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ProPoints The Dawn of a new Dawn Food diary

This morning I am restarting after a blipped week where not only had I decided to change from Discover plan to PP, but my OH's dad died very unexpectedly :cry: and threw our week totally off track (we were supposed to have been going away).

I make no excuse for beginning my diary with a weight gain therefore.

However, I now weigh 201lbs, and I have set myself realistic weekly loss targets varying between 1 - 2 lbs, and having thrown it all into a nice little table, it very conveniently brings me to a target of 168 for Christmas day......so I've also reviewed my Christmas Challenge target and restarted from scratch! All shown in my signature to help me remain focussed. :p

Not a good day to start off because I've done very little shopping and have only some basics in. Therefore using up the fridge today, but relying probably on some of my weeklies. But tomorrow OH will go back to work and I will get some normality back and shop!!


Breakfast - fresh grapefruit segments, OSS with skimmed milk and berries (4)

Lunch - 4 x rashers back bacon (all fat removed) (4), 2 x white medium sliced bread (5), 2 x tsp Lurpak (2), fresh tomatoes

Tea - 2 x M&S minced beef and onion cakes (14) with tomatoes

Snacks - 2L NAS / water, Victoria plums

Total PP for day = 29/29 :D

Weeklies used = 0/49

Will amend later with any additions - I don't see that keeping me satisfied! :rolleyes:
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Breakfast - OSS with full milk (darlin OH used the last of the skimmed and didn't tell me!! - so only a splash topped up with water!) with berries (4)

Lunch - 150g Turkey steak (4) stir fried with mushrooms, peppers, carrots, cabbage and a splash of soy sauce, Cadburys Chocolate Mousse light (3)

Tea - Morrisons Eat Smart Chicken in Peppercorn sauce with Roast potatoes (9) with lots of free veg, WW strawberry meringue dessert (4)

Snacks - SF jelly, strawberries with ML Vanilla (2), curly wurly (3), 2L NAS / Water, Victoria plums (just love them!!) 22g Walkers squares (3) Becks alcohol free lager - 275ml (1)

Total daily points = 33/29

Total weekly points used = 4/49

Going shopping this morning so altho I have an idea of what I have planned, will see later! Remained bang on the 29 yesterday but boy was I hungry!! Think it was down to the food choices (based on what was in!!) rather than anything else. Hopefully today I will begin to be more organised! :)

Will be back to amend later......and indeed I did remain on 29 today which I was delighted with but am now having 4 of my weeklies and enjoying a Becks alcohol free beer and a bag of Walkers Squares (22g!!) All pointed above!

Going to bed a happy bunny tonight!
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Thanks guys :)

Shopping done and lots of good stuff bought! And planned my day which amazingly has worked out bang on 29 points!!

Do you guys then use your weeklies to enjoy a snack in the evening??


and I have to say I am feeling very motivated!! :D

Long may it last! :p

Breakfast = grapefruit, branflakes x 60g (6)

Lunch - 150g Turkey steak with chinese vegetables stir fry, dash of soy sauce and garlic (4), WW Honeycomb and Toffee Sundae (i just love these!!) (3)

Tea - Morrissons Eat Smart Lamb Hotpot (9) with oodles of fresh vegetables, strawberries and ML Vanilla (2)

Snacks - 2L NAS/water, 1/4pt skimmed milk (1), Cadbury's light chocolate mousse (3).....won't be buying them again, prefer the WW rice puddings for the same points! Curly wurly (3), bottle Becks A/f (1) bag scampi fries (3)

Total for day = 35/29

Weeklies used so far = 11/49

This whole Weekly thing - my day is good and filling and below my daily allowance. I will no doubt have some crisps later to add on to get my tally up and a curly wurly, but even if I have used 6 or 7 of my weeklies by the end of the day I cannot see me using more than 18-20 by the end of the week without eating for eatings sake!

Am I alone in this? What do you all think / advise please?? I don't want to eat them if I don't need to and I don't want to leave them if I should eat them!! Which is better for weight loss??

Have a good day all, back this evening to amend as usual

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weeklies are there if you WANT to use them or as backup if you go over your dailies...some peeps use them every week and lose ..others only use some or none ...it all boils down to what works for you hun...hope this helps x
Thanks Jem3139

After me writing that I am now facing the munchies and have already used 3 of my weeklies today!! :mad:

Back to work tomorrow and I will very much more disciplined!! :cool:

Thanks Jem.......just beginning to grasp it now!!

Need to find healthy snacks tho - getting very hungry and using weeklies on rubbish. I'd rather use them on something healthier than reach for the crisps!

I'll get there!! :)


Breakfast - grapefruit, OSS with berries, made with skimmed milk (4)

Lunch - John West Tuna light lunch (6), strawberries and ML vanilla (2)

Tea - Birds Eye chicken in garlic and herb sauce (8) with free veg+., WW toffee sundae (3)

Snacks - banana, 2L NAS / water, 2 x chocolates (2) :( WW caramel cream rice pudding (3), 0 point SF jelly, WW nachos (2) Becks a/f beer (1)

Total daily points = 29/29

Total weeklies used = 13/49

Back to work today, so will amend this evening when I've decided what to have for tea!

Have a good day
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Hello Jemmalb! :wavey:'

Wish I could match your weight loss!! It is amazing!! :eek: congratulations!


Breakfast -30g branflakes with milk (4) and berries

Lunch - salad with chicken pieces (2), grapes, coleslaw (3)

Tea - Morrisons Eat Smart Moussaka with homemade ratatouille (10), WW strawberry meringue (4)

Snacks - banana, 0 point SF Hartleys jelly, 2L NAS / water, 1/2 galia melon, strawberries and Vanilla ML (2) Becks a/f beer (1) Walkers square crisps (3)

Total daily points - 29/29 on the nail with no weeklies!!! :)

Total weeklies used - 13/49
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how's it going today Dawn? x
I am soooooo hungry on PP! Far more than on Discover. And the hungrier I get the more I think about things I shouldn't have!! :eek:

Weigh in on Sunday morning so will see how this first week has gone. I will certainly give PP a go maybe til the end of August and then see, I like it, don't get me wrong, but I am RAVENOUS!!! :17729:

Hoping to get time go go thru some diaries tonight and see if I can pinch some ideas. I bought a stack of WW mags from ebay to look at the recipes etc but to be fair there aren't many I would make - I'm much more of an old fashioned gal! :rolleyes:

Anyhow, I need to go do something to stop me thinking about food!!

Good luck on ur first weigh in ul do brill!! It does get easier I found first 2 weeks hardest xx

I'm going to copy a few of your days!! I want your weight loss!! :D

Be prepared for some questions for specifics! :rolleyes:

Seriously, very well done!


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