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The big chill!!


try, try & try some more!
So the cold... it's a bit of a nightmare! I'm starting week 6 today but can't believe how cold i still am.. THREE hot water bottles at night, 2 pairs of socks etc...

anyway i was thinking about it and actually it's kinda nice(!) I was always hot and sometimes sweaty indoors... so to be honest i feel the cold like all my skinny friends now!! hehe

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I've really noticed a difference these last few weeks, i wasn't cold at all last winter, now i am freezing all the time. Even when i'm in the house all day with the heating on i'm still cold and water doesn't do a very good job of warming me up!! :cry:


try, try & try some more!
I know huh!!

I'm at Uni most of the week but when i'm back in the house i am freezing!! ;) <---- and that colour!!


please try again
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i must be an oddity then
my face feels like its on fire during the day and at nite in bed im freezing

Mrs V

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I am cold all the time too!!!

Thankfully we have a water bed, so I can just climb in between heated sheets!!! Love going to bed!!

As I type, I am sat here at work in a fleece....it is so cold!


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we are both FREEZING in the evening, which is lovely and romantic as it gives us an excuse to curl up in front of the fire every evening... but not when we get changed for bed into our PJs and bedsocks!

ah well at least we know it's working!


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I've always felt the cold but since on CD am freezing too!! Got a heated blanket on the bed tho and it's just the BUSINESS!! Nothing like it ahhhhh :D Sitting here with coat still on from coming in, hands freezing lol, don't even like the soups and don't like shakes hot so no hot drinks for me, nevermind tho, can put up with it as long as I'm losing :)


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nessie said:
Got a heated blanket on the bed tho and it's just the BUSINESS!!
I miss mine so much, can't wait to get home to it, pre-heat is the win! My microwaveable monkey is good but not quite the same! And I just know if I kept taking my hot water bottle to and from work I'd end up forgetting it at the worst time possible.
M&S Thermals aren't exactly cheap - anyone spotted any bargains?


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I must be an oddity as I am mainly either warm, or just normal. I haven't been cold at all yet, other than the normal winter coldness. I'm on week 3 now (day 15) so should I have noticed it by now? Am definitely in ketosis and have lost 18lb in just over 3 weeks...
Hi Rade, I'm back on food now but I was chilled to the bone over the summer while I SSed for 20 weeks. I used to be a bit hot and sweaty too but in summer everyone else was fine and I was shivering constantly. It's only for a short time though and it's worth it when you get results!


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So, is it just while we are in ketosis then that we are feeling the cold? I always used to be toastie and warm and now I find it hard to get warm. Heating on, fire on and wrapped up in DH fleece. brrrrrr


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You Know, Im Glad I Read This Post Because I Have Been Absoloutly Freezing Like All The Time. My Work ( Where I Am Just Now) Used To Be Really Uncomfortably Too Hot But Now It Just Feels Nice. In My Bed At Night I Was Joking To My Boyfriend That I Had Seen A Polar Bear Sprinting Past Because It Was Soo Cold But He Just Looked A Bit Confused And Was Like Jemma Its Not That Cold In Here At All. Felt Like A Bit Of An Idiot To Say The Least.thanks For This Thread :)

Lil K

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I'm a summer child without a doubt and generally feel the cold. But since doing CD my body has taken cold to a whole new level. I haven't got warm at all today - came home from work and turned the central heating up to full, put the fire on and am sitting with layers (including my big fleece) and currently my water bottle is at my feel keeping them warm. My poor hubby never feels the cold and is wearing a t-shirt and shorts (crazy fool!!).

I'll also be having my bath before bed to make sure I'm warm, plus my usually nightly water bottle :D

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