) and 2 soft boiled eggs :D
*42g weetabix crunchy bran, sweetened soya milk, sweetener
*42g Kellogg's All Bran, sweetened soya milk, sweetener

On Red or EE sometimes I enjoy a bacon sandwich, no soya spread but 1 tbsp of ketchup 1syn :D

I don't really like anything other than my HeB for my breakfast.. lol


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i mostly have fruit and yogurt first thing and then 2 weetabix and milk at about 10.30/11.
other faves are a full cooked breakkie,poached eggs,beans and tomatoes and sometimes a bacon or sausage sandwich!

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I love having a fry up! Sausage (1/2 syn), lean bacon, scrambled egg (all in fylight!), baked beans, with a lovely big bowl of fruit! Extra Easy!

Most weekdays, I try to have a bowl of fruit, 28g weetabix minis with a dash of milk with chopped banana. I'll have a Muller light if I am still hungry. I leave my wholegrain Ryvita for later on in the day as a snack :) Green/Red/Extra Easy!
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:) Grilled bacon, grilled ,mushrooms, tinned tomatoes and scrambled eggs


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I love weetabix crunchy bran topped with VLF fromage frais and blueberries.


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Weekdays I always have porridge (HexB) made with half and half water & 100ml milk topped with 50ml more milk and a chopped banana. I use the other 100ml milk in drinks during the day. Weekends I'll sometimes have fruit/yog or a cooked brunch of some sort.

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During the week I usually have free & hexb for breakfast which can be any of the following:-
2 weetabix with fruit & yoghurt
28 grms shredies with fruit & yoghurt
2 wholemeal bread, with fruit & yoghurt
42grms bran sticks, with fruit & yoghurt
Sometimes on a green day I'll have polenta porridge with fruit, no yoghurt!

At the weekend I make more of an effort & will have, quorn sausage, eggs, 2 wholemeal bread, beans & mushrooms. Or if on a red day I'll have meat sausages & no beans!


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Weekdays - Pudding rice. fills me up more than 28g cereal.

Weekends - bacon, sausage, musrooms, eggs, etc - Yum yum.


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weekdays i either have beans/tomatoes on toast, or magic porridge topped with blueberries and strawberries.
Love Sundays tho - bacon and sausage roll mmmmmm :)


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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i am boring , i normally have 28g cheerios (5 syns)
28g honey nut sredded wheat (hexb)
muller light instead of milk i use my hex a for cheese for lunch am on ee but need to get my head back in the game and foucus on losing again having been "good" these past few weeks " think my body is still on holiday mode !!!!!!!


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when i'm feeling like spoiling myself I have french toast (2 ww slices as a Hex b soaked in egg and fried in frylight) with either sliced strawberries or fried banana and fat free fromage frais. I usually stick some splenda in the mix to sweeten it and add a tsp of maple syrup for 1 syn. Its very yummy on any day :)


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On a Saturday and Sunday or any day i can be bothered i have 2 slices WW bread with tinned toms, baked beans, mushrooms, bacon and eggs......then i only need fruit until supper time, Mmmmm i cant wait til the morning! :D


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My fave weekday breakfasts are;

Weetabix with milk & berries
Toast with laughing cow light & marmalade or beans on toast
Alpen & banana, skinny latte


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On Saturdays (that's when I weigh myself) for breakfast/lunch I have :

2 slices of bread (HE)
2 eggs done in frylight
3 quorn sausages
some mushrooms done in frylight
small portion of baked beans.

YUMYUMYUM. I shall be enjoying this tomorrow :)
This is why I enjoy SW so much, as I can eat all of that and not feel guilty, good times


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my fav breakfast lately is 3 slice ww danish bread, 3 laughing cow deli spread with onion, quorn sausages on top then beans

omg lips are watering at the thought lol