T_T's (hopefully!) dimishing returns!

Wasn't overly hungry after dance last night. Pan fried some tender stem broccoli and green beans, with garlic, and a sprinkle of parmesan. Pool still out of action, but it's a gorgeous morning here, so went out for a walk. 4 miles in the bag, and 8k steps done before work.

Will see if rugby's on tonight; if it's not, will probably put in a gym session.

Breakfast of banana and blueberries, with chopped nuts, drizzle of peanut butter, chia seeds and Greek yogurt.
Have been a bit slack in posting, with things being a bit busy. But just back from rugby tour, and ready to refocus. Food wasn't brilliant, because I wasn't in control of a lot of it. But the scales suggest I haven't done too much damage. Will do an "official" weight on Saturday.

I've also registered to walk a half marathon next month. They've done Mo-Runs for a walk, but are now also running a Mo-Walk. Sadly, it's not been very well subscribed (not helped by fairly low levels of advertising), so we're now walking the same route as the runners. OR we can go off and do our own route, as long as we start and cross the finish line in time. I think I will probably head a bit off-route, as it will be super busy on the laps. Will have to look at some options. 4.5 hours to finish, so a reasonable time as well.
Still podding along! Feel focussed, yet also relaxed. Other people are really starting to notice the difference in my weight now, which is always nice to hear.

Had a lovely 13ish mile walk on Saturday. Considering it was up and down and through mud, I was happy with the time, and pretty confident about achieving the time for Mo-Walk. Still just a bit gutted about not having the advertised check-points etc, but do understand the cost and staffing restraints.

Flat smells lovely this afternoon; slow roasting some veggies (and LOADS) of garlic for a soup. I've cooked some yellow lentils to add for a creamy/thick texture as well. And extra lentils left over for some savoury pancake/patty type things.

Been trying to add salmon a couple of times a week, and really love cooking it in the air fryer. Such a time saver! Had it with air fried cauliflower, and pan fried greens with garlic and almonds when I got in last night.

Off to Pilates and Zumba this evening. Really missed it last week!
Soup was delicious, and the lentil patties really worked (so well, that all off the leftovers were used up almost straight away, because OH decided he liked them!)

Today has been a bit hit and miss. I've got a lot going on personally, and work's been a bit hectic. BUT it's not an excuse. Off for a walk now, as desperately need some fresh air. OH had to pop into town, if he's not back, I'll get a workout in.

Pilates and zumba were good last night - and much needed. No pilates class next week, so may move things around a little bit to fit better, especially as it's my birthday Monday, so may decide not to go to dance then. All rather depends on what OH is working, I suppose.
woohoo it's finally Friday.

It has felt a very long week. But that's probably because of two short weeks before it. In even better news, I have Monday and Tuesday off. Although I then come back to delivering some pretty full-on training to another department, so no real rest for the wicked!

I desperately need to get back into a routine with swimming. I was really good in the morning, but that's tapered off with the change in weather. That said, I've not allowed everything going on at the moment to totally derail me. More wine than I'd like, but still in control.

Not sure what the plans are for the weekend. I think we'll probably be at the rugby tomorrow afternoon after training. And maybe Sunday lunch with OH's dad and step mum, who have just recently move down to Cardiff.
Have a lovely birthday weekend - definitely more relaxed about food and drink, but still saw 2lbs off on the scales on Saturday morning.

Got absolutely soaked at rugby training, and then walked 8 miles through mud, torrential rain and glorious sunshine! New trail shoes will be just the job for the half marathon on Saturday.

We had Chinese takeaway last night, and I was probably a bit greedy. Not feeling brilliant today, but hoping I can brush whatever it is off. Busy work week, with picking up a new project (maternity cover), as well as delivering a load of training, and trying to manage my own team.
Fab weekend - completed the half marathon (walk). 3 hours 40ish, and I did just over 13.5 miles in total. Lucky, the weather was glorious (and got a medal!)

Food has been a bit hit and miss, but I expected that with increasing walking distance. I still feel in control, but do need to keep an eye on my drinking.

I've hurt my ankle a bit, so may need to take it easy with classes this week. And have arranged to catch up with a friend Wednesday. Annoyingly, means I miss Pilates and Zumba. AND probably means pints. But it's all about moderation, and the scales are definitely still going the right direction
Finding it hard to keep my head in the game at the moment. Food choices haven't been brilliant, mainly because I've not felt well. But actually, when I look overall, it isn't bad. Small gain on the scales, but I expected that. Chest infection means I've had to cut down exercise classes, and it's also getting to silly time of the year when everyone wants me to be somewhere.

I really need to do a big shop, so I can better plan meals. Made a lovely leek and potato soup over the weekend. I've got some leeks left over, so I think I'll have those fried with tofu tonight.

I am going to go to dance, and just take it slowly. There's a second class on a Monday now as well, but I'm not as much of a fan of the instructor, and it means getting home very late.

I have to go up for rugby tomorrow, because we've got a committee meeting that I don't want to miss. Honestly, I'd happily just curl up under a duvet. Saturday was very much that, with me and OH under the weather. We went out for a mooch and Sunday lunch with some of his family yesterday, which was lovely, but left me exhausted.
Haven't posted much, but have still been podding! Weight is fairly static, but not unexpectedly. Need to get back into a better routine with gym and swimming. Rugby is finished for the season now: played some VERY COLD games on Friday evening!

2 out of three meals out done now, so that will help as well. Although having dinner with OH's parents tonight - I think we're having a curry. And we have a gig next week, and have been invited out for food then, Tis the time of year! I will just make sensible choices and listen to my full signal