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Sweet Cravings?

Hi i do a mix of green,red and EE days, altho i usually stick to one plan for at least 3 days, i was a chocoholic but i havent even thought about it since i started 2 weeks ago but i can feel my sweet cravings creeping back in, i really dont like curly wurlys and im eating yogurt till it comes out of my ears, i have an options hot choc every night and that helps, but what does every one else do when theyre craving a sugar hit?

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syn-free pancakes? or mini 99 flakes are 2.5 syns each. Or some sugar free jelly?
how do you make syn free pancakes?

I like quality street zingy orange matchsticks at 1 syn each :)


I see the light!

I like those pink and white wafers, they have marshmallow in them for 2 and half syns each (pack of 16 in pound shop), very sweet and sugary - hit the spot for me when I want something sweet

Try popping a muller light in the freezer for an hour - goes slightly thicker like a slushy and it takes longer to eat and fills a spot! Other than that treat size twirls are 6 syns. Or mix some lemon curd (1/2 syn per teaspoon) and sweetner into some quark - v yummy
raspberry ruffles are 6 syns too. I also have highlights dark choc - they come in 1.5 syns each. The white choc options is lovely in 0% total greek yogurt ;0)

Hey Suse

Besides the excellent advice already given, I just wondered if you have noticed a pattern in your sweet cravings?
I personally used to get massive cravings after eating lots of carbs- expecially pasta. I switched to wholemeal and it really helped.

I think if you eat anything with a high GI rating (white rice, white pasta, peeled potatoes) you get a real 'dip' in your sugar level afterwards

May be worth consideration to look at the cause rather than trying to fix with sweets?
2 finger Kit Kat is 5.5 syns as well as a Cadbury Fudge finger.

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