I STILL mean it!
Victoria (Texasgirl) has decided that she will no longer post on Minimins.
I want to publicly thank her for the contributions she has made, both on here, and formerly on Discovery Home and Health Forum.
She was a wonderful source of support for me when I was on Sole Source, and a great personality, as anyone who attended the WeMitt meet in June will know.
I shall miss you on here, Victoria, and will keep in touch via e mail.
Ann x
Ann thanks for posting that. I just read Victoria's email and am very upset that she feels she can no longer post.
As you said she is a wonderful person and a true Wemitt....oh and my dancing partner!
Victoria, if your reading this we Wemitts all love you!
Kam x
I'm gutted about this: Victoria is one of the nicest people I've ever met and has posted some fantastic, balanced views both here and on DH.

I'll miss her contributions and hope I can stay in touch with her because she's one of life's diamonds.
Oh Victoria, that has upset me, I will miss you soo much! I really like to read your posts and hope that you will reconsider in the future, I haven't been posting myself for a while so missed whatever it was that has upset you but I really wish you wouldn't leave us :( That being said, I wish you well and hope you stay in touch via email or something xx take care hun and ((((HUGS))))