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  1. procrastination

    procrastination Full Member

    good morning,

    i have come on here with the intention of keeping a diary recording my weight loss every few days and hopefully i do that because after visiting this site for the past few days, precariously snooping on other people's threads, i've seen that some of the support has been dynamite and knowing me, i'll probably need it.

    anyway, a little bit about where i'm at now. i have been overweight all of my life, i think the very first slur about my weight i heard when i was around 5 years old and i was walking into primary school one of the mother's commented on the way my fat bum and the way it wiggled when i walked, haha. so yeah, spent the majority of my life overweight and during the ages of 12 to 20, i was still very confident in myself regardless of my size. i still did well with the opposite sex and felt i had enough charisma about myself to just get away with being 5-6 stone overweight. i suppose it's quite unusual for a person to be so overweight but still feel confident but looking back now, it was just as much denial as anything else.

    i'm 23 years old now and last night i was weighed for the first time in a while and found out that i'm 23 stone 7 pounds, so that's pretty much a stone of weight that i have put on every year that i have been alive. i've lost a lot of confidence in myself and i want to be able to shop in the high street rather than buying baggy clothes from tesco/asda. i've previously done lighterlife for a few months but cheated myself out of the process by eating various foods and therefore ruining my state of ketosis week on week.

    so here i am, ready to start lipotrim... i actually couldn't sleep last night as i was sort of excited. i've heard the chicken soup is terrible and i went and got seven of them! either way, bottles of water at the ready and shake is coming up in the next hour or so.

    ahhhhhhh, let's gooo.... :D

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  3. Snakes and ladders

    Snakes and ladders Silver Member

    Good luck! I'll follow your journey if that's ok? You can do it, sounds
  4. Snakes and ladders

    Snakes and ladders Silver Member


    ... Sounds like your head is in the right place.

    Blummin phone and its small buttons! X
  5. procrastination

    procrastination Full Member

    haha, thank you snakes. i tend to always sound as if my head is in the right place, doesn't mean that it always is though!! i think my biggest challenge will be getting used to drinking water again, i absolutely hate the stuff. also, i think the fact i have no idea what the shakes and soup are going to taste like so the anticipation of that is somewhat endearing.
  6. procrastination

    procrastination Full Member

    just had my first shake, strawberry, had a unusual taste but i found it quite nice, ended up putting it in a pint glass and was quite alright, felt full afterwards.

    i think the main issue with me is impatience, i want results to happen instantly although i know they won't!

  7. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    They may not be over night but i tell you what the weight seems to fall off the guys on here!!!

    If you want to make the shakes a bit sweeter... you can add sweetner tablets! And lots of ice helps hun!!!

    This diet is tough but once you get into the swing of things you'll be great!!! Get the first few days under your belt!!! Then your Weigh in in a week will really spur you on!!!!

    Come on here for support....get involved!!! all the scrummy stuff will still be there when your done!!!

    Good luck!!!

  8. procrastination

    procrastination Full Member

    thank you, dee! i don't think i'll miss food because i liked the taste of things, i think i just ate and over ate because i didn't know any better.

    i'm looking forward to the first weigh in, even more so the faces of people when i go back home, really spurring me on! although, getting the first bit of stomach growling now! haha!

  9. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    Hey Procrastination.... welcome to the rest of your much lighter life! You wont look back and like Dee says if you keep coming on here and getting involved you`ll do really well.... I struggled with the taste of water but I soon got used to it, so you will too.. The best motivation has to be THAT 1st weigh in so you`ll be so spurred on then... What day do you get weighed? :D L xx

  10. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Get that water down you!!! I think a couple of the guys ive seen do this... split their shakes into 4 throughout the day!!!

    Maybe try that!!! Oh and get that water down you!! x
  11. procrastination

    procrastination Full Member

    i have drank close to two litres already today, it's a tremendous amount more than i would usually drink in a day! i think i would have normally had a glass of squash and a couple of coffee's in a day and that would be that.

    my weigh in would be monday, i feel somewhat better already but that's mind over matter! got to keep it that way!

    good idea with splitting the shakes, i think i will try that tomorrow :)

  12. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    If I was a betting person I`d say you may well lose a stone in the 1st week!! men always seem to shift weight quicker than women anyway.... On Lipotrim the 1st week weight losses can be outstanding... look forward to yours... drink that water now :D... Lol
  13. procrastination

    procrastination Full Member

    although i don't want to get too carried away, lou. i think i should hope to lose close to that in the first week considering how well everybody else seems to do :)

    yes, yes... the water, the water!

  14. Yes we can

    Yes we can Full Member

    Welcome procrastination I too have started today so I know what you are going through only thing is ive done this before and I know it works and to get me through it im going to remember how I felt when the weight started to drop off and how in control of your own life you feel!!

    The best thing about this is not having to worry about what to eat thats what I love that food for once isnt controlling your life!! If that makes sense!! It does get better trust me you will have bad days but just come here and when you get through them you will feel better !!

    Good luck and cant wait to see your losses !!
  15. Lothaerna

    Lothaerna Let's do this....

    So totally right.

    I find getting involved in the forums is also a good way to spend a little time and see what other people are going through.

    Day 3 for me is just about over, but the little spur-ons in here keep u going.

    Good luck with your journey. Keeping everything crossed for u! :) x

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  16. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!


    Dont worry about the taste of the shakes they get much better as time goes on i assure you! Im sure you will do great for your first week and then all the way to your goal... just keep yourself busy for the first few days until you settle in then it will just become the norm :) Good Luck mate! xx

  17. Snakes and ladders

    Snakes and ladders Silver Member

    It also really helps to look at the motivation photos I think - makes you believe that it's possible. So many people have achieved amazing things and documented them for us to take inspiration from.

    Good luck with day 2!
  18. procrastination

    procrastination Full Member

    thank you for the comments people, really appreciate it. stomach feels sore at the minute, i don't know whether it's because i'm hungry or not but fighting through it. thanks again! i quite enjoyed the chicken soup by the way, shock after reading people's views about it on here. different tastes though!
  19. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    I think its good news you like the soup!! (You weirdo!!!! HEHE!!) As you will probably feel a bit more likr your having a 'meal'

    Good look hunni!!!

  20. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!

    Haha I really like the chicken one.... As I've said previously I may keep it on full time haha x
  21. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member


    Freaks!!!! Hahahaaaa!!!

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