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Taking Cambridge abroad?

Hi all,
I'm going on vacation to the USA for three weeks over christmas, and although I plan to have the christmas week off I'll need to be sticking to the diet for the rest of the time...don't want to undo all my hard work so far! I'm just wondering whether it'll be okay to take the shakes over in my suitcase though, will they get through customs? I know there's customs restrictions on taking food so I'm a bit worried. And I keep having visions of customs thinking I'm some closet dug smuggler with my sachets of powder and arresting me:p I'm probably being paranoid but just wanted to make sure....anyone have any advice? Thanks!
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Oh gosh! Good question!
I'm on my way to Canada next week and will have the same issue.
I hope someone can help! :)

Have copied this post from ww.cambridgedieters.com. This might interest you.
Link for the article is below,

Cambridge Dieters

but you might need to register on the CD website to read whole thread.

""" ...... and i'm in the states all the time! and your OH is right, Cambridge falls into the dairy products that is on your customs form.
I thought that i would be alright .... going through, how wrong was i! it was the sniffer dog that found my packets, just after i collected my bags went to hand in my customs form and bang the dogs was sniffing.
I was fined $700 on the spot, so just be careful if you take them!"""

I PM-ed the person when i first started CD, but they never responded to my questions. I have been to USA many times since i started CD on the 4th September and have put my sachets in an airtight tupperware box, taken a deep breath and just hoped the dogs didn't sniff them out in my suitcase. I am always VERY nervous, cos i do not want a fine, but also don't want to ask the customs people, in case they confiscate it and i end up in MacDonalds instead. How silly am i??
Two weeks ago , i went to the US and the sniffer dog found a tangerine in a handbag of a lady waiting for her suitcase at the baggage carousel. I grabbed my case and went as fast and as far from the Beagle as poss. How sad am i !!!!
I think it is the fact that they are dairy drinks and veg too. USA can be very strict.
Good luck on whatever you decide, but do read the thread on the other Cambridge website.
I rather people know this, than be shocked with a big fine. In a previous thread i was accused of scare mongering, but facts are facts and we have to make our choices and decisions base on the information available.
I believe the tetras are o.k but I think they have to be in your hand luggage. Hopefully airgirl will pick up this thread as she would know.

Tetras definitely NOT ok in your handbaggage.
o.k.. I wasn't sure.Glad you corrected me
Tetras fine in the baggage which you check-in and then that baggage goes into the hold of the aircraft.
But that doesn't guarantee that it is permitted to take CD sachets or tetras into the USA, because of the US food restrictions.
Many people take CD to the USA, but some have had it confiscated and others have incurred fines, and some have just gotten their CD products in to USA without bringing it to the attention of anyone.
Thanks everyone for replying, it really helped! I think I'm better off leaving the CD at home, don't want to end up with a fine!
As a bit of advice to anyone else heading off to the US, I had a look for a counsellor in the US and found the US site sells the diet online. It's $27 for a can that will last you a week, so it's not too bad. I'm not sure if anyone can order (or if you have to be signed up etc first) but I'm gonna try it.
Anyway thanks again for replies, merry christmas to everyon and hope you're all at xmas targets! Or if you're like me (and haven't, due to the odd cheeky chinese) don't give up hope, there's a new year around the corner, new year, new start.


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Does anyone know what the rules are for Australia/ Singapore & New Zealand? Would it be as strict? Where could I find out?
Does anyone know what the rules are for Australia/ Singapore & New Zealand? Would it be as strict? Where could I find out?
Not sure for NZ or Singapore, but Australia is probably the one of the strictest places .
As stated in the threads above, i would rather be able to know all the facts. As long as things are declared on the declaration forms, fine, but attempt to just act the innocent if items are discovered in your baggage, then one risks paying very high fines. One of the issues with CD is the sachets' dairy & veg contents. Take a look at a previous post of mine , with the direct link for Australian info >>>



Stubborn tortoise
Thanks Nibbles! Never even thought of this until I read this thread, but have a big work trip in May & was planning to take CD sachets along. Maybe need to rethink, but will check out your link, so thanks for that! That whole scenario of dogs, customs people & fines would have terrified me! Can hopefully try a low-carb food plan for those three weeks, forewarned is forearmed!

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