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The diary of Pink Princess - Weigh in result 1 :D


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Hi PP and :welcome: to minimins :)
You'll find all the support you need here - a very friendly bunch.

Good luck with your weight loss x


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Welcome to our community Pink Princess :D:D:D

Lacey..xx :)


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Hello princess! Lots of luck for tomorrow!! :)


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Welcome to WW. Loads of luck!
Day one :)

Feel really happy about starting weight watchers, love the diet as it's healthy, not faddy, something I can stick to long-term and means I can still have treats and not feel like i'm depriving myself of anything. I hope by getting the weight off slowly and in a sensible way, that i'll be able to keep it off for life! Somehow over the last few years my weight has just crept up and up from being a size 12/14 to being a size 16/18, and it's got to the stage where I feel like I need to take action before things get any worse.

Woke up today after a lovely lie-in, so missed breakfast, had brunch-type meal instead..

1 wheat-free pitta bread
4 fish fingers
Onion fried in fry-light
Half a small tin of baked beans
Total: 7 points

So far so good :)

PP x
Pink Princess Food Diary

Hi everyone, thanks for all your welcome messages :)

Just had lovely spag bol for dinner, was delicious. Perfect for freezing cold days like this one, feels more like January here than October! It's good to be cooking and eating actual meals rather than just eating loads of snacks. Having portioned out the pasta according to WW, I can begin to see where i've been going wrong, was having a HUGE amount of pasta before! Feel comfortably full now, as opposed to being on the verge of a food induced coma!

Lean minced beef
Pasta twirls
Beef stock cubes
Spag bol sauce
Total 10 points

One segment of Terry's Chocolate Orange - 1 point

PP x
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Definatly! I think that's part of my problem, I allow myself waay too much! Hopefully this will teach me what a 'normal' amount is. Only day 1 but loving WW so far :)

PP x
Thanks girlies :) Have had a mocha (my favourite thing!) and some walkers baked crisps, so that's me done for the day. Day one completed, woop! :)
PP x
I'm trying to cut down my snacking/eating too late in the evenings as I don't think it's good for me. Also I tend to have one thing and then want more and more and more! So hopefully this will break the cycle! Am going to find other things to do to keep myself busy in the evenings, uni work, wii fit etc :) x
S: 16st6lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 5st8lb(33.91%)
hey Pink Princess

welcome to minimins... and good luck with WW x

Nas x

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