1. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Has anyone tried this workout? I am thinking of ordering it next week. It's a 10 week challenge with a 25 minute workout 5 days a week. Looks quite hardcore but I've been doing 30 day shred daily since last July and ready to take it up a notch. Love to hear from anyone who's tried it!
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  3. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

  4. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Thanks for that Bonkers, I should have looked on the most logical forum first! Doh! Taking a look now. Thanks again x
  5. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    Wow! Your weight loss is amazing!!
  6. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Thank you Nickynoo, I see we had similar start weights and are similar height, how are you finding the Exante diet?
  7. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    I am finding it very difficult at the moment. I was doing well at first but then I had a slip up and it is sooo hard to get back on it. I haven't done too bad today so hopefully I am over the hill....

    My advice to anyone is not to slip up!! How are you doing?
  8. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Hi Nicy, I know what you mean. My weight loss has slowed right down now, in fact I have gained this week yet lost cms on my measurements. I was away Thursday so didn't do my T25 workout so did total body workout yesterday, followed by my regular Saturday body pump class, then home and did abs workout. Feel very achey today and heavier - not sure if it's just the pumped up muscles, or the carbs I ate while away... Anyway, am sure it will come off. Was hoping to reach my goal by 1 July as that would be 12 months since starting, but would need to lose around 2.5lbs a week to achieve that and not doing that at the moment. But feeling so much better for the weight loss and exercise so enjoying the journey to goal.

    Hope you've had a good week x

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