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Was just wondering for those who go swimming, what do you do on average? I'm just wondering if i'm doing enough, or too much etc

I usually do 25 lengths in 50mins on Mondays, then Thursdays as it's open longer for general swim i do 50 lengths in 1hr 40mins ...

Am i right in thinking this is ok? Also be about moderate in intensity value? thanks for help in advance :)
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That's a 50m pool is it?
I only swim in a 25m pool because it's all we have round here. Today I did 32 lengths in the time it took my daughter to have her lesson (about 30 minutes).

I alternate strokes - 1 length breast stroke, then front crawl, breast stroke again, backstroke.
But my technique is really rubbish! I can't do the breathing properly so I end up spluttering by the end! LOL
I keep thinking I should have some adult improver lessons to learn how to breath properly which would probably mean I could do more lengths.


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yeah it's in the 50m pool it's huge get half way and think 'this is never ending!!' ha sure they keep moving the ends further apart hehe i'm the same my arms go sideways not straight i just kick the hell out of the water to move quicker :D
I think that's about the same rate as me - probably a bit faster, because I think I might die if I tried to swim in a 50m pool! :lol:

you've done brilliantly with your weight loss though! Wow!


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I think that's about the same rate as me - probably a bit faster, because I think I might die if I tried to swim in a 50m pool! :lol:

you've done brilliantly with your weight loss though! Wow!
Yeah it's strange sometimes i feel like omg i can't do it, others like today i can just keep going, did 35lengths in 45mins today! shocked myself when i looked at the clocked and it was time to get out and how many i'd done lol

thank you! :) surprisingly it hasn't taken that long really and hasn't been that difficult think cause with WW i can pretty much eat what i want as long as i point it and stay within points, so i don't feel like i'm missing out hehe :D

well done on your weight loss so far also! :) we will all get there in the end! gotta keep going! finding swimming is helping a lot! xx
I do 1km (50 lengths of a 20m pool) in about 40 minutes. I hate swimming though as I find it really boring and have to force myself to stay in the pool as I can see the jacuzzi and steam room and would far rather be in those! I really want to enjoy swimming as it's so good for you but I find an hour in the gym so much easier to do.
I luuurve swimming! :) lol don't do it a lot though as I have no confidence but am a good wee swimmer, the last time I was there I done 70 laps in about 1 hour, turned out to be 1 mile I had swam! lol Kirsty xxx


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i swim in a 30 metre pool on average to 60 lenghts twice maybe 3 times a week takes about 45 mins each time.

Back in April i entered Swimathon 2010 and swam 5k (167) lenghts in 2hrs 21 mins 21 secs took some going i tell yah !
i go swimming 3 - 4 times a week and i think its just a 25m pool and i do 20 lengths a nite in about half an hour, more if i feel like it x
i'm getting better!
This week I managed half a mile in just under 30 minutes. Woohoo!
I've just started swimming at 7am every morning before work!
I started off with 32 lengths in a 25m pool which is 1/2 a mile, but this morning managed to do 40 lenghts, in about 30 minutes. Proper shatterd now, but the best feeeling ever going to work feeling so refreshed and ready for the day! Hopefully this will be the boost to get those lbs off as I've been staying the same for the past couple of weeks :D
Your losses are great so far Karma! :) well done! Kirsty xx
Thanks Kirsty!
Well the swimming has most definatley paid off, had a sneaky weigh in this morning and down 3 lbs, but we'll see tomorrow for real when I stand on the scales :D


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I'm off swimming now :D will see how many lengths I can do in 30 mins bet it'll be about 20 LOL I used to swim competitively as a child but now I'm so slow and swim like a crab I'm always veering off sideways! xxx
25 lengths in 30 mins :D better than I thought and 48 in 1hr (1.2km)
Good for you :D

I used to swim competitivley as a kid too... stopped when I was 16, discovered boys and hanging out with friends. When I stopped, was when I started to put the weight on :/
But back to it now after 10 or so years!! Why did I ever give it up.... hot male lifeguards in short shorts!! lol
I would love to swim the Bupa Great Swim next year, but I can't do more than two lengths consecutively and I have to stop for about 30 seconds after each length. How long did it take for you guys to be able to swim all those lengths at once?
When I started swimming again (only about 5-6 weeks ago) I had to stop at the end of every length. Then after a couple of weeks I stopped every other length. Now I only stop after every 4 or 8 lengths - and that's not really because I need to, it's just to have a quick look at what my daughter's up to in the baby pool (with a teacher obviously!!).

So i've been really pleasantly surprised at how quickly I've improved. Keep at it, and it will get easier - promise.


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Im considering swimming as well as going to the gym, do people really see benefits from it, i know its good for toning but not sure about weight loss?
I am also considering swimming - probably will be like karmacoma and go before work. My local swimming pool opens at 6am so will give me plenty of time to have a good swim before going to work! i think the only thing holding me back is the nervousness about my body being seen in a swimsuit - because of my weight I do not expose a lot of skin!

Sharkbait1983 x

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