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Taller Slimmers!

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I was just wondering if there are any other taller ladies/men out there dieting with Slimming World?
I'm 6ft 2 at the moment (hoping not to grow anymore...) And I find it a real pain to find nice womens clothing that's the right length! And nice ladies shoes in a size 10uk. :(

Just thought it would be nice for us all to have a natter about where we get our clothes and shoes from and share some of the annoying things about being taller!

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not quite as tall but still above average over here! surprisingly no one asks me what the weather is like up here, if they did i would probably say something mean, lol x


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I'm very odd - 5'10, but can wear regular length trousers (must have short stumpy legs!) and am only a size 8 shoe so not too bad. I really do hate being tall though. Even worse being fat and tall haha!! xxx


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I'm 5"11 and a size 9. It's a right pain getting shoes. New look do a wide fit range but it's a pain not being able to get the primark bargains !! X
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im 5ft 10 and size 8 feet - i get my boots from evans (good for my big calves)
Hello :)

Im 6ft and a size 8/9 in shoes. I have short body and ridiculously long legs so I have always had less problems with tops than bottoms - but lots of supermarkets etc do longer length in trousers now so its not so much of a problem. I also wear a lot of leggings so it doesnt matter if they come up a bit short!

Sainsburys are particularly good I find for clothes. I cant afford to shop in places other than there or primark, which is good for cheap leggings and skirts but I have only been able to start shopping there in the last few months and they have very strange size ideas.
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I completely agree with the strange Primark sizes. I get most of my clothes from the internet or Dorothy Perkins. I have 35/36" legs and then a really long body too! I haven't got a work uniform as they are unable to get the trousers in my length as yet and they are having to have them specially made for me... and my shirt as well.

Primark have started doing wide fitting shoes up to a size nine, I did try and cram my foot into a 9 in there the other day and there was no chance! haha. My friend who wears a size 8 tried a 9 and said they were a bit tight so Primark sizes do need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

I wear alot of leggings to because as you say MadameLaMinx, it doesn't matter if they stop just above your ankles. I buy my trousers/jeans from Littlewoods Direct and they do a specific tall section. The sizes do sometimes come up a bit small.

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I'm not really tall, only 5ft6, but got size 8 feet. I'm sure they only used to be a 7 though before I put weight on. Maybe they'll shrink
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lol, do you have bigger feet than before too? its an absolute nightmare trying to get size 8's...can't wait til I'm a 7 again x


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I'm 5ft10 but with a long body. Can buy the longer length jeans etc in places like Next easily enough but for long sleeves - forget it, I have monkey arms so everything gets pushed/rolled up!! I'm a 7 shoe but used to be a 6 (in fact I used to squeeze into a 5 when I was about 20!!!!)


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I like Long Tall Sally and Next for tops as i have a long body! I tend to get basic tops that cover my back from there and then buy jumpers from Primark, New Look etc in their normal sizes to go over the top.

I love the Next VIP sale and the Long Tall Sally one is quite good too
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I have to buy coats from Dorothy Perkins and LTS, but I get the majority of my normal clothes from sales! And on Littlewoods because I can pay for them monthly not all at once!

I can't wait for the sales either! I managed to get a skirt and a vest dress for a fiver each!


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I'm 5 ft 9 and a half inches!! Most of my height comes from my legs, I need a 34 inch length in trousers which I find shops don't stretch to. Most seem to go to a 33 inch length max, in their normal range. However, the Tall range in Dorothy P's is far too long for me, so I have a real problem. Asda do 34 inch jeans which are just right for me....not sure about other trousers though as I've never bought them from there. Top shop also do a tall range....but of course they don't do the larger sizes!!!! Luckily, I wear a uniform for work which is an A line skirt and the length is ok.
Don't seem to have a problem with my top half.....no long trunk or long arms to deal with lol

Feet wise, I am really lucky, I only take a 5.5 - 6 so don't have any problems there. Having said that, being tall I tend to avoid high heels so that can cause some problems as I often see lovely shoes but avoid them because they would make me too tall lol


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yes your feet will shrink as you shrink in body size - usually about a 'size'.

I'm a reflexologist and your feet mirror your body.

SO - if you have big boobs and small waist and big hips (hourglass figure) then you will find that your feet are big 'ball and heel' and slimmer in the middle.

IF you are (LIKE ME) straight up and down then your feet will be pretty much the same shape.

IF you are pearshaped you will find that your heel to the ball area will 'more than likely' be larger....................

go check your feet - as you lose weight your feet will lose weight too.

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