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Teresa's 2011 diary

Decided to start a new diary for a new year.

Gained a little over christmas and will know tomorrow whether i am still in target. Have been back OP for almost a week but not writing a dairy so all that changes today

green day

apple, pears and plums
2 frylight eggs

peppers and carrots

superspeed soup (which i have decided i don't really like and still have loads left.)

frylight sliced baked potatoes

pasta n sauce (1 syns)
milk (hea)
42g reduced fat cheeese (heb)

hi fi bar (heb)

total for day
1 syns
2 heb
1 hea

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Hi Teresa

Great start for your new diary! Good looking menu, check out the superspeeds :) Shame you're not liking the soup, could you add something to it to make it a little different ? Spice it up ?

All the best for tomorrow :)
The soup is ok just not great and i really love food so try not to eat things that are only ok, does that make sense? I have frozen the leftovers (4 very large portions) and i will eat them but with something i do love like my hea in cheddar with beetroot and pickled onions. I think although I like beans if something is too beany (unless baked beans) I don't live the texture. The super speed soup is super beany, i like it slightly better pureed. Also it is a bit too gas producing if you know what I mean !
Wednesdays Plan (subject to change)

Green Day

Hifi and pear and satsumas (1 HEB)

Egg chips, beans, and mushrooms
apple, satsuma

low fat super noodles sweet thai chilli
42 g reduced fat cheddar (1 heb)

milk in teas (hea)

syns 3 squidgy choc cake mini muffins
2 heb
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YEAH still in target range! Well pleased a gain of 1 1/2 pounds but shows my hard work of the last week has undone some of the christmas damage.

Now busy making squidgy choc mini muffins for group tonight the house smells lovely.

Excellent - well done! All the hard work has indeed paid off. Are the squidgy chocolate muffins a SW recipe by any chance ? Hope they turn out great for your class.
Thursday New menu (changed to green as i wanted cheese on my pasta n sauce LOL)

Green day

yogurt and apple, pear and satsuma

pasta n sauce cheese leek and ham (milk part of Hea rest in tea) + 28 cheddar (heb) 1 syn
leeks and mushrooms

yogurt and apple
slither of christmas cake ...should of weighed it but it was tiny and I really hope it is all gone by the time i go back to work on monday. (10 syns .. counting it as 50 g)

Pasta Bake (meat free mince)
Green beans

hifi bar (HEB)

Syns 11
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Fridays Menu

extra easy

Breakfast (a little strange but had a lot of paperwork to do before a business call and was feeling hungry with no time to chop up fruit !

Leftover Pasta Bake

Lots of fruit
apple, pears, satsumas, plum
pickled onions and beetroot
low fat super noodles

Hi fi bar

salmon or tuna in teriyaki sauce (1.5 syns)
savoury rice
veg green beans, swede and carrots,

Fromage frais with options (2 syns)
light squirty whipped cream (2 syns)

HEA (milk in teas)
HEB (hi fi)
Syns 5.5
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Hey Teresa

Menus are looking good, it looks like you're having a good SW week :) Did the mini muffins turn out well ? I've made the squidgy choc cake before and its yummy, but I just wonder if the muffins would sink a fair bit ? When I made the cake, I made it a few more syns as I didnt want to use all the sweetener :) Ever so yummy, either way!
They were lovely but quite tiny just easier to eat in class than a slither of cake.

I am having a good week food wise, really determined to more than anything keep a complete diary. I am not able to exercise at the moment as i have hurt my back so i know my eating %
Saturday EE day

have not had enough to eat today just ran out of time but I will ensure i have a big OP healthy dinner as we have friends coming over

breakfast ate quite late.
egg, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms

carrots, swedes and green beans
squidgy choc muffin with raspberries and squirty cream

Yikes until I wrote it down i did not realise how little I had.

HEA milk in teas

guests for dinner

coq au vin 1 1/2 syns
garlicky smashed pots
asparagus and maybe green beans

pudding have a choice of
raspberry jelly with squirty cream (1 1/2 syn)
squidgy choc muffin with raspberries (1 1/2 or 2 syns each depening on amount of squirty cream)
lemon cake with greek yogurt filling (2 1/2 syns per slice)

I may have all three !!

also have ice cream for the boys if they want it ...i don't LOL

edit summary for the day
Hea milk in teas
Heb oops i forgot,
Syns 1 1/2 x 2 for muffins
1 x 1 1/2 for coq au vin (yum)
2 x 2 1/2 for lemon sponge cake
9 1/2 in total yeah !!
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Sunday's Extra Easy day

fruit and yogurt

sw lemon sponge cake 2 1/2 syns

chicken curry and rice
sw lemon cake 2 1/2
ryvita with options and squirty cream 3

ryvita (heb) and 2 lc light triangles (1/2 hea other half milk in tea)

G and B mini choc (suddenlY remembered I had one yesterday too LOL )

syns 12.5 plus 4 extra for yesterday
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Well done for sticking with the syns with having guests over ! Did everyone like the puddings ? Lemon sponge sounds lovely ;)
Mondays plan green day (all changed to an EE day)

plum and satsuma, pear

pasta n sauce cheese leek and ham no milk used 1 syn
28 g cheddar (hea)
pear and grapes
and BNS soup

Ham and roast beef
tomatoes, cucumber and pepper
ryvita (heb)
small amount of apple pie 15 syns (yikes)

Total for the day
1 hea
1 heb
1 syn pasta 1 syn milk for 2 cups of tea 15 for apple pie total 17 !!!
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Tuesdays plan red day

yog and fruit hard boiled egg

ham salad

snack hi fi bar (heb)

BNS Soup
roast beef
philadelphia light small tub (2.5 syns)
ryvita (heb)
apple and yog

1 hea (milk in tea)
2 heb
2.5 syns so far
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Wow - you're on Tuesday already! I think I need to start planning the week in advance, its nice to know what you're having isnt it. :)
Gobolino I love meal planning even though I often change my mind :) If i can't get to sleep I often plan the next few days meals instead of counting sheep :)

Also on tuesdays i often eat my lunch at the gym the little one goes to and my choice is always ham salad or jacket and beans so I plan my day around that.

I am experimenting with not weighing myself this week, i normally hope on the scales every day ... sometimes morning and night :-( Most of this time I just see this as info and do not let it effect me but recently I have found it effecting my day so have decided to go cold turkey but I have to say it is making me anxious for weigh in which is just silly and kind of reinforces my idea that i shold give up weighing at home and instead just focus on whether I am on plan and how i am feeling.
See i completely changed today and ended up having an EE day and 17 syns which is very high for me but i think often if i go over 10 i get cross and stop counting lol. So at least I am counting and still within syns for the week.

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