Thank goodness for my stop smoking buddy

Discussion in 'Quit Smoking' started by Katie1961, 15 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Well, I have never done a thread before but having a tricky time today so thought I would share my thoughts.
    I stopped smoking 7 weeks ago, the same day as one of my close friends. We text each other daily at the start and we have both managed to stay off them even though our OH's smoke.:(
    We are both really chuffed but last week we went away on a ski-ing holiday. We had a nightmare, both really struggled and ended up puffing away on our e-cigs most of the time. We admitted that we would have succumbed if the other one had not been there, so thank goodness for my friend!
    Thanks for listening.:)
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  3. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    10 weeks done, yeah! Still need the support but trying to focus on the positives.
  4. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    11 weeks and still going, weight is creeping up now so started doing more cardio. Still need my nicotine but moving on to a lower strength.
  5. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    12 weeks now, my friend started smoking again on week 12, last time she stopped, so quite hard work at the moment. We will get through this together. Tough though. :sign0163:
  6. large_lump

    large_lump Full Member

    Well done! 12 weeks is amazing! Are you still finding it hard? Or is it because your friend found it hard at this point last time that you say it's a hard time atm?

    I'm only on week 2 myself, I stopped with the Allen Carr book and so far so good.

    Anyway, WELL DONE! Keep going, you're doing great :)
  7. MatthewV

    MatthewV Full Member

    Very well done. Unfortunately I can't relate since I've never gotten into smoking and never will! I've heard how hard it is though and I'm glad you're seeing it through and trying your best. Smoking costs so much and does so much damage to your body.

    Again, congratulations and keep going! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Thank you, yes I'm still going and finding things a little easier now. 3 months gone and struggling to get into my clothes! ;) Started back on AAW8 this morning to try and get back in control and upping my steps too, phew. I refuse to buy a bigger size although it would be far more comfortable.
    Keep going Large Lump, the difference in my health has been amazing and means I really don't want to have a cigarette now, although OH still puffing away:rolleyes: . Stopping for over 2 weeks is brilliant and you must be feeling the difference too.
    Thanks for your support.
  9. lollyncadie

    lollyncadie Member

    well done on stopping, i gave up 27 days ago, i still do want one but its not gonna happen, i can feel the weight coming on me now but thats due to the fact im eating sweets instead of having a cig!! lol xxx
  10. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Well done to you too! I'm still off the cigarettes and battling the bulge, feel a lot fitter and my clothes are more comfortable although not loose yet. I try to eat nuts instead of sweets but my portion control is way off! Stay positive.
  11. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Well it will be 4 months on Wednesday since I had a real cigarette and really hoping that this is the last time that I have to stop. Still using my e-cig at times but really low nicotine now and feeling so much better. My weight seems to have stabilised although not quite as low as I would have liked! Can't have everything.
    The last time I stopped I had patches and moved onto the lowest strength at 4 months and found it impossible to keep the patch on because it was so small. I decided that I could manage without them and guess what, I started smoking almost immediately, I think that it was mainly in my mind set and the fact that there are always cigarettes around the house because my husband smokes 40+ a day.
    I am so determined this time and love having a bit of money to treat myself to new clothes and a new handbag that doesn't smell of smoke! :eek:
    Here's to my next milestone, I'm aiming to be off my e-cig completely by 6 months so will work hard towards that. Hope all you other smoke free folks are doing OK. Take care.
  12. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Still going OK, struggling to reduce my nicotine strength but determined I won't smoke a real cigarette. Lungs are great and have converted lots of my friends to e-cigs which is handy if my battery runs out when I'm out! It's my friends wedding on Saturday so that will probably be a struggle but then a clear few weeks to try and reduce the nicotine. This is now the longest I have gone without having a cigarette so onwards and upwards.
  13. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    WOW! 5 months tomorrow, I never believed I could do this but here I am. One happy bunny!:bunnydance:
  14. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Well, still off the cigarettes but my friend has started smoking again :eek: . Still feel that I can do this but my weight is creeping up and I am struggling to stick to my plan. Really need to get my head around this weight gain and get down to some serious exercise & low carbing! Not a good time. :(
  15. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    good luck katie
    i stopped smoking 19 moths ago and it was hard i stopped the smoking first ok put on weight and now fighting to get rid of the twin thats attached it self to me but with willpower you will do it good luck

  16. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Thanks Chezz, 19 months is brilliant. If you can stop smoking I'm sure you will be able to lose the weight now, 3 stones already shows great determination.
  17. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Still smoke free, 6 months on Monday:D didn't think I could do this. :bunnydance:
  18. clairethehat

    clairethehat clairethehat

    Brilliant!! Well done!! :D :D xx
  19. mothertiggy

    mothertiggy Full Member

    Well done hun..i quit smoking on mothers day in march and found it i must say easier than expected as was a smoker for 20 years....the problem is i gained a stone and half on top of the mass i already had lol so now fighting to get that off and its hard :(
    but yay you keep up the good work :)
  20. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Well done on giving up smoking, I'm sure that if you can do that you will soon see the weight coming off too. Take it a day at a time and celebrate being smoke free, it is a great achievement. Take care:bighug:
  21. mothertiggy

    mothertiggy Full Member

    Thanks ...and good luck to you x

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