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Thanks all


Clean green leafy machine
Hi everyone

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your kind messages.

It hasn't been such a great week for eating well - no carbs, but not much leafy green stuff either - I'll get back on it now Jim, promise...after a few gallons of red wine tonight :)

You've all been doing so well this week - well done, and glad to hear you have your kitchen almost back to normal, Bren.

Thanks again kids

Susie x
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hey babe. lovely to have you back and good for you not reaching for the carbs. tell you what ill join you with the red wine tonight love xxxxxxxx


Clean green leafy machine
Thx lovelies, missed you guys - here's cheers!


Never give up
Hey Susie lovey - was gonna post last night asking how things were, but I knew they were crap, so didn't in the end.

Hope you're into at least your second gallon of red. Thinking of you pet. x


Never give up
Hey Honeybun - you OK?


Clean green leafy machine
Hi guys

Thx again for all your lovely posts and sry I didn't respond earlier.

Had a very wobbly day on Friday - emotionally and foodwise. My aunt was a real rock when Mum was ill, and since then, so it really hit me hard that one more connection with Mum has gone. But on the bright side at least Mum and the girls are hanging out together, wherever they are, and laughing their heads off no doubt :)

Succumbed to pizza AND icecream and then there was the red wine, which I may have well just bathed in - I drank way too much, stayed up most of the night so sort of slept through yesterday.

However, I feel stronger today and am back on strict induction. Exercising to my walking dvd starts again tomorrow morning and hopefully I'll get work soon too, then things will really start to look up :)

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Poor poor you, but you got it right in that last paragraph Lady S! Tomorrow we all get back on track! :)
morniing Susie, big hugs and well done you getting started on that exercise. xxxxxxxx


Clean green leafy machine
Afternoon huns

Didn't sleep great last night, I've been playing this stupid app on the phone called Whirly Word to distract myself - and when I closed my eyes all I could see were words forming in my head - for hours arrggghh! So had a big sleep in this morning :)

The one big plus side about not working is being able to do this and not have to trudge through this horrid weather :)

Hope you're all having a good day, despite the rain.

Have you thought about reading instead of whirly world lol. I sometimes go to bed looking for hidden objects like those games i get addicted too. hope your 2 mile walk will ease some tension.
any news on work?


Clean green leafy machine
I think my problem is an overactive imagination, for which there's no cure :D

Work is looking very grim, the public sector is just not hiring and jobs get advertised then disappear because they have no money and so on. Tescos shelf stacking here I come :)

I've got the wheels in motion to sell my flat though - and I think it will go quickly, it's in a posh part of town, so that will help a great deal.

nothing wrong with an overactive imagination!
oh fingers crossed it sells quickly.