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The Crazy World of Lozz!


Ready For Change!
Well seeing how I have a lot of time on my hands over the next 18 days... (sigh) I thought why not tell you all about it!

I'm off work as I havent used my holiday entitlement from last year, I am pleased to have the break from work but find the 'at home' temptations a little hard to handle!

I'm also secretly hoping that telling you about my day to day events will keep me 100% abstinent as I have nibbled and now cannot seem to stop! :cry::ashamed0005:

A bit of background information:
Hello my name is Loran (Lauren) also known as Lozz and I am a foodaholic... (hope to use that term in past tense soon!)

I have completed 8 weeks with LighterLife and feel great, I havent been this weight in a very long time, lot's of friends and family have told me how great im looking and it seems to have made me a tad complacent with it. (tut tut)

Last night was terrible, I had a lapse, I wont go in to what I had as I wouldnt want to tempt anyone else...
It wasnt a huge binge but I broke my commitment to the plan!
Today is a new day.... I pledge that I will give today 100%.
I'll take it a day at a time...

I'm heading for the motorway today as I need to send off my childrens passports a.s.a.p, i'm off to Peterborough for the 'fast track' :superwoman:, I hope you all have a fab day... ;)
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...we're sinking deeper.
Aww, Loran sending my hugs! Well done on sticking to the plan for 8 whole weeks! That's an achievement! I do have to admit that the plan is made that much harder when there is no distraction from our hunger. Yes, we do get hungry on the plan - the body does want food, we just learn to ignore it for a while. I'm a foodaholic, like yourself, but just say to yourself - the food isn't going anywhere. It will be there when you finish. It makes it feel less desperate.

Do you know why you had a nibble last night? Was it boredom? Or an emotional trigger? It's good to explore the reason why, that way, when it comes up again, you'll start to find ways of dealing with the urge. :)

The main thing I can suggest, is keep busy! Start planning your day ahead, as if you were still at work. Say that on Day X, you will do (for example) cleaning the house, hoovering and then take a sumptous bath as a reward! That will take at least 3-4 hours if not more! Or if the weather looks nice, how about going for a walk? It's good exercise and will cheer you right up! The worst thing you can possibly do is sit at home and be bored. Or maybe take up computer games (like I did... lol), play with your kids, take them to the park! Make a painting, do some cross-stitch, or even start planning your outfits for the summer - browse some clothes store's websites and make a scrapbook of all the wonderful things on offer out there! Just make sure you feel like you're doing *something* valuable, important and fun! :)

Draw a line under the little stumble off the road, get back to it (as you have done! Well done!) and keep going! :D
Hi Lozz,

Are you still on LL or the Lite plan?

Firstly I just wanted to congratulate you for your weight loss so far. 8 weeks of abstinence is amazing, and I really admire that.

I know it must be hard being around temptation at home, but I guess what might help it to create a routine even though it's your days off? Try and get out of the house when you're feeling nibbly? If you're like me, it's usually boredom/stress which makes me turn to food, but I've found picking up the phone, going for a walk, having a cup of tea, etc etc - all help to distract my brain.

Just keep reminding yourself of the progress you've made and hopefully it'll keep your willpower strong.

Keep going and good luck!



Tough But Sexy X
Hi lovely Lozz, cant add anything further to the comments but wanted to say I am looking forward to keeping you company for the next 18 days. Stay strong onwards and downwards xx


is Magdalicious
Darling I know exactly where you're coming from. I have also been there. Try not to beat yourself up and just carry on.
Like Minerva said. Keeping busy keeps you out of trouble most of the time!
Looking forward to seeing how you get on xxx

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Hey lozz, looking forward to hearing how ur diary goes. and ur a very pretty lady.... was shocked when you wrote that you were getting ur "Kids" passports.... u look to young xx


Ready For Change!
Thanks ladies!

Gembritney- That picture is very old! People do say I look young I was actually asked for ID whilst in the local last night... The funny thing was the water was mine and wine was for my company! not bad to say i'm 27 this year!

Well the weekend has not gone as planned...

Had a falling out with the Mr on Friday evening, so I decided to take the children out for tea and a play, Which could have been a huge mistake, I didnt order anything, just had a LARGE black costa!

Then the following morning came.... :( I nibbled a few things... wraps with salad cream... (sigh)
I sat with why I did it and I think it's because I rewarded myself for not eating when I was cross and emotional the night before..? Which is so silly (i know now) another lesson learned... i guess!

Saturday morning me and the Mr had a talk and cleared the air, and took the children out to an indoor water theme park! (SWIMMING..... me?) I couldnt find my bathers so dropped in at speedo on route, looked through the bargins and found a black rouged tankini in a size 12 tried it, and it looked ok, cant belive I got away with a 12 ..... im well aware its lycra so there is plenty of stretch but 8 weeks ago i would never have even thought about going swimming!

That evening I had a HOT date.... (my good friend Leanne! ;)) we went out to her local for a catch up, I must have consumed 2-3 litres of water whilst she easily had a bottle of wine...

So far so good well... since Saturday morning anyway!

Bit of a crazy weekend for me... its normally work work work and Saturday night T.V!

How have your weekends been?
How do you deal with 'rewarding' foods....?


Tough But Sexy X
Great news on both going swimming and getting into a size 12, such an achievement. You rock!

I am trying to train my brain not to link food to reward and so I tend to buy something like a nail varnish, anything that is non food related. It is hard though because others still associate food with congrtulations or rewards and do it without thinking most of the time.

Good on you for going out and drinking water xx
I lozz. Ive been on plan for the same length of time as you and in the begining it was easy peasy. As time went on infact about the past 2 weeks ive just been bored with it. A little fed up (even tho i know i would never have had results like these on other plans) I see people eating such nice food and basically im jealous!
Ive remained good however but must admit ive been pushing the boundaries more and more. So ive decided to move onto Lite. Im hoping that this will kick start a new excitment in me to continue. even if i start to get bored again in 8 weeks im still losing in those 8 weeks...fingers crossed. I think you have to realise youve made a mistake which you have and just prepare yourself that its bound to happen ocationally. Ive actually had to plan out when im being bad as i had things booked in april that i cant get out of and i know i will be a little naughty.
Youve had great advise already and i cant really add much more. Your over half way to goal so maybe look at changing things up a little to stop you getting bored with your food packs...dont ask me how as im so fussy i hardly have any variation in my packs. Porridge twice a day. 1 bar and either a choc, vanilla or banna shake. thats it!
but good luck anyway like you said one day at a time :D x
Glad u had a good weekend Lozz.... the swimming costume is a great result! a nice small size!! xx


Ready For Change!
I've been thinking about moving to lite..?

Might have a chat with my LLC!

I'm fed up too... and again within the last 2 weeks, I too have pushed the boundries, I am hoping thats it's just a phase... I'll give it a few more weeks then see how I feel!

Not been online much the last few days as i've been planning my very last minute holiday...
I was always going on holiday on April the 9th, It's planned at work etc I just havent officially booked anything ... Eeek
All will be fine.... (I hope) Saturday I'm hoping to book, I like to make sure I have everything covered, and I have explored every option before commiting! lol how sad am I...? (dont answer that!)

So far so good this week, I maintained last week which was expected, I was disapointed which is mad... I ate so what did I expect...?
It did make me think .... the wraps were so not worth it, and I really want to loose a few lbs this week!

I WILL stick to the plan and I WILL loose this week, my holiday is keeping my focus at the minute! :D


Tough But Sexy X
Hey I wondered where you were, planning a holiday is defo a good reason to be side tracked from here! Hope you book something lovely, you have worked hard.

Totoally get why you would want to move to Lite, it can get a bit tedious and you have had good results so far. Maybe Lite is the natural progression for you now.

Good luck my lovely xxx


Ready For Change!
Thanks hun!

I've just been reading Mags Diary.... It's made me think (ouch lol) I do still want to continue on my journey, I was just looking for a way to be able to eat I guess....?

I dont need lite...? well not yet anyway what I need to do is give LL total 100% and regain my focus!

My obsticle was the same as Mags dropping below a certain weight, that i've been hovering around for years I've finally broken it by 3lbs (on my scales) it was defo a mental block... I hope i maintain the focus and drive i have today for the rest of the week!


Tough But Sexy X
Aw bless you, it is hard when you are battling food thoughts. I know I think about it sometimes, but have to do a reality check for myself because if I went onto Lite once in the right BMI range it will delay my reachng goal. For me its boredom than anything else for me I think. I just keep telling myself I am nearly half way there! xx


Ready For Change!
Well today has been good, with me nibbling a few days ago I have had hunger pains today very mild, but hunger pains and noises non the less, ive also felt really bloated but not had too much water.... not sure what thats about..?

I had the chance of a baby sitter and tried to organise a last minute night on the town... no body is up for it, :sigh2: :(!

I have therefore decided to colour my hair a 'delicate iced chocolate' i'm usually lighter brown this is mega dark... im sat typing with the towel on my head, I have yet to reveal the shade... eeeek!:cross:

I think im going to follow the hair colouring with a fake tan and a pedicure... why not, i've spent all day cleaning, washing and looking after my two year old and rabbit lol...


Tough But Sexy X
Oooo I used delicate iced chocolate before now, is it the excel 10 one or sublime mousse. Its a lovely clolour but yes quite dark. You will look stnning with all the pampering you are doing, thats pants no one wants to go out!

You sound like you will have fun night though. xx


Ready For Change!
Well the colour was ok I guess, I was hoping for a purple undertone, but its a burgundy red ... I'll soon get use to it! ;)

It was the LoReal mousse one, doubt i'll be using it again! :rolleyes: I really fancy a dark purple but havent plucked up the courage quite yet!!!

My tans developing as i type, defo needed now i look EXTRA PALE! once im all done i'll take a picture... im rubbish at posing, any tips Mags ...;)


Tough But Sexy X
Oh right its the one I have on my hair now, you are right it does have red undertones, which tend to suit me I think. I used spiced chocloate once which went almost black, as you can imagine after being really really blonde was a complete shock which is why I opted for another chocolate colour and used the one you just have. I find the colour fades quite quickly on me so give it a few weeks and then maybe try for the purple undertones, my friend used a nice plum colour one recently.

Any tips for decent fake tans, I have had spray tans in the past but they smell yuccky and are so much hassle when they start to fade. I hate how it trashes my clothes. I have used St Trpoez at home but again it smells quite alot. I would love to go back to sunbeds but they scare me now, might have a couple before the holiday just to climatise my skin.

Looking forward to your pics xx


Ready For Change!
How ironic that you have the same colour... when i saw your avatar i thought thats the colour i want... lol to be honest since the tan has taken the hair is not so dark.... or im not as pale... :rolleyes:

All fake tans stink im afraid! I like to use a strong fake tan on a Sunday when im in the house such as St Trpoez and then use dove with a hint of tan every other day... Then Saturday night i scrub off what I can and start all over again...

I wouldnt have this problem if we actually had some sunshine!!

I'm testing a few at the moment because topping up on St Trpoez can get quite pricey, if i find anything worth talking about i'll let you know!
My cousin swears by a cream from asda i'll let you know which it is.. she never streaks and always looks golden, its only £2 or £3 which is a bargin!

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