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Finding inspiration
Nothing wrong with Americans! :eek:

There's a woman in my class that regularly loses ridiculous amounts each week, like 10lbs, 8lbs... She's changed appearance radically in just a month. It's astonishing. There is one woman who is quite large and she lost 12 lbs in her first week. It IS possible...
but 18 pounds lol :p.......... hmm and then they get told off if they havent lost more that 6 :S its MENTAL


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The people who take part in these shows are in general morbidly obese... they have a lot to lose. The whole show is about eating smaller, healthier portions and excersing to try and not only help them lose weight but to change their attitude to food and excersice.

If you go by the stereotype (and I use this because I know it isn't true of everyone) of a larger person then you'd get the impression that they weren't on a great diet before and doing very little excersice... to make the change from one to the other in a very short space of time is bound to result in some astounding losses!

Crazy isn't it! There's me thrilled with my 2.5lbs loss ;)

They are spending all their time surrounded by specialists, training as much as possible - Cor..... still would love to get results like that.

What gets me is the look of disappointment when one 'only' loses 6lbs. lol
Yes but one guy drank loads of water and put weight on and then the next week lost loads of weight like 33lbs so really it was a false reading. Also they are morbidly obese so you usually lose loads each week. They also push them really really hard on the exercise to a real extreme. Its not the real world.


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Yeah they push them really hard with the exercise and the strict dieting but i do wonder when they go back to real life, how are they going to maintain the weightloss and upkeep the exercise, it seems very unrealistic to me. Though i don't watch the programme but is it like one of those fat camp programmes???
thats just what i was going to say.
1. some of these people have loads to loose
2. they have experts there 24/7 supporting them
3. they are in the gym all day everyday

we are all trying to loose wight by whatever method at the same time as carrying on our reals lives, its totally different!!
That said i would take nothing away from them for their success


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i love watching that programe, they are in the gym at least 6hrs aday nearly every day thats why they lose so much. i think its in this series that you hear gillian say it


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The same fella lost 33lbs last week so thats 48lb in two weeks now that is amazing,how do they do it !
That was only cus he water loaded the week before and gained 17lb.

The criteria to go on the biggest loser is basically to have the worst lifestyle, eat loads of crap and not exercise at all. They then go from that to eating super healthy and training for about 8 hours a day in the gym. It's not realistic for a normal situation where you have to work and look after families etc but they are there for one reason - to lose weight
I do SW via the BodyOptimise site and last week the winer of biggest 1st week loss lost 19lb!!!!

That is definitely one of the downsides of doing it via the web- I will never be slimmer of the week as I am in a 'class' of probably a few thousand people

Still 19lb, though!!!!!!!


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Its an unrealistic lifestyle they lead whilst in the Biggest Loser campus, they are surrounded by specialists, only the "correct" foods are available in the house, they exercise 4-8 hours everyday. When they leave the campus I think some of them find it hard to adjust to "normal life". I read on the internet once that not one of the contests have maintained the weight they were at the final (I think from memory they were talking only about the final 5 or something like that), a few have only put on 5-10lbs. The way we are losing is sustainable and realistic - saying that I do love watching the show!


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Thanks for explaining the difference in websites Taz.

Although I do think the way they lose weight isn't possible in the real world a 5-10lb gain is nothing really considering how much they have lost over the show. I think for many the show may be last chance saloon iykwim.... it's either now or never!


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Yeah and I think it's a real tough lesson on lifestyle! If they stick with their new lifestyles then they should gain a little but then be able to maintain their weight

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