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hey guys, im so excited today as have been to see my tattoo guy about my back piece. hes drawing me up a design so hoping to get it started in a couple of weeks. its my treat to myself for losing weight so wont get it till im in the 11s (hopefully next wi or 2)

im having my whole back done, an idea of the main centerpiece is below. its gona have a lot of shading and be quite mythical. i cant wait. i love tattoos.

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Awww that is so pretty Jenny! I love it. What a lovely treat for all your hard work.

I also love tattoos, but only have one on my bum which I had done when I was 15. I'd love a whole sleeve but am not brave enough!
thx hun. oh what u got on ur bum? ive got quite a few. had a poem that i wrote put on the whole of my arm, everywhere i go people stop and ask if they can read it. have my daughters names on my wrists, hubby on my boob. on the back of my neck it says property of my husband luke belte 03/01/08 (date we got married) and have some tribal tats 2.
want to cover most of my body eventually.

x x
omg hun...its gorge!! I have 9 tatts...love um...im saving up for when i have lost some more weight....my back is half done so im savin up for the rest to be completed! whoohooo
oh hun its gorgeous really beautiful. i wud never have a tattoo but i do really love them! far play getting a big one it will take a good few trips but it will be worth it! Great present to yourself after all your success.
I've got a little black angel on my bum haha! My nickname in school was angel (apparently I was very kind to people!) It was a dare, I got dared to get a tattoo, and I did it. I'm a sucker for a dare.

I'd love to see pics of your tattoos! I love looking at pics of tattoos. I absolutely love Kat Von D, I think she's gorgeous. I would like my Hubby's name on my wrist. He really surprised me a few years ago as he came home on his birthday with a huge big tattoo of my name on his arm. I was shocked as it was his first tattoo, and he never ever spoke about getting one.

Your tattoos are all so sweet because they all mean something really special.

I love your new one, it's gorgeous. You've put me in the mood for one now!

How anyone would turn their body into an artists permanent scrapbook, totally defies logic.

But hey its your body, your choice. Just make sure you wont regret it.
lol deflating. my tattoos are very beautiful and well thought out, not a scrapbook. apart from my first tat when i was young and silly all my tats are very special to me and all very meaningful.
why have a body like every1 else when i can be original and have really personal tattoos that also look great. the one above will be made to look like me with 5 butterflies flying from my hand to represent my 5 babies that didnt make it.

betsy - ah that was sweet of ur hubby, i did the same with my neck tat, hubby was chuffed. love kat 2, get obsessed with tat programmes,lol. i'll put some pics up when its finished. go on, be brave hun. u only live once.

butterbean, what r ur tats of hun.

x x


Otherwise known as Jools
I'm going to get a tattoo done when I am finished. Not quite sure what to have - fave thoughts at the moment is some kind of shooting star (or stars for each stone lost) or cherry blossoms. I would like it done on the inside of my left forearm and it will be my first one :D
Can't wait.
good idea jools, sure ull love it and probably get the tattoo bug once u get 1.

thanks deflating, yeah its a very painful thing to go through. yeah i agree about the arm, having the pic modified quite a bit so will make sure thats put right. thx.

x x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
That pic is amazing and im sure the completed thing will also be amazing.

I love all 3 of my tattoos. I designed them all myself and all have a personal meaning to me.

My first on my back was a star (again designed by myself) in memory of my granddad 21/04/08 RIP.

Second was 3 little shooting stars on my wrist for my godchildren :)

The most recent is the one in the pic, The flowers are frangipanis. When i lived in Kenya, me and my mum planted this seed not knowing what it was and when we came back to the house a year later these beautiful flowers were on there. Unfortunately im not a big fan of pink so changed the colours to my liking. Everynow and then i catch a glipmse of it and find myself smiling cos i love it sooo much and glad i waited a year to get it done so iw as sure i wanted it.... no doubt about it.

I cant stand girls that go and get a tramp stamp on there back! Seriously girls, do you not have a mind of your own?! Hearts and butterflies there are a bit unoriginal!

Im still very keen for another though. Will be my treat after xmas to get a new one :)

I've only got two tattoos at the moment.

I have been waiting until I lost weight before I got some more ink work done on my new and improved thinner arms :D
The last one I had done was about 9 years ago, when I was young and thin :)
I think it will also be a great way to reward myself for losing so much weight.

Not quite sure what I want yet, but it has to be a half sleeve - building on the design I already have on my arm. So I've got to get cracking on some design ideas for the new year.


A little of everything!
I love that image Jenny! And with the butterflies it'll be totally your own.
I have 4, all designed by me- a tribal butterfly on one ankle, a tribal band around the other (both multi-coloured!), a scorpion on my bikini line (my first, and about all I could afford at the time- since been 'prettified'! LOL!) and tribal roses on my left breast- thats the only one I 'regret', it's a little too big & 'public' for my liking? Still- its part of me now and representative of where I was at the time, so c'est la vie!!
hi hayley, ur flowers are really pretty hun. want some intricate flowers around the poem on my arm on a vine. back is next though.

nikkernakker - ive been waiting till i lost weight 2. i'm in the 11s as of wi 2day so think ive lost enough now. wanted it when i was 15stone but thought it might not look as good if i lost weight.

irishmum, i love tats that are unique and designed by the person instead of just flash off the wall.

x x

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